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VR video game playing VR horror game screaming girl

network resource Release date: 2016-04-26 browsing: second User comments

If you are a horror game enthusiasts, then (VR) virtual reality technology can meet your requirements! Recently, a zombie shooter - Brook (The Brookhaven Experiment) at the experimental experience of video exposure, experience in the game has been shaking, all screaming! VR version of the game in the end how terrorist terror? Lightning and a look at the video.

 VR video game playing VR horror game screaming girl

The girl is in a virtual reality video game perception, and the right is her in real life. She looks very fear, screaming HTC Vive helmet is not only to bring the picture and sound personally on the scene, shooting and walking zombie sounds are shocking enough. Even if we watch people feel realistic terror.

VR video game


The best horror game in completely immersive environment, and virtual reality equipment like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can provide such an environment.

Valve provides a first person shooter zombie survival "The Brookhaven Experiment" in the HTC Vive platform. The game will be game player in a dark and terrible environment, but need to repel zombies with a virtual game player hands gun control.

YouTube channel Karl&RenateVR Renate from the media to try this game, and will play their own game video posted to YouTube channel. In the video game, make her feel very terrible, she couldn't even pass the first round.

This video uses a split screen mode, the left part is Renate see picture of the game, the right part is her reaction in the real world. In this video, she keeps screaming.

There are a lot of comments such as "Youtube, she seemed to forget this is only a game", "if you touch her at this time, there might scare her".

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