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Driving test wizard theory test system simulation version patch

Driving test wizard theory test system simulation is a specialized test test the learning theory...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-30
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Install computer housekeeper to send custom gift 1000000 coins installed grab 2 coins

News information Release date: 2016-11-26 browsing: second User comments

Because many of the activities of the 1122 nearest Butler also I want to test this activity but did not grab

It seems to be the official Each whole point grab We are interested in, try it.


1: to install the exclusive version


2: rob QB interface


The delivery person.

 Computer housekeeper send custom gift 1000000 coins to grab 2 Q coins on the need to install


Activity rules
1, time: November 22, 2016 -12 month 22 days, see detailed activities to help;
2, the event page, new users to install computer housekeeper to receive 2 coins, users of this page to receive 2 coins (dragon ball for the first time to recharge each user, each machine receiving only once);
3, the user from the page click to recharge and please keep this event page QQ accession number is the same, the gift and the corresponding part of the draw to keep consistent with the QQ login;
4, the installed housekeeper and logged in to get a lucky draw gift anchor gift can get a lucky draw, recharge daily accumulated over 50 yuan to get a lucky draw every day up to get the opportunity to draw three times;
5, user activity from the page into the live room can see the customized gifts, non users will enter the event page, according to the probability of seeing the custom gift;
6, during the event to get customized gift anchor, by the selected broadcast platform to get customized gift up to the highest heat TOP30 anchor, will get around 1000 coins and housekeeper Carnival dolls;
7, Q coins, gold coins, the real prize at the end of the event within 20 working days of payment;
8, if the user in the lottery activity was found cheating, cheating, winning qualification will be canceled;
9, if the users understand: during the event of natural disasters, server failures and other force majeure, Tencent computer housekeeper shall not take any responsibility;
10, the final interpretation right within the scope permitted by law to all Tencent Inc.


Activity: Http://

This paper address: Https://
"Install computer housekeeper to send custom gift 1000000Q coins coins" by Rob 2Q installation Lightning download it Arrange and release, welcome to reprint!

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