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JetBrains 2018 version 2018.2.6 download and registration code to activate Chinese tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-14 browsing: second User comments
2018.2.6 finished 2018 crack version
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  • Date: 2018-11-13
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2018 is the latest version of the JetBrains, the is a powerful Java development tools, powerful static code analysis and ergonomic design, let you easily design, after the will be your source code into the index, by providing relevant recommendations in each environment. Provide fast and intelligent experience: immediate and intelligent code completion, real-time code analysis and reliable reconstruction tools. Xiao Bian here is to bring 2018 update, and share the authorization server file, can complete the activation of 2018, the specific reference tutorial!
2018.11.16 JetBrains update version 2018 crack 2018.2.6!

Java 11
2018.2 11. IDE to support the upcoming release of Java now support according to local variable parameter JEP 323 lambda syntax, so you can use the VaR keyword in lambda expressions.
Preview the data flow information in the editor
IDE can display the known data flow information in the editor. To see it again, just call the expression type operation (Ctrl + Shift + P).
Tips for the type of chain.
display type rectangular chain tips. When you want to type each call type is considered the generic method with rectangular chain tips, this is particularly useful.
With the rapid configuration document to automatically pop-up
Now can be configured to automatically and quickly document with pop-up. Simply enable "preferences / set" in the pop-up window displays the document editing options... "| general | code complete. Previously, the document can be configured to display a pop-up window only explicitly call completion.
"The new preview panel extraction method"
2018.2 Extract Method re introduced a new preview panel. To confirm the change before it can let you know the result of reconstruction. When you repeat using repetitive code fragments, it is very useful.
The new @Contract notes return value
@Contract notes, it allows you to specify the specific parameters when the reaction in the transfer method. The contract information can be used for a variety of inspection and operation, use it to produce better warning and eliminate false positives.
In the 2018. version 2, we extend the @Contract annotation to support more return value:
New - each execution of the method, it will return a new object null.
This - the non null method returns this reference.
The paramX method returns its X parameters.
A more intelligent Join Line action
We have upgraded the Join Lines operation (Linux / Windows / macOS Ctrl + Shift + J). Now, the return type and call any type qualifier in the same way, operation will be more than one method calls into the call chain. This also applies to the declaration or assignment with subsequent calls.
If generated Join Lines now use nested cleaner results, and when you do not use the necessary 0 connection line.
Improved Stream API support
In 2018. 2, we improved on Stream API support, so that it can now detect collect unsorted set sorted stream. This shows that the ranking is not necessary, or use the collector or collection is wrong.
In addition, before there is a redundant distinct (call) the new collect (toSet) (warning), because when the collection to a Set, the results are always different.
Jump to a closing parenthesis / reference Tab
Now, as you type, you can use the Tab navigation in the end brackets or end quotes outside. This applies to Java, Kotlin, Groovy, SQL, PHP, JavaScript and Python files. To enable this Tab, please go to the first edit options / settings | | general | intelligent key and choose to jump to close the brackets using the Tab key / reference.
For the local variables and parameters of the re allocation of the re allocation of the underlined
now defaults to the local variables and parameters of the re allocation of the re allocation of the underlined. All attributes of language support this feature (now including Java and Groovy) can be re allocated in the Preferences / Settings change | edit color scheme | default language | | identifier.
The for and while keywords highlighted
Insert the symbol on the break or continue keywords, will highlight the corresponding cycle of the for or while keyword.
MacBook Touch Bar support
2018.2 MacBook Touch Bar! Directly from the touch bar operation, construction and commissioning project, submit the changes and update the project. The button to display in a particular application area in the middle of Touch Bar interface, which depends on the context or modify the keys you press.
You can customize the "preferences" | "touch bar" page available on all of the appearance and behavior of | touch the context menu and toolbar.
The dark window title
Now available in the IntelliOS title bar darker. The first option is to | appearance and behavior | appearance and choose to use the dark window title.
The new icon
We have introduced some new icons! The IDE toolbar and a new tool window more clearly, more simple icons can reduce visual clutter and ensure better readability. We believe that a more clear user interface will help keep the focus and productivity. Read the recently updated UI icon behind the story.
In the Linux updated IntelliJ theme
We make a Linux IntelliJ theme looks more modern. The UI element (such as buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, select the control, trimmer and the Appearance tab) has been updated.
Easier to merge conflict resolution
When using Git, now look for include files to merge conflicts easier. For each change list, IDE will be in the new "merge conflicts" node for this type of file packet. Click the link to solve the operation "open" file "and the conflict with the dialog box. In addition, when you perform a pull, merge or rebase, Git will now display branch name in the merger and the conflicts between the file dialog box. This dialog allows you to update the group file directory, if there are multiple files and merge conflicts, which should come in handy.

To enhance the function of VCS in the log tab
You can now delete the Git marker Submission from "context menu in the log tab. In addition, the Diff preview panel can now be used in the VCS log. In addition, you can according to need to open any number of log tab

2018 installation tutorial crack:

1, in the download and unzip, ideaIU-2018.2.exe installation procedures and JetbrainsCrack.jar files,

2, double-click the ideaIU-2018.2.exe operation, as shown in Figure next, click

2, click Browse to select the software installation directory of the E:\SHANDIANXIAZAI\ 2018.2, as shown in the picture, click on the next
3, as shown in the figure, check the software create a desktop shortcut, and select the associated file format, recommend all options, click Next

4, install installation

5, the installation, it may take a few minutes, we patiently wait

6, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

7, please don't run after the completion of the installation software, the package will be installed in the JetbrainsCrack.jar copy to the software installation directory under the bin folder, as shown in Figure

8, find the idea64.exe.vmoptions file in the bin folder, as shown in figure,

9, the right mouse button to open idea64.exe.vmoptions in Notepad to

Open the 10, as shown in the figure, add -javaagent:E:\SHANDIANXIAZAI\ 2018.1\bin\JetbrainsCrack.jar on the last line is the path to the JetbrainsCrack.jar file with -javaagent:, save the Notepad

11, run the software, as shown in the figure, do not import settings Ok

12, first check the "Activate", and then check the "Activation code", and enter the lightning download it in the window, as shown in the picture, click on the ok,

13 Skip Remaining and Set Defaults, click
Enter the software startup interface

14 interface, as shown in Fig.

6. after the installation is complete, do not open the software,

2018 Chinese finished the tutorial:

The default is English software interface, we open the installation directory under the Lib folder, the finished patch "resources_cn.jar" can be copied into, the default installation path for C:\Program Files (x86) \JetBrains\ 2018.1\lib. So far, 2018 Chinese cracked version of the installation is complete
2018.5.7 brings the latest available authorization server and tutorial

The new features introduced

Data flow analysis
We have improved the data flow analysis, so that the relationship between variables can now track, such as "greater than" and "less than". The detection conditions of IDE in all possible code path is always true (or false) when the variables were compared.
When you try to be assigned to the same value of the variables included, IDE will warn you now. This may help you detect and remove some redundant code.
The data flow analysis now applies to non terminating API chain.
IDE will warn you not to modify the variable set.
Enhanced code completion
Stream API in the chain now know complete type conversion. Code completion can not only according to the existing call filter (String.class: isInstance) recommendations for completion of the project, but also for automatic type conversion to complete the project to finish the project.
The lack of ServiceLoader statement
2018.1 has a new Java 9 detection and rapid repair. Now check IDE loaded by ServiceLoader service is declared in the file, and provide a quick fix to add the missing statement to the file.
Create the missing class
For the mentioned in the open class, IDE will suggest creating a missing class, and create the missing export package. Please note that IDE are required for use in the directory class to create a package, because cannot export Java 9 empty packages.
Idempotent body detection
IDE will detect and warn you to use the idempotent while cycle, because in most cases, the representation of programming errors and may cause the program to hang.
Infinite flow detection
will warn you of any infinite flow is not short, because this operation can only be accomplished by throwing an exception. This code may lead to an infinite loop or insufficient memory.
The copy constructor and the lack of field detection
In 2018.1, if there is no copy constructor copies all the fields in the class, you will receive notice. IDE that field does not need to copy the transient modifier.
The contents of the array arrangement
The array initialization procedure and variable parameters provides a new Sort content operation. This new action alphabetically sorted content.
Complete user suffix template
The suffix code to complete the improvement. IDE Java now allows you to create their own template, or by the first option | editing and renaming some predefined Java template editing | | complete general suffix.
Some repair inspection results
A new repair button has been added to the examination results in the right pane of the tool window. When you have multiple options to solve the problem may be selected within the scope, it will appear. Quick fix all recommendations are grouped according to the type of rapid repair repair part under the button. Fast repair using this new feature lets you will be required to the selected range, all affected cases and one-time repair.
The test of prefix code generation
In , you can use a test class intention generation operation. With 2018.1 , you can customize the test class template, and create a test of the class as a prefix. The first option to edit the code style | | | Java | code generation, and should choose how to generate the test class name. By default, IDE creates a Test as a test class suffix.
JUnit 5 @Tag annotation support
2018.1 now supports JUnit5 @Tag notes, so you can now include marking and marking method in the test range. Select the label in the category field test run / debug of the configuration dialog (JUnit 5) option. Use the Uniqueld field to filter test according to the ID.

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