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Alipay - Alipay - how to grab the red envelopes grab Metro subway Raiders

News information Release date: 2016-11-26 browsing: second User comments
Alipay - a big move, Alipay a whole train of red envelopes, as long as the user can take the subway, grab a red envelope. Don't know how to grab the buddy, let lightning download it Xiaobian for everyone to talk about!

Alipay twelve subway red details

Many subway Nanjing residents were shocked: open the metro line three door, the whole car coating on China red eye-catching, whether it is on the ground, windows, or a handrail, covering all Alipay unique password envelopes.

If passengers are open Alipay red page, enter the password, you can receive red envelopes or eggs is half off of the coupons. Some people protest, the whole subway brought down, the value of at least more than 1000 yuan.

It is reported that 12 is to build the reputation of Alipay line of national carnival. During the event, consumers in restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, KTV, beauty salons, entertainment and other scenes of everyday life, even refueling, buy a subway ticket, take the bus, as long as the Alipay consumer, will have the opportunity to enjoy the large discount half off, another chance to win the highest cash prize of $2424.

Alipay said that this year's double 12, is expected to have more than 1 million businesses to participate in activities, time from the original day to expand from the beginning of December 10th, for three days and nights.

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