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How to open the VT-x? How to open the BIOS apple Heilei simulator set in VT-x graphic tutorials

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Apple computer simulator Heilei version 1 official PC version of the win7/win10 Apple IOS simulator
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  • Date, 2018-04-16
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Why do we need to open the VT-x, because we need to run Apple Heilei simulator, which must be set to the simulator BIOS, with professional will be behind the setting of a key tool, but at present, we must manually set more safe!

How to open the VT-x

A. Enter the BIOS:

Refer to the following keys, press the corresponding button to enter the BIOS boot:

(1) to distinguish the ASUS motherboard assembly machine, according to F8 Intel, according to F12, other brands in general according to ESC, F11 or F12;

(2) to distinguish the brand notebook, Lenovo ThinkPad series by F1, other brands according to F2;

(3) desktop brand by brand distinction, according to Dell ESC, the other by F12;

2. Open VT-x

  1. One English old intel:

(1) Select the Configuration option, Intel Virtual Technology and press enter.

Note: if there is no VT option or can not be changed, that your computer does not support VT-x.

(2) Move the cursor to the Enabled, and press enter to confirm.

(3) This option will be changed to Enabled, and then press F10 to save and exit the BIOS, you can open the VT function.

  1. Two Compared with the old BIOS (English):

(1) Enter the BIOS, the keyboard around key and choose the "advanced" interface, and then use the arrow keys to select "CPU configuration", Enter.

(2) Use the arrow keys to select "SVM Mode" (the abbreviation of "secure virtual machine mode Enter"), enter "Disable" to "Enable" can F10 save and exit and restart the computer.


  1. Three The new Chinese interface

(1) Select the advanced mode"

(2) Select the CPU settings;

(3) Intel virtualization technology to select the bottom "". Then press F10 to save and restart your computer

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