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version to download and install and activate the original graphic tutorial patch

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments official version of the installation tutorial
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  • Date, 2018-11-08
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OfficeTimeline is easy to understand the PowerPoint schedule a professional production and the branch. Can be integrated into PowerPoint, provides the PPT timeline template, you can directly use these templates can also be modified and designed based on these templates, OfficeTimeline official version can help the user to easily create PPT time every kind of you, Plus to quickly create a unique and impressive schedule for the timetable for my customers and potential customers are very simple. Because it is suitable for PowerPoint, so the application is very easy to use, even in the meeting real-time update schedule... Customers love to see this point..!

crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the download package, unzip double-click the installation package OfficeTimeline.exe Installation Tips "for the Visual Runtime error Office Studio 2010 tools will block the installation is not installed"

2. from the Id=48217 to download and install the VSTO Runtime version of 10.0.60724, download and install

3. after the installation is complete, restart the installation package, click next to continue

4. to accept the agreement, next

5. choose the installation directory, next

6. installation is complete, close

7. the patch file copied to the installation directory office.timeline+.
The default C:\Program Files (x86) \\Current

8. operation registration machine, move the mouse to click on the patch, the red part of the
9. blue crack success

10. well, all functions can be used free

Function introduction

The project quickly create visual effect of fashion, to show your work and customer manager.
The trial for only PowerPoint time line producer and online time line creator software professionals to create. Easy to create elegant and Gantt chart schedule, other applications can not be compared. Free time line manufacturers, first-class experience
Imagine effortlessly stunning visual effects the construction of the project
Office schedule and Pincello easily create impressive, familiar with graphics, and expensive and complicated project tools cannot be achieved. By the time the line simple and intuitive interface, project visual effects you can almost immediately create professional appearance. Simple surface, but under strong
Advanced automation enables you to work quickly and efficiently
Intelligent office layout engine schedules and Pincello optimization space and automatically generate beautiful visual effect can be updated and the design of intelligent design can save you time at any time.
The time line of the most popular professional creators
Thousands of businesses worldwide use and Pincello construction can be easily shared, highly customizable and unique project visual effect. Join them!
Office schedule
Powerful PowerPoint schedule maker
In the PowerPoint on the desktop to create amazing time line using the rich desktop applications. Easily customize graphics in every detail, in a clear, unique way to present your project plan and to impress the stakeholders.
Online time line flexible and accessible Creator
Pincello can be used to create a beautiful time line whenever and wherever possible, and whenever and wherever possible to access them. The construction and design of your graphics directly in your browser, and by clicking on the button to download the format you love.

Functional characteristics

Plus can provide more functionality! Plus Edition can unlock the 50 kinds of custom and productivity function, help you faster to create unique PowerPoint timeline. This means that you spend less time to construct visual effect, and have more time to manage your business.
Let you look good.
With the help of , there is no need for you to become a designer to create excellent graphics. Use the add pre formatted styles to construct PowerPoint timeline and Gantt chart, can immediately to your audience and attract talent shows itself. The project produced a unique visual effects, differentiate your presentation.
Cooperate with Pincello
Use Pincello to create graphics can be downloaded as a PowerPoint time line slide and edit in the Office time. If you need to work offline or change in PowerPoint, you can use the desktop application rapid visual presentation for the project.
Smooth custom schedule
PowerPoint time line generator with the styles pane a simple but powerful, just a few clicks, you can from a local custom graphics on any project. There are so many design options, you can easily construct the audience preference timeline.
Try to schedule and reliable PowerPoint manufacturers
More than 1 million professionals global trust, in order to quickly create PowerPoint in the Gantt chart and schedule. Fortune 500 companies have more than 50% enterprises to use plug-in in its enterprises. More than 1000 reviewers Award

Use help

PowerPoint production timeline
Easily create professional PowerPoint schedule simple but powerful PowerPoint plug-in, anyone can use it quickly made an impressive schedule and Gantt chart slides. The production schedule in PowerPoint

Beauty is complex
Without effort and cost to build amazing PowerPoint construction project schedule and get rid of the tedious work of visual effects difficult management manual. Office time line can help you almost immediately in the PowerPoint production line time. Just a few clicks you can customize them to create, everyone can understand clearly the elegant demonstration senior.
Simplified PowerPoint schedule
No complicated steps. No learning curve. No trouble! Very simple to create stunning schedule in PowerPoint! Simply select the required time line style or template, or enter into the project data, and then click create. So simple!
One . From the beginning of time or select a template to make it simple axial guide. It all started with the type selection you want to make the time line.

Two . Enter your data and click Create once you select the timeline style or template, please enter your key milepost and task. They set the date, click the Create button, see! The schedule has been created.

Three . Impressive style. Will add to your Gantt chart or schedule. Change the color, shape, or add the date format today marks, task duration count or percentage of completion.

PowerPoint time line user friendly generator
Create and present the project plan by stunning in a simple and familiar way of PowerPoint time line slide improvement project communication, these slides can be anyone with Microsoft Office to view, edit and share. Seamless integration of Office and PowerPoint Timeline to make important audience expectation way or the project plan Gantt chart is very simple and easy to understand.
For PowerPoint 2007201020132016 and Office 365

PowerPoint time line free plug-in
Can anyone in less than a minute to make an impressive schedule of Free Edition to quickly create professional and Gantt chart schedule. Just download the add-on, you can start making the first picture. Project execution level is suitable to be created immediately show the job evaluation team and colleagues.
Welcome to join the demonstration project better.
Welcome to the Office axis of time whether you use PowerPoint or Plus free time line creator Edition, we all believe in your colleagues, customers and managers will pay attention to your project graphics and praise of your work. Have a try。 We know you will love it!

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