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mind Touam version of Android v1.2.4 insourcing version

mind map is a very practical mind mapping software, mobile phone version, used to...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2019-01-17
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8 Pro version Update 8 (3.7.8) Chinese download + serial number X8U8-PJ activation patch file tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-17 browsing: second User comments
XMIND thinkmap crack version 8 (v3.7.8) Chinese version of the serial number
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date, 2018-07-24
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
8 version is a very professional mind mapping software, charging hundreds of dollars, but still a lot of users, because most of the currently used, easy to use, is the latest version of 8 8 update 8 Pro (3.7.8) , friendly interface, excellent function, can be used is very strong. Millions of people to choose it, can not only draw the mind map, but also draw the fishbone diagram, two-dimensional map, tree diagram, logic diagram, structure diagram (Org, Tree, Logic, Chart, Fishbone), here Xiaobian compiled lightning it not only brings the latest version, also shared by the patch file below will bring you a detailed tutorial activation!
in the mind map structure contains a central root theme, and radiation around the central theme of many main branches. In addition to the mind map structure, also provides the organization chart, tree diagram, logic diagram, these charts have played an important role in a variety of situations. For example, the organization chart can clearly display the company / Department / team structure, logic diagram is very useful in classification of reasons, more importantly, all of these charts can be used in a map! Each branch, even every subject, can have the appropriate structure. The usability is very large.


A brainstorming, brainstorming is a good way to generate ideas. brainstorming mode is mainly composed of two parts: full screen editor and timer. Full screen editor also has all editing functions, although there is no menu and toolbar, we can use the shortcut menu to add + link, frame, overview, labels, icons and so on information visualization. The timer used properly it can help us to improve the work efficiency, the spark of thought does not stop jumping.
Second, demo mode demo mode is the current thinking map will show the form in full screen on your computer screen, at the same time, only the chosen theme will be in the middle of the screen highlights. You can use shortcut keys to complete the operation, such as viewing, browsing, editing and so on.
Three, a Gantt chart is used to assist users of project management tools. will use the graphical Gantt chart the progress of the form for the user, display all the tasks of the current project priorities, schedule, start and end time.
Fourth, the task information task information function is newly added in professional edition, you can view the information in the task, each task to add relevant information for each topic. You can add tasks to the beginning and end of time, priority, schedule and other information. In addition, there are all the topics on the Gantt chart, task information will be displayed synchronously.
Five, search for your view provides a ranking icon, label, task start and end time, task and letters (A to Z and Z to A two) of the 7 different ways to index your theme, quickly and accurately locate the target information. You can even break the limitation of retrieval from the canvas, all open files.
Six, style and design style editor to modify the style of personality love has become so simple and effective. The central theme, theme, theme and sub branch free theme style is set in advance, the relationship between line and frame, the outline and the wallpaper is also included. The Attribute Editor and save it into the style of view for later use.

2018.8.23 update direct mount version bitter sweet!

is a leading global mind mapping software, the latest 8 Update 8 (R3.7.8.201807240049) version by a key installation package for the sweet bitter gourd cracked version, after installation is authorized to crack version of the installation has to unlock all the advanced features, and automatically shielded host, avoid break failure.
Note: the installation of the patch, you need to modify the hosts, this is to verify the network shield , modified hosts, some domestic security software can intercept, please be released! In addition to hang VPN, hosts entry will fail, resulting in crack failure, so please don't use in the wall when.

8 Pro (3.7.8) Chinese activated version of the installation tutorial

In the first 1.. Lightning download 8 Pro compression package, unzip, double-click on the inside of the xmind-8-update7-windows.exe to start the installation, click "Next" to continue the installation
2. check the "I accept the agreement" and "Next", this step can choose the installation path,

4. choose the installation directory, next

5. to create a shortcut, next

6. confirmed information, install

7. wait for installation
8.OK 8, this Pro has been installed, click "Finish" to start the program.
9. in 8 Pro (3.7.8) the main interface of the upper left to find the "Edit" - "preferences", as shown below,
"When will start to check for updates and news" and "user data" before removing the hook, and then click "ok".
10. 8 close Pro program.
11. open the package in the Crack folder, copy the files to the installation directory inside the .ini 8 Pro, the default path for C:\Program Files (x86) \, will replace the original .ini file.
12. the Crack folder in the RCE folder copied to the installation directory of the Pro 8, the default path for C:\Program Files (x86) \.
13. with Notepad open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder under the hosts file, the following two lines added:
This is a block 8 Pro main program network, so as to ensure that the registration and activation effect.
14. open 8 Pro at the top of the main interface program, click on "help" - a "serial number", as shown below,
Then the following pop-up window,
15. click "enter the serial number",
16. mailbox can enter the lightning, find the sequence number in the Crack folder in the Seria file, click the "input after verification",
17.OK said, it has successfully registered the activation of 8 Pro Chinese version.
The above aspect is actually patch Crack.jar with the perfect combination of registration code
The following Xiaobian bring carrots week brings a key installation crack, crack is more simple

1. in step 8 above after the installation is complete, do not run the software, we run the patch open X8U7-PJ.exe, click next to continue

2. accept the agreement, click Next

Check the installation process [3. crack patch, need to modify the hosts, this is to verify the network shield , modified hosts, 360 security guards, Tencent computer housekeeper, Kingsoft guards and other domestic security software can intercept, please be released! In addition to hang VPN, hosts entry will fail, resulting in crack failure, so please don't use ] in the wall when the next point

4. installation

5. installation is complete

The 6. is the software version


The changes of 8 (v3.8.0)
1. amendments to the information card layout possible abnormal problem.
2. Share to Biggerplate repair function can not work the problem.
3. repair in brainstorming mode when editing may appear abnormal problems.
4. repair using multiple screen color picker may not use the problem.
5. repair error message starting in the new Ubuntu on the problem.
6. repair error message using Overview in some cases when the problem.

7. other small bug fixes and interface improvements.
Changes of 8 (v3.7.7)
1. Cloud related features are shut down.
2. Slide-based Story could be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint.
3. Better compatibility with : ZEN files.
4. Support pinch to zoom with trackpad.
5. Fixed bugs on import and export.
6. Other minor bugs fixed.
Changes of 8 (v3.7.6)
1. Optimized the problem that the operation is not smooth.
2. Fixed an issue where files saved locally might be lost.
3. Fixed an issue where the Open dialog was not clickable in the MAC system.
4. Fixed an issue where Iconfinder could not display preview images.
5. Fixed an issue where exported to word might be fail.
6. Fixed an issue where exporting Gantt charts would be garbled.
7. Other minor bugs fixed.

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" 8 Pro version Update 8 (3.7.8) Chinese download + serial number X8U8-PJ tutorial" by activating the patch file Lightning download it Arrange and release, welcome to reprint!

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