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VovSoft Text Edit Plus text editor 4

Text Edit Plus version is an easy-to-use text editor, use to help...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-09-19
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Chinese crack version 5.164 download installation and registration code to activate the tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-09 browsing: second User comments
V5.1 Build green version 1826 crack version - Code Editor
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: 1.56 MB
  • Date: 2018-11-09
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
is a Windows text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor. Although it can be used as a substitute for notepad, but it is also for web page authors and programmers offers many powerful features. For HTML, PHP, Java, C / C + +, CSS, ASP, Perl, JavaScript and VBScript syntax highlighting. In addition, it can also be extended to other programming languages based on custom grammar file. For a preview of HTML page of seamless Web browser, as well as for the local file will be uploaded to the FTP server of the FTP command. Other features include HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, scale, URL display automatically, cliptext column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple Undo / redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Version 5 new features

  = = = = = = function
- Ctrl + Alt + up / down button for a plurality of input points for column selection.
- Alt + mouse click can create multiple input points.
The choice of the word 'continuous' command will add to the next event selection.
- allows for column selection in the wrap mode.
Improved from right to left language support.
- improve highlight braces speed.
- allows multiple hot cliptext.
Find in files in the conversation between retaining "case insensitive" and "only fullword" option.
- 'Delete' command contains only blank lines with tabs and spaces for.
- updated HTML 5 elements of the HTML toolbar.
Function list support "reserved filter text" menu option.
Find in files in the Ctrl + Shift + F.
- record keystroke commands now support recording file open command.
The failure to upload files to the FTP server, it will display a message box for retry now.
In a plurality of input point paste text now retains a plurality of input current.
- Ctrl + Alt + left / right arrow to extend the column selection.
The "window list" on the "horizontal / vertical tile" button will now automatically close the dialog box.

= = = = = = error repair
To solve the keyboard interactive SFTP authentication cannot work the problem.
To solve the remote file can be saved to the wrong directory problems.
- fix 'repeat options' may lead to memory leaks.
- fixed "font editor 6" option in the Korean Windows does not work the problem.
To solve the Home bond packing line may place the cursor in a row of problems.
- repair program window when the toolbar may move to the wrong location problem.
- fix the problem not correct in editing STX / ACP file syntax highlighting possible.

Installation tutorial

1. the download package, unzip double 64 epp500_0601_64bit.exe installation, accept

2. configuration, start cope

3. installation is complete, point to determine

4. software, yes

5. by default, OK

6. input registration information

3AG46-JJ48E-CEACC-8E6EW-ECUAW, register
7., complete the registration

8. have updated the finished version of crack

Use help

Column selection

You can use Alt + drag the mouse to select text in columns. This function is not available in the wrap mode.
Multiple settings

You can add or delete the file type, and for each file type specified different options. For example, you can set the text function as a text file, and open it automatically load the HTML document. You can in the preferences dialog box settings and grammar "page to specify multiple settings.
Editing large files

With Windows built-in Notepad, it can handle large text files. The file size only by available system memory limit.
Powerful undo / redo

allows multiple Undo / redo, so you can safely remove any input error.

WordWrap function helps to easily edit long. You can wrap the document menu command to open / close WordWrap function.
Phone number

The line number can improve the readability of HTML documents and source code. You can view the menu command line through the show or hide line number.

The scale to improve readability, and help you quickly find the cursor position. You can display the View menu or command hidden ruler ruler.
The 'Edit' drag and drop

supports OLE'' drag and drop editing, which is more effective than the clipboard. You can also drag the text between the window and the Cliptext document.
Powerful search and replace

supports a powerful search and replace commands, can handle regular expressions. also supports the find in files command, so you can search text in multiple files. You can also set the mark in a particular row, and to mark fast from any part of the document. Please refer to the search menu for more details.
spelling checker

supports the spelling checker, so you can easily correct typing errors in documents. Currently only supports English dictionary.
Splitter window

allows users to different parts of the document window is divided into several panes and edit files. To split the current document, please run the split command in the window menu.
Keystroke logging

You can record keystrokes and later playback. Used to record keystrokes command on the tools menu.
Customizable hotkeys

You can customize all commands hotkey. Please refer to the first page of the options dialog box keyboard.
Monitor Clipboard

This option can accelerate the repeat cut and paste operations. Any copy or cut to the clipboard text will be automatically added to the current document. Please refer to the clipboard monitoring command.
Column marking

The vertical line indicates the column marking is a specific column position. The column labeled for column oriented programming languages (such as COBOL or FORTRAN) is very useful. Please refer to the column tag command.

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