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The Xiaomian Xiaobian company shared the success of the Xiaomian company.
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Participating in Huitian fund's Thanksgiving activities can get 3.88~14 yuan cash.

News and information Release date: 2016-11-26 browse: second Netizens commentary

Scan the code into the activity page, play the turntable will be transferred to cash treasure package and then receive.

Divided into new users and old users, new users can be registered and tied to get 28888 experience gold experience 3 days to get more than 10 yuan of cash withdrawals.

Old customers can directly receive about 3.88 of the cash directly to account red packets can be directly presented.


The steps are as follows:


Scan the code into the active page to play the big turntable.


Divided into new users and old users:


First, new users:

Click "I am a new user" - "receive benefits".


Click "decide to be you" receive 28888 yuan experience gold.


Click on "opening cash treasure" for registration.


After registration, the rules for binding and research activities are: new users guide pages through activities. Opening cash treasure, binding the bank card, and completing the experience feedback can get the income after the end of the experience period.


After completing the research, download the cash treasure APP, click the head, enter the personal center, click "my activity".


You can see that the experience of receiving gold experience 3 days, you can extract the income.


Two, old users

When I get a cash gift package in the big turntable, click on me. I am an old user who can receive cash. I can check and present it in APP's personal center -- my red envelope.



Reminder: it is recommended that we first go to the official landing or retrieve the password to see if the old user is wrong.


Address: WeChat scan code

 QR code

This address: Https://
Participating in Huitian fund's Thanksgiving Day activities can get 3.88~14 yuan cash like "Lu". Download lightning. Arrange and publish, welcome to reprint!

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