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Everyday online cinema app 1.1 official Android version

Tian Lu online cinema is an online movie APP with rich video resources. Everyday...
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Everyday cool running new role video game loli introduces video game loli get strategy.

Android game Release date: 2016-11-25 browse: second Netizens commentary

It's pretty cool to run out of a new role every day.

We certainly want to ask how to get it. Let's have a look.


 Everyday cool running new role video game loli introduce video game loli get strategy


New role video game loli shelves boutique

Activity time: November 25th 00:00-12 1, 23:59

Activities: during the event, the new role video game loli with exclusive treasures on the boutique, multiple trenches and so on you exchange!


Exchange guide

Starting with the video game, loli needs 10 coupons, during the 1 months of November 25th ~12.

The game is full of 150 drills every day (excluding rebates), and the *1 is not limited.

Daily recharge line 00:00 refresh every day, fine coupons can be traded in the mystery shop Boutique House super trench ceremony!

Video game loli =10 Zhang coupon =1500 drill =150RMB

Rivet belt =3 sheet coupon =450 drill =45RMB

Loli bat =3 piece coupon =450 drill =45RMB

Rose revolver =3 Zhang coupon =450 drill =45RMB

(of course, the treasure can be synthesized by itself when there are fragments).

This address: Http://
Daily cool running new role video game loli introduces video game loli get strategy method. Download lightning. Arrange and publish, welcome to reprint!

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