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Pro is a powerful Mac file synchronization backup tool, support in various conditions...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2017-11-14
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File synchronization backup tool Enterprise Chinese cracked version of v10.9 to download and install patches and activate the tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-04 browsing: second User comments
Registered version of enterprise 64 + keygen synchronization tool green crack
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: 46 Mb
  • Date: 2019-01-04
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
is a professional data file synchronization backup tool, can work synchronous backup of data and files between any two computer or storage device, it can be used to achieve two-way one-way synchronization, backup, synchronization of multi task, such as local file synchronization and FTP synchronization, Sftp synchronization, synchronization algorithms used in innovation and can effectively prevent the file deleted, data loss accidents, and eliminate duplicate documents, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, server or external drive device, either through a local area network or the Internet, as long as your important documents, can automatic synchronization and backup. Lightning Xiaobian bring the 10.7 version, and share the installation activation tutorial, if you install the old version or the new version of the basic can be carried out in accordance with this step!
2019.1.4 Enterprise cracked version update

Activation installation tutorial

1. the original installation, choose Chinese language, follow the tutorial to complete the installation

2. to complete the installation, select later activation of the account, the first to default

The installation is complete, cancel, please don't run the software

First run UserReg.reg files, the registry.

Then copy the fix-gsync-v10.exe file to the installation directory Enterprise v10.6.0.0 Chinese version, the default path is C:\Program Files\Siber Systems\, then right click Select and click fix-gsync-v10.exe, select run as administrator, then there will be a black window flash, so you can.


4. run the software, enter a username

5. enter the main interface, you can use free of charge.


Version 10.9.20 2018 years 12 months 17 days
* job list: add more lock in the job list operation, to prevent collapse.
* close : fixed crash when Asian keyboards are rare.
* MS Graph FS: 'URI: repair analytical analysis of specific path: a'.
* browse dialog: system repair the wrong file selection from the SFTP.
* DropBox, WebDAV: improved the code 503 and 429 exponential backoff.
* GS: increased use of storage, transfer and transaction measurement.
The version of 9.9.19 in December 7, 2018
* support for a new account:
- enabled
- license check
Management: automatic login account
Contact support: automatic login
The version of 10.9.17 in November 16, 2018
* license and license and activation: check more repair related.
* new operation dialog box: the backup (synchronization) has become the first choice of job type / default.
* CC Runner Installer: add the option to install the CC Runner as a service.
* CC Runner Installer: delete the account password and the PIN option is rarely used.
The version of 10.9.16 in November 11, 2018
* improve the new user experience: no updated page, the more obvious the dialog box.
* : start to encourage users to create a account, but allowed to skip it.
* 2Go: allows the use of account settings in the Gs2Go and add it to encourage.
* setup: reset from the Internet mark to download, install the EXE do not display a warning.
* browse: hidden msdrive:// file system is old, because it is now completely replaced by msgraph: / /
* MS Graph: fixed "scope" parameters are not stored in the cache in the FS token.
* CC Runner Service: repair service did not start due to logon failure.
* Explorer: fixed upload from SMB does not work.
* the executable file with the name canonic, do not use -v10 or -v9 suffix: .exe instead of -v10.exe.
* the license file: change the license file format for Ver 11.
* gs-server: if the manual allocation of external ports, fixed registration does not play a role.
* sib-socket: better IP V6 address.
* Mediator: Retrieve User NotFound repair error led to close the socket.
Pipeline repair: * ofdisconnecting transponder sequence error.
* gs-server consumer: allows the client only from 4 to 6 allowed.
* the default program to open options - > Security - > Save password encryption.
* gs-server + Network Arrival: interception of network connection / disconnection events.
* gs-runner + Device: Arrival: Runner in listening, and not just in GUI.
* resources: all GS executable files and fixed version list.
* Crash Catcher: add DbgHelp.dll x64 32 DLL is not enough.
* 2Go + V9: 2Go.bat GS2Go to start correctly.


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