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Baidu SkyDrive Proxyee-down 3.4 high speed download artifact

Proxyee-down is the Baidu cloud disk resources a high-speed download artifact is a professional, not upload...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-09
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Baidu SkyDrive how to crack? 2019.1.14 is available for 15 Baidu SkyDrive cloud speed download tool pro test is not titles

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-14 browsing: second User comments
I love a customized version of SkyDrive 2019 V6. Baidu cloud housekeeper unlimited speed version
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-12-28
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...

Because of the crazy spread pandownload recently, can be said to be affected Baidu SkyDrive executives, let Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download completely into a free high-speed, although convenient for users, but the impact of Baidu's revenues, and so on, there are several filling member! At present, pandownload has been completely blocked, so we Gexianshentong, looking for the currently available Baidu SkyDrive temporary replacement high-speed download tool! Xiao Bian also pro test a few, most reliable and most stable Greasemonkey with IDM, another is a classic Baidu SkyDrive and love another author brings Na Baidu cloud tools!
Adjust the 2018.12.26 message Baidu SkyDrive space

The lifting of restrictions: Https:// action=index?


2018.11.23 Pan Download v2.0.5 update new interface dial (Mian Denglu) high speed download
The new version of the PanDownload 2.0.0 interface has a new interface, more stable and reliable function! PanDownload 2 interface is more refreshing and comfortable, support free login to download, you can use the Baidu SkyDrive share directly link high-speed download, download the file without login account, of course, it is to avoid the title!

Download: Https://

2018.12.2 Baidu SkyDrive not update available stable speed tool speed disk SpeedPan
Speed disk (SpeedPan) is a disk full speed download tool. The Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download tool, uses the same Aria2 multi-threaded download, support free landing SkyDrive account sharing analytical links to download, support Baidu SkyDrive cyber source search and download, login to your SkyDrive account can download SkyDrive files, can also download offline. This tool features the following tools is not special, but the author is not only good, but also diligent, has recently been updated, and constantly repair BUG. So Xiaobian here included a new tool again!

2018.11.4 update Baidu cloud cloud version available to call God clean

Baidu clean cloud 2019 is the latest version of the V3 version 2018.11.4 pro test available

Download: Speed (full speed dial disc SpeedPan crack version download tool)
A Proxyee-down is a professional Baidu cloud disk resources high-speed download artifact, upload and download without limit, recently a lot of the third party website to download Baidu software, SkyDrive accelerated failure, users of SkyDrive was blocked, is really annoying, this tool can easily solve the problem, no need to install, is a Baidu SkyDrive the function of strengthening website to upload file sharing often more useful

Download: Download Proxyee-Down (Baidu cloud SkyDrive high-speed download is not titles)

2018.5.18 update four
YunDownload green version is an easy-to-use Baidu SkyDrive download tools, can help users to access Baidu SkyDrive VIP download link, and then through and into aria2 high-speed download, so that you enjoy the VIP treatment, no download speed limit can be achieved with a wide upper support, single file download folder there is a need to download, very good friends, hurry to use it!

Download: YunDownload (Baidu network disk does not limit download tool)

2018.6.29 update YunDownload heavy plate ( Recommended new scan duplicate files, files, folders and other functions of harmonious space, let the non VIP account to enjoy VIP rights. More stable, support XP )

SpeedKoala BD cloud acceleration (Baidu cloud download accelerator) the latest version of 7.1 update, Baidu cloud download accelerator is a specifically for Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download accelerator, accelerating function based on P2SP technology and CDN (content delivery network) technology. This super fast Baidu SkyDrive download tools can not speed full speed download, all currently recognized as the best and most effective third-party Baidu SkyDrive client download accelerator. Here is the small series of lightning caused permanent crack SVIP version, can be the perfect for ultra high speed download speed, it is worth noting that this tool cannot download the shared connection, you can put the resources transferred to their SkyDrive, then tell the download! At present, it is still relatively stable, the love to download it!

2018.12.27 update P-NL double disk download version of Baidu cloud v3.8 repair double SkyDrive high-speed download tool
Baidu cloud SkyDrive download speed v1.1 download tools, integrated before the BD download speed, upgrade multiple share links to download at the same time, the new cloud sharing download. Baidu SkyDrive please share a single file sharing links cannot set extraction code, click paste into the software can be extracted. SkyDrive cloud can share multiple links to files directly, cannot set code, click paste into the software can be extracted.
Download: Https://

Download: Speedkoala Baidu cloud v7.1 crack version download accelerator

Russian aria2 full speed download Baidu cloud tools Is an easy to use full speed download Baidu cloud resource tool used to help users without any restrictions to download, use your maximum download bandwidth is very good, only need to download software, and Baidu cloud account to login. Aria2 is a tool for downloading files. Support the protocol is HTTPS (S), FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. Aria2 can be from a variety of sources / protocol to download files, and try to use your maximum download bandwidth. It supports from HTTPS (S) / FTP / SFTP and BitTorrent and download files from the HTTPS (S) / FTP / SFTP download data is uploaded to the BitTorrent group. The use of Metalink block checksum, aria2 will download the BitTorrent like file automatic verification of data block.

Download: Russian aria2 full speed download Baidu cloud tools


2018.8.22 update Baidu SkyDrive Bintang high-speed download (PnlBD limit access)

Pnl-BD limit access is brought by the author cracked a Baidu SkyDrive Bintang high-speed download tool, as long as you get the download address, it will automatically help back real download, download speed and realize, such as simple and convenient, but also to avoid the title! Is not very good! But now the modified version supports connection with password sharing, you can save them to your SkyDrive after parsing download!

Download: Baidu SkyDrive Bintang high-speed download (PnlBD limit access to the latest version is not titles)

Greasemonkey download and use method

Greasemonkey (download Tampermonkey browser plug-in plug-in 4.5 enhanced version): Https://

1, download and install the plug-in to the browser, 360 browser [chrome] Chromium core browser

The installation method please refer to the following video or Baidu

2, enter this page to install the latest Baidu cloud assistant script [grease monkey Grease monkey script to install the Baidu cloud ]

Need the right way to access the Internet.

3, install the thunder [you] have been installed on the computer

Figure API 4, click on the download

Detailed tutorial: Https://

Classic Baidu SkyDrive to download and use

That is a problem of landing
With the third party logging I use QQ
Download address: Https://

See a lot of people say that lifting speed
The first to download all the content then pauses at the beginning of the download speed that mentions full speed (no need to click on the acceleration period)

Baidu Na cloud Download

Download address:
Emergency repair unlimited refresh original Baidu cloud Down - 2018.1.17

DU disk to download the green version of Baidu v1.8 resolution SkyDrive free landing full speed download tool

No need to login directly analytical tools to download

Double Lin dial and pandownload Download

In addition to the current Double Lin dial download and pandownload have been open to download, need to continue to download the latest version of the update, the specific reference described below


Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download plug-ins

2018.11.5 small new here introduced three oil plug third party tools to modify the monkey, is today the latest update, can stable high-speed download, but not the title, and the small series are updated almost daily, don't miss the love
One Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download helper (Baidu website download assistant, straight chain accelerated version) v2018.11.5: Https://

Two EX- Baidu cloud disk speed version 2018 .08.28 (v0.3.3): Https://

Three Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download BaiduPan plugin parsing Explorer 1.1.3: Https://

2018.5.2 update a Baidu speed download tool

Baidu SkyDrive BND download speed

Baidu Netdisk Downloader Baidu Netdisk Downloader BND, author of golang language Baidu SkyDrive download speed. Small pro test, very easy to use, simple operation can achieve high-speed download Baidu cloud. Here is small is brought about by the Baidu Netdisk Downloader the latest version of love to download it!

Baidu Netdisk Downloader download | Baidu network disk download speed is not BND v2.2.0 version of the green free automatic acquisition of BDUSS high-speed download


This paper address: Https://
"The web site how to crack? 2019.1.14 is available for 15 Baidu SkyDrive cloud speed download tool pro test is not titles "by Lightning download it Arrange and release, welcome to reprint!

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