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Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-06-21
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X7 (CDR X7) Chinese version + keygen activation installation tutorial no serial number

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-04-26 browsing: second User comments
X7 win10 cracked version v17.1.0.572 free serial number Chinese crack version 64
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
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Spare nothing was strolling around looking for HD fierce, the telephone rang,.

"Brother ~" I clean this woman sounds so sweet, I find something, huh...

My buddy poker-faced asked: "why is this time to work, said. Who are you?"

"I am planning department X nimesulide ah ~" like last month, the planning department is a new woman, this time too busy, before about, does she want about me?!

I think is also helpful, naturally happy promised "today is relatively busy, time and place with you ah, ha ha".

"Brother ~ to our office," brothers love this woman, carefree enough.

The empty office is a woman, and so on, seemed a bit wrong, I just saw a woman look dignified, very embarrassed look, buddy is not ready to go out when the hair?

"Brother, tomorrow is the new year's day, there are several projects in case not finished, may have to work late today..." My heart really said no problem man is afraid of the original hairstyle, overtime ah.

"It's all right, brother to accompany you to work overtime." To work overtime as late as possible, hehe ~

Suddenly the woman pointed to the computer to the sentence "brother, your computer department, you know, you said that my computer is high?"

"Of course is high ah, is too laggy?" I asked.

"Since it is high that I how also ran 12 ah, the file is blank thumbnail icon, the eyes are looking at flowers, find a map to find a" woman wronged ah, actually is to give a higher version of the .

"The United States, you don't worry, you don't eat it, you go to eat." My buddy ah "but lianxiangxiyu oh yeah, came back to take a large bowl braised brother put some pepper ah".

The girl is estimated to be hungry, I couldn't see the people around...

To myself, go to the website to find a trial version. A 32 and 64 version, but with a woman computer, 64 system installed, under 64.

Software download: X7 Chinese simplified version v17.5.0.907 free serial number Chinese version

Run the installation file, agreed to install the agreement, opened the input sequence interface, this thing I have no choice, "I don't want to try the product serial number, click" next "".

The installation options here remember to choose "custom installation", or the "typical installation" will put on the C drive, how terrible ah...

Choose the setup here according to personal need to check it, do not know what they need girl, for her up.

Automatically update the other options here from the bar, do not know to update a download how long will you have to manually update to download the update package directly on the official website.
The installation path must be changed, the company is required to install non system disk loaded into the D disk.

Click the "install now", then wait for the completion of installation. You just didn't notice the woman roar ~ gave me a cup of coffee, a drink...

For the first time, open the software will prompt registration, regardless of his choice of "later registered" first run up again.

Woman is really running high computer, I use the computer than almost all of a sudden, is open, then begin to save money for the company, the registered as a formal version of myself ~ words per year for the company to save a lot of money in the software aspect, how can not see it # up the Chinese New Year red envelopes
Open the menu "help", "about membership".

Against one of the options already purchased"
Again will select "enter the serial number"
Please God level tools -- Fillmore, "Select a product" and select " Graphics Suite X7 here, and then copy the" Serial Number "below the box contents inside.
download address register: Corel full range of products to crack Zhuceji coreldraw2017 the latest version supports X7
Just copy paste to the content of the input serial number there, click on "offline activation".

You can see the "installation code".
It can not directly copy the trouble you had to manually knock, register here to install the code type in "Installation Code" inside the box below, and then click on the "Generate Activation Code" can get the "Activation Code", which is the activation code.
Copy the Activation Code below the box contents inside, back to the stick to the activation code inside the frame, click "continue"".

"Error: invalid serial number" prompt
Sure can be seen after the activation of success tips, I wipe the original just error is fooled me ah, good buddy practiced.

Open the menu "help", "about" can be seen to have successfully registered the ^_^

This girl has not come back, it seems pretty to eat...
Just to see the official website said now update to the third version, but woman has not come back, just give her the next update.
Update 3 download address: Http://
From the official website that can see inside this update to verify the subscription for me seems to have trouble under the rub.
Put the machine together with the registration "unzip the.Bat copy to download and update just 3" CDGSX7Update3.exe "in the same folder.

Under the condition of "decompression of.Bat", began to extract, seemed to be one or two minutes to extract the finished look, after decompression will come out a "CDR X7 SP3" folder.
Put the machine together with the registration of "Welcome.htm" "CDR X7 SP3" copy to folder "Lang" folder inside the "_XX" folder inside the "Custom" folder cover, it can be deep enough to hide. After the return to the "CDR X7 SP3" folder, click "Setup.exe" to upgrade myself ~
The first window to direct point ""

Second check the "no show" window, click "close", ready to begin installing the update.
Haha ~ be accomplished. Software download: X7 Chinese simplified version of V Free serial number Chinese version
In addition to the station

2018 + Graphics Suite patch crack download version 2018 crack

Graphics Suite X8 Chinese simplified official version 64 of the serial number and activation code
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2017 green crack version graphic installation tutorial +cdr 2017 activation register machine serial number
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When the door rang, X Nepali us back, also brought a bowl of hot braised intestine, I wipe and a cup of tea, very considerate ^_^
If you want to know what and to know more, nothing to wash sleep, haha.

X7 new features

 New features

1, re design, fully customizable interface
We have simplified tools and settings to reflect the nature of workflow, so when you need, all you need.
2, senior work area
A predefined workspace can make all the tools of specific industries are organized and easy to access.
3, complete control of filling and transparency
We have created the most powerful engine filling history, allows you to completely control the gradient, bitmap and vector pattern fill filling pattern.
4, easily preview fonts and advanced character tools
For any project to find the perfect font. The new "font paradise" allows you to the font used in the design, preview and experience different fonts.
5, special effects and advanced photo editing
The use of new special effects, including four new pressure sensitive liquid tool (smearing, attraction, repulsion and rotation) and new camera effects
6, precise layout and drawing tools
The use of layout enhancements, can ensure that each element on the page is located in the position you need.
7, high resolution and multi display support
With the help of new multi display support among a plurality of mobile screen will no longer be a headache problem.
8, QR code generator
The unique design of the mobile QR code as a marketing tool to create and add.
9, built-in content center
Experience center "new content" (online repository is fully integrated with the application suite).
10, interesting mobile applications
Free of charge to provide iOS equipment new pattern application can create a bitmap pattern seamless from digital photographs.
11, learning materials and expert skills

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