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Love is what love rabbit rabbit live app live app what

APP tutorial Release date: 2016-11-26 browsing: second User comments

Love is a rabbit live broadcast software, users can watch the massive live on it, is a very popular mobile phone software. And the user is not very understanding, so let Xiaobian tell you about it.

Love is what rabbits live app

Love is a live rabbit app to build a new universal entertainment broadcast software, love rabbit live app gathered a lot of Yan burst table values beauty guy, but also funny than funny red net anchor.

What is the use of live app love rabbit

Table 1, admiration, free, send special gifts, do I do, for the fans

2, enjoy the cool car, dignitaries, animation, rich appearance grade, not as long as the most unusual Gengxuan

3, live to see, out of mobile phone will be able to see your favorite goddess whenever and wherever possible online video talent show

4, listen to music, the most popular songs to listen to, to a favorite song from the jukebox

5, enjoy free chat, instant communication, support one to one, one to many, whisper

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