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3.9.2 crack version download installation and detailed graphic tutorial crack activation

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-09 browsing: second User comments
Visualsvn server 64 Chinese 3.9.2 version of the latest version of the official
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  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-09
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
is an integrated SVN server tools, and contains MMC management tools. Is a good tool for the rare SVN server. You can install , run Manger, and then create a new code base, and set up the safety performance, then we will create a user. In accordance with the above process, were added to tester1, Manager1 user Developer1, etc.. This small series brings the latest Chinese cracked version 32 and 64 download, with crack patch and detailed installation crack tutorial, need friends to see it!
2018.11.9 update VisualSVN.Server.Enterprise.3.9.2 version

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, VisualSVN-Server-3.8.0-x64.msi, VisualSVN-Server-3.8.0-win32.msi and VisualSVN.Server.Enterprise.Patch.By.DFoX_URET.v1.3.exe patch

2, run VisualSVN-Server-3.8.0-x64.msi, as shown in Figure next, click

3, select I accept the license terms, click Next

4, as shown in figure, You can choose to complete the installation or installation The corresponding management tools. Please select the components you want Installed on this computer.
The first option:
The VisualSVN server and the management tools ( Install the server components and all management tools. )
Second options: (only install management tools Install the MMC management unit, PowerShell module and Subversion command line tool, Management of installation on other computers on the instance. )
Third options: Add the Subversion command-line tool to the PATH environment variable, update the PATH environment variables to enable direct access to Subversion Command line tools (such as "svn.exe" and "svnadmin.exe").
Selection is complete click Next

5, choose to install version, standard edition and enterprise edition, the small selection standard version of the installation, select the installation path, click Next

6, click Install installation

7, installation, wait a moment

8 finish VisualSVN.Server.Enterprise.Patch.By.DFoX_URET.v1.3.exe, click Exit Setup

The use of VisualSVN.Server.Enterprise.Patch.By.DFoX_URET.v1.3.exe 9, click the patch button to patch


The version of 3.9.2 (October 29, 2018)
Has been updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.4.35.
Has been updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2p, which fixes vulnerabilities include the following: CVE-2018-0732, CVE-2018-0737.
Repair: the use of empty or incorrect plans to create a full backup operation.
Repair: if AD CS is not available, then obtain the certificate from the Active Directory wizard failed, and display the error message is not specified (0x80004005) ".
Repair: VisualSVNServerHooks.exe check-logmessage hook for submit multiple lines of log messages "attribute errors or unexpected value error and failure.
has the following 3.9 major enhancements:
Update to the latest version of Apache Subversion 1.10.
Some important performance improvements.
For a complete list of changes, please refer to the 3.9.0 change log.
It is recommended that all users upgrade to 3.9. The upgrade is simple and direct, but the existing Subversion repositories need to upgrade to VisualSVN format upgrade from Server 3.9 in the full benefit.
For more information, we strongly recommend that you read KB138 in advance: upgrade to 3.9 articles (especially if you upgrade from the earlier than the VisualSVN version of Server 3).
Based on the VisualSVN distributed file system (VDFS) multi site Subversion repository users should follow the upgrade process special. Read the article KB139: in a multi site environment to upgrade to 3.9 for more details.
Upgrade to Apache Subversion 1.10
Apache Subversion 1.10 is the main version of Apache Software Foundation, which offers the following improvement:
LZ4 compression. Subversion 1.10 introduces the LZ4 compression support can provide significant performance gains - especially when dealing with large binary file. When the client and server are using Subversion 1.10, Subversion uses the LZ4 algorithm to automatic data compression storage library and on the line. Existing Subversion repositories need to upgrade in order to allow the use of LZ4 compression format.
The interactive conflict tree parser. The new resolver provides a variety of automatic tree conflict resolution options, the user can choose from. When unable to automatically resolve the conflict tree, Subversion 1.10 provides an interactive parser, and provide detailed information including tree conflict, the author Name revision and conflicting changes. Using the new tree resolver need to upgrade Subversion 1.10 client.
For a complete list of significantly improved, please refer to the Apache Subversion 1.10 release notes. Please note that uses special module of authorization, and in Subversion 1.10 improvement on path based authorization not included in 3.9.
Many of the performance enhancement
In addition to improvements in the performance of Subversion 1.10 in the outside, also provides additional performance improvements:
In the common operation reduced significantly during HTTP compression and CPU usage.
In Windows Server 2012 and later by WAN to improve the performance.
Improved subordinate VDFS repository submit performance.
With the change of core SVN 1.10, these improvements provided to enhance the performance of 50-100%, the commit operation is most obvious.

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