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VR game experience video sister playing VR horror game screaming.

network resource Release date: 2016-04-26 browse: second Netizens commentary

If you are a fan of horror games, (VR) virtual reality technology can meet your requirements. Recently, a zombie shooter - Brook The Brookhaven Experiment experiencer video exposure, experience in the game has been shaking, the whole process is screaming! How horrifying is the horror game of VR? Let's take a look at the video with Xiaobian.

 VR game experience video sister playing VR horror game screaming.

On the left side of the video is the girl's perception in the virtual reality game, and the right side is what she looks like in real life. She looked terrified and screamed. The HTC Vive helmet brought more than just immersive scenes, and the sound of gunshots and walking zombies were enough to shock. Even the people we watch feel the horror of reality.

VR game experience video


Horror games have the best effect in a completely immersive environment, and virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can provide such an environment.

Valve provides a first person Zombie Survival shooting game "The Brookhaven Experiment" on the HTC Vive platform. This game puts the player in a dark and terrible environment, and players need to use their hands to control the virtual gun to fight the zombies.

YouTube channel Karl&RenateVR's self media Renate has tried this game and released videos of its games to YouTube channels. In the video, the game made her feel terrible. She could not even pass the first pass.

This video uses a split screen mode. The left half is the game screen seen by Renate, and the right half is her response in the real world. In this video, she kept screaming.

There are many comments under Youtube, such as "she seems to forget that this is just a game". "If you touch her at this time, you will really scare her to death."

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