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Cut the soul LG assistant 0908 invincible monster acceleration attack version

Authorization: shareware Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, Win9X Language: Simplified Chinese Time: 2012-09-09
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New users to download penguin game APP can receive 1Q coins

News and information Release date: 2016-11-26 browse: second Netizens commentary

First, I want to remind my friends to download this APP. Need to use traffic Downloads This APP is very small before 3.3M.

If you do not apply downloading, you do not receive the entry. This activity limit the device. A mobile phone can only take part in it once. IOS users seem to need to use the simulator to participate.


Scan code into the activity page click to download immediately (remember) Use traffic downloads and use common downloads.  If you download the application treasure, you will not receive the entrance. )

Pay attention when downloading The name and size of the installation package are shown in the following figure. If there were no activities, there would be no entry.


Download and open the penguin game APP use QQ login will pop up the collection page to fill in the QQ number to receive, Q coins will arrive within 7 working days.




1, hand Q open: Http://

2. Hand Q scan code.

 QR code

This address: Https://
"New user download penguin game APP can receive 1Q coins" from Download lightning. Arrange and publish, welcome to reprint!

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