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Tencent QQ sports Tencent NBA _ member account share sports VIP account sharing 2019 [] updated every day

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Tencent sports channel provides rich resources for sports video broadcast, you are a good place for NBA, La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, super, CBA and other sporting events, but some resources are free, small for everyone to share Tencent Sports Membership account:
Account number: Three billion five hundred and thirty-three million six hundred and three thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Password bbs.vip866.com29
 Tencent sports membership account share, Tencent NBA VIP sports 2016 [] updated daily account sharing


The common problems of members:

1, what is the Tencent sports membership?

Tencent is the Tencent launched a new sports sports membership for the majority of users of a distinguished value-added services, enjoy the privileges of membership number and various members of the exclusive viewing activities.
2, the Tencent opened the sports members enjoy what privileges?

A Tencent, free advertising, sports members in all competitions before the placement of free advertising, the most direct viewing experience, exciting events without waiting;

Two, all NBA live (including free screenings) enjoy blue 1080P ultra clear, perfect quality reduction of the wonderful game;

Three, multi camera NBA live, multi angle viewing experience, the real "in the Tencent in the field of" senior enjoyment. There are more privileged community interactive quiz waiting for you!

Please pay your attention to the arrangement of the app and PC terminal Tencent sports and community sports schedule, schedule posts
1080P blue, free advertising for Tencent sports app and PC end of exclusive rights, we recommend that you download the App watch the game live wonderful sports Tencent
The multi angle broadcast, quiz, double community interaction privileges and other rights, we are fully developed, so stay tuned

3, do not open the sports membership you can not see the free NBA game?

No, the Tencent Sports Association for the whole amount of users free live mass events include all star, Eastern finals and finals, the overall amount of free play China will be far more than any previous season, can at least watch a sports Tencent free live every day. At the same time, the "sports Tencent members" identity will enjoy additional non member video more than 50% live sessions.
4, whether the Tencent opened sports members can watch all the matches and NBA on demand at any time?

Members can watch all the matches of sports Tencent authorized by the official NBA broadcast on Tencent platform broadcast live sessions, non member users 50%. At the same time also can watch highlights and replay on demand.
5, whether the Tencent opened sports members can subscribe to NBA a team 82 game, whether can achieve free subscription?

The official NBA copyright restrictions, it is unable to ensure that all games live sessions to cover a team, so the team temporarily unable to achieve all screenings of subscription.
6, PC is the end of the opening of sports club, the TV side also enjoy membership?

PC terminal or mobile phone users have opened, membership in the PC and mobile phone. But because the TV side of the copyright restrictions are different, so the TV end member currently requires a separate opening of sports. We will try to explore a feasible model, try to provide more value of the rights and interests of the members.
7, how to view the Tencent sports membership status?

Click on your head, enter the personal center window to view the valid membership.
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