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The drive of life new temperature detection, give your computer cool

Software tutorial Release date: 2015-06-16 browsing: second User comments

Summer, the weather is getting hot, even in the air conditioning room, you are feeling computer hot? The drive of life version of the new temperature detection function, so you can know a second computer temperature, and make corresponding measures to cool down time.


 The drive of life new temperature detection, give your computer cool
Figure 1

Open the drive of life, buddies can see the drive of life on the main interface is slightly different. The bottom of the main interface to increase the temperature monitoring, temperature monitoring open can see your computer's temperature.
 The drive of life new temperature detection, give your computer cool
Figure 2

As a small test their computer temperature, open the temperature monitoring, the drive of life will show the temperature detection in computer taskbar. Small computer CPU has reached 83 degrees, this is a dangerous signal emitted by the computer, it needs to cool. While other motherboard temperature are all healthy state.
CPU temperature is 25-75 DEG C at work, leisure time is 40--50 degrees, is busy working at full speed is 50--65 DEG C, is 65--78 C. The normal temperature is 30-60 degrees Celsius, low temperature CPU cannot be started or not working properly, the temperature is too high will restart or crash. Small computer CPU temperature has reached 83 degrees, need to cool down, otherwise the computer will go on strike!


So how to cool the computer?

First, clean up the dust. Especially in summer, dust must regularly clean up the various components within the host computer, the power supply fan and fan dust on the lot, get rid of the dust on it in a timely manner, can enhance the cooling effect.
Two, try to put in the computer room or air conditioning is the coldest place in ordinary room, reduce the ambient temperature to improve the temperature of the computer itself.
Three, control computer use time, summer continuous use of computer time best control in 5 hours. At the same time, the two start, the best interval of more than 1 hours of rest, let the computer cool.

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