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Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-10-17
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5.2.22 64 graphics installation tutorial and detailed use method with full screen settings tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-09 browsing: second User comments
5.2.22 Build 126460 Chinese portablesoft (32 and 64) win10
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date, 2018-11-09
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
is a Chinese version produced by the German Innotek company developed Sun Microsystems's virtual machine software, can help users quickly install and run multiple operating system on the , including Solaris, Windows, DOS, Linux, OS/2, Warp, BSD system, can be installed in 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. 64 bit virtual machines can run in 32 bit host operating system, but must enable hardware virtualization in host BIOS.
Run the binary installation file will open a simple installation wizard, allowing the user to customize the characteristics, select any shortcuts and specify the installation directory. USB device driver and host-only will be installed with the network adapter.

Installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click - 5.2.12-122591 -Win.exe is running, click Next

2, click Browse to select the software installation directory, click Next

3, choose to install the function, click Next

4, the software installation, you wait a while

5, installation can be completed operation! Start the Windows virtual machine installed as shown below.

6, when the virtual machine on the menu: click on the top of equipment installation enhancements

7, the next software will run as the interface, select the "run VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe".

8, continue to click "Next".

9, select the installation path. You can use the default, also can make changes (not to Chinese). This small series does not modify the default, click Next

10, click "Install" to continue. The following diagram

11, the software is installed. Among other options will select "install tips".

At the end of 12, the installation is complete, need a virtual machine system. Select the "Reboot now". Click "Finish" as shown in Figure 2.

At the end of 13, re open the virtual machine can freely switch window size. Full screen can use the shortcut key CTRL (right) +F". You can also use this shortcut to minimize.

Use help

full support for third party developers. The software development Opment Kit (SDK) contains all written documents and interface documents needed Interaction with the code.
1.1 modular building blocks:
clean is divided into several layers, just like picture below visualization

Orange said the code running in kernel mode, the blue area represents a user space Code. The core virtualization engine is the virtual machine management program, Control the execution of a virtual machine and to ensure that they do not conflict with each other No matter in what to do or host. In the management process, the internal module provides additional additional features. For example, The RDP server can transmit VM graphics output to the RDP client, Independent modules, only loosely into virtual equipment. The migration of Live and The resource monitor is being added to the additional module in the process of. For SDK, the main interest is at the top of the API layer block All the above mentioned block. This is what we call a "API" API discloses the The following is a virtual engine function set. It is the complete record of SDK reference

And for any want to programmatically control the use of . We chose The name "Main API" to distinguish it from other programming interface Using Main API, you can create, configure, start, stop and delete the virtual machine, and retrieval The performance of the statistical information about running VM, the general configuration of the installation.

In fact, in the interior, front end program and VBoxManage only use other software There is no hiding the backdoor API and our own front-end virtualization engine, This ensures that the main API has detailed records, also has a good test (the same
Does not apply to display images in VBoxHeadless).

1.2 "the same two signs: Web service or API" COM / XPCOM There are several methods can be invoked by other code API:
1. comes with a network service It can be the main API mapping. Ser- network Deputy ship in a standalone executable ( Vboxwebsrv ), it acts as a HTTP at run time The server accepts SOAP connections and to deal with them. Because the Web service API is in the Web service description files (in.) In the description of the public, WSDL format), you can use any programming language to call the Web service client program An understanding of the WSDL toolkit. Now, this includes most programming languages Available: Java, C + +,.NET, PHP, Python, Perl and more. All of these in the following chapters in the book has a detailed explanation.
There are two kinds of methods can be written using the Web service client code:
A) for Java and Python, SDK contains easy to use, allows you to use Web service oriented object, direct way. We will refer to this point As "Object oriented Web service (OOWS)"
Chapter 11 introduces the OO binding Java, The use of Java API Those, pp. 403. For the 2.1.2 chapter Python, Object oriented Python Web service Page 29. B) or you can directly use the Web service, without object oriented client
Layer. We will call this "The original network service" .
Since the web, you will not have a local object direction, there is no complete security type The service is not object-oriented, nor the state. However, in this way, you can write The client code, even if we do not provide the object oriented client code language; All All you need is a parse WSDL and generation toolkit of programming language The client code package.
In the 2.2 chapter, we further describe this point, Use any language of the original Web service , Page thirtieth, provides Java and Perl sample.
Inside, in order to facilitate the carrying and easy maintenance, the main use of API The component object model (COM), A software component for interprocess mechanism Microsoft Windows launched initially by Microsoft. In the host Windows, The use of Microsoft COM; In other host COM does not exist, it attached XPCOM, A free software implementation of COM, initially by the Mozilla project to create Browser。 So, if you are familiar with COM and C + + programming language (or other Can handle COM / XPCOM object programming language, such as Java, Visual or Basic C), then you can directly use the COM / XPCOM API. With all the necessary Files and documents to construct the functional integrity of the COM application. In order to introduce,
Please refer to section 2.3, The direct use of COM / XPCOM The following article on page 36.
In front of the (graphical user interface and command line), All C + +, COM / XPCOM call Main API. Technology, network This service is another front COM API, it is almost all of it is mapped to the SOAP client.
If you want to know which way to choose, the following are some of the more:

In the following sections, we will introduce the different ways of writing ,
From the beginning of the most easy to use, and then increase the complexity.
About 1.3 of the general Web service
Web service is a specific type of programming interface. In view of the "normal" program Ming, application programming interface program calls another procedure definition (API) Or both operating system and interface must agree to the calling convention And use the same programming language in most cases, the Web service using the Internet standard Such as the HTTP and XML communication.
In order to successfully use the Web service, need some things - mainly " Accept connection service; Service description; And then is connected to the network client Service. Connected by the SOAP standard, the standard describes the news Will be exchanged between service and customer; Subject to the service description WSDL.
In the case of , it is converted into the following three components:
1. network services ("server"): This is Vboxwebsrv
The executable file attached
. Once you start the executable file (which acts as a specific HTTP server TCP / IP port), the client can connect to the Web service, so as to control the installation Grey.
2. also comes with a description of the Web service service provided by the WSDL file, Vice-。 You can find these files here. SDK / Web / binding / service Catalog。 These files are In most programming languages with Web services toolkit can understand And even if you do not use our object oriented, can easily access the Web service The client layer. comes with Web glue code generated pre service Language (Python, Perl, Java).
3. connect to the Web service to control the installation of client. Unless you use some examples with , or need to write these examples By you
In some ways, Web service commitment to provide with CORBA and DCOM a few years ago the same function. However, although The previous technique depends on the specific binary protocol, so that it is difficult to use in the divergence between The Web service platform, through the use of standard text (such as HTTP and XML) to avoid these incompatibilities. stay The negative side (it can be said that XML related things is typical), involves a lot of standards in the service before Web Can be implemented. On many XML invention using the standard in some way. The network

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