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PCschematic15 finished version installation tutorial

The lightning brings PCschematic15 electric CAD software from Denmark, the...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2016-11-25
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Pcschematic 16 Chinese cracked version with graphic installation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2016-11-25 browsing: second User comments
Pcschematic 16 official version of Chinese installation tutorial crack
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2016-12-02
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
The biggest advantage of Pcschematic, it is the development of the project design and electrical components based on the database, all the drawings of a project are located in a file, in between different pages according to the properties of components automatically create cross reference instructions, automatically generated list of components, parts list, cable terminal list, list, list, PLC graphical cable connection and terminal connection diagram, and the automatic generating element wiring diagram, different language rendering drawings can be automatically translated, fully compatible with the AutoCAD format, can be established between the double data transmission with AutoCAD. Especially need to point out is that the PCschematic contains more than 600 thousand domestic components database, international standard symbols, greatly facilitate the use of domestic users.

Pcschematic 16 installation tutorial

1, run the Pcschematic 16 installation package, this package has been re set the packet, finished patch and patch, the installation can be used

2, select the installation directory

3, confirm the installation information

4, after the completion of the installation, create Pcschematic 16 shortcut you can use

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