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cracked version download and install and crack patch activation tutorial original text

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browse: second Netizens commentary official version with installation tutorial
  • Authorization: shareware
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
OfficeTimeline is a subdivision of a PowerPoint schedule that is professional and easy to understand. It can be integrated into PowerPoint and provide rich PPT timeline template. You can use these templates directly, or you can modify and design them on the basis of these templates. OfficeTimeline official version can help users easily create all kinds of PPT timeline. Plus quickly creates a unique and impressive timetable, which is very simple for my customers and potential customers. Because it is suitable for PowerPoint, the application is very easy to use, and can even update schedules in real time in meetings. Customers like to see this!

cracked version installation tutorial

1. download the compression pack at the station, then double click the installation package after the decompression. OfficeTimeline.exe installation prompts that "Visual Studio 2010 tool not installed for Office Runtime" will prevent installation.

2. download and install VSTO Runtime version 10.0.60724 from Id=48217, download and install.

3. after installation, run the installation package again, point next to continue.

4. accept agreement, point next

5. select installation directory, point next

6. installation is completed, point close

7. copy the patch file office.timeline+. to the installation directory.
Default C:\Program Files (x86) \\Current

8. run the register, move the mouse to the patch, and click on the red part.
9. turning blue to show that the solution was successful.

10. all right, all functions can be used free of charge.

Function introduction

Quickly create visual effects of fashion projects and display your works to customers and managers.
Try out the only PowerPoint timeline producer and online timeline creator software for professionals. Easy to produce elegant Gantt charts and schedules, which are comparable to other applications. Free time line manufacturers, first class experience
Imagine building effortless project visual effects effortlessly.
Office schedules and Pincello can easily produce impressive and familiar graphics, while expensive and complex project tools can not be achieved. Through the simple and intuitive interface of the time line builder, you can almost instantly create professional visual project visuals. Simple surface, but strong below.
Advanced automation makes your work fast and efficient.
The office timetable and Pincello's intelligent layout engine can optimize the space and automatically generate beautiful visual effects. It can be updated and designed at any time - intelligent design can save you time.
Time creators are most popular with professionals.
Thousands of companies around the world use and Pincello to quickly build a highly customizable and unique project visual effect that can be easily shared. Join them!
Office timetable
Powerful PowerPoint scheduler maker
Using rich desktop applications, create amazing timeline on the desktop inside PowerPoint. You can easily customize every detail of your graphics and present your project plan in a clear and unique way and impress the stakeholders.
Flexible and accessible online time Creators
Using Pincello can create beautiful timeline anytime and anywhere, and visit them anytime and anywhere. Directly build and design your graphics in your browser, and download it in your favorite format by clicking the button.

Functional characteristics

Plus can provide more functions! Plus Edition can unlock more than 50 custom and productivity functions to help you create a unique PowerPoint timeline at a faster rate. This means that you spend less time building project visuals and having more time to manage your business.
The speech makes you look good.
With , you can create excellent graphics without having to be a designer. Using the preformatted style of the add in to build PowerPoint timeline and Gantt chart, you can instantly stand out and attract your audience. Create unique project visual effects to differentiate your presentation.
Cooperation with Pincello
Graphics created by Pincello can be downloaded as PowerPoint timeline slide and edited in Office timeline. If you need to work offline or change in PowerPoint, you can quickly use the desktop application to visualize the project as a presentation.
Smooth schedule customization
The PowerPoint timeline generator has a simple but powerful style pane. You can customize any item on the graph from one place with just a few clicks of the mouse. With so many design options, you can easily create timeline that matches your audience's preferences.
Trial and reliable PowerPoint schedule manufacturers
More than 1 million of the world's professionals believe in to quickly produce Gantt charts and schedules in PowerPoint. More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies use plug-ins in their businesses. More than 1000 commentators awarded

Use help

PowerPoint timeline production
It is easy to create a simple but powerful PowerPoint plug-in for the professional PowerPoint schedule. Anyone can use it to produce impressive schedules and Gantt slides quickly. Making timetables in PowerPoint

Beauty is better than complexity.
Without effort and cost, an amazing PowerPoint schedule can be constructed to get rid of the cumbersome work of manually constructing difficult to manage project visual effects. The Office timeline helps you make timeline almost immediately in PowerPoint. With just a few clicks, you can customize them to create clear and elegant advanced demos that everyone can understand.
Simplify PowerPoint schedule
There are no complicated steps. No learning curve. No trouble! Creating an amazing timetable in PowerPoint is very simple! Simply select the required timeline style or template, enter or import the data of the project, and then click create. It's so simple!
One 。 Starting from scratch or selecting a template time axial guide is designed to make it simple. It all starts with choosing the type of timeline you want to make.

Two 。 Enter your data and click Create once you choose the timeline style or template, enter your key milestones and tasks. Set their date, click the Create button, look! Timetable has been created.

Three 。 The style is impressive. Add the influence to your Gantt chart or schedule. Change color, shape, date format, or add today's markup, task duration count or percentage completion.

User friendly PowerPoint timeline generator
Create and present project plans in a simple and familiar way through the amazing PowerPoint timeline slide to improve project communication. These slides can be viewed, edited and shared by anyone with Microsoft Office. The seamless integration of and PowerPoint makes it simple and easy to understand the project plan or Gantt chart in the way of important audiences.
For PowerPoint 2007201020132016 and Office 365

Free PowerPoint time line plug-in
Anyone can make an impressive timetable Free Edition in less than a minute to create professional Gantt charts and schedules quickly. Just download the add ons, and you can start making the first picture. It is well suited to immediately create teams and colleagues who show the executive level project evaluation of their work.
Welcome to better project demonstration.
Welcome to the Office timeline, whether you use the free PowerPoint timeline creators or Plus Edition, we all believe that your colleagues, customers and managers will notice your project graphics and praise your work. Have a try. We know you will love it!

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