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How to use CE to modify the 6.8? 6.8.1 Chinese with Chinese version tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
(CE Chinese modifier) 6.8.1 version of Chinese version of a single file containing tutorial
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
is a professional good use of a modified CE, the latest version has been updated to 6.8, after the new update, Xiaobian first time update master production Chinese Chinese version, and a 32 bit and 64 bit single file version, Chinese version of the official English language files one by one order translation, the translation project 4290, 27823 words, 89160 characters, non transplant finished, directly pressed into a single file. is an open source tool designed to help you modify the single player game run in the window, so you can according to their own preferences to make them more difficult or easier (for example: 100hp was too simple, please try to play the game, a maximum of 1 HP) also contains other useful tools to help debug applications the game even normal, and through the back door let you check to help modify the memory protection system, and also contains some way to hide from the traditional way to cancel. It is equipped with a memory scanner, using fast scanning game variables, and allows you to change them, but it also comes with a debugger, assembler, disassembler, speed regulator, trainer manufacturers, direct 3D operation tools, system testing tools etc.. = in addition to these tools, it also comes with extensive scripting support, which will allow experienced developers to easily create their own applications and share with other people.

Use help

1. the download package, unzip 32 bit and 64 bit single file version, here Xiaobian 64 run, choose Chinese, point to determine

The 2. point is to see the tutorial

3. run the software, you can use the. All Chinese interface!

Step one: this tutorial will teach you how to cheat in electronic games, it will also show the use of (or CE) of the basic aspects, started in accordance with the following steps.
1: open (if the current is not running, open the .
2: click on "open" icon (it is the top left icon above a computer, the following is "File").
Now open the window in the process list, find the list of the tutorial process. It looks like a "00001f98 - Tutorial - x86_64".Exe "or" c-tutorial-i386.exe 0000047 ". (the first 8 letters / numbers may be different. )
4: once you find this process, click it to select it, then click "open" button. Don't worry about the other button now. If you're interested, you can learn later.
Congratulations! If you are correct, then the process window should be used together with the course of CE (you will see the top of the process name to CE).
Click the "next" button to continue, or fill in the password, click "OK" button to continue this step.
If you have a problem, you can go directly to the, and then click the "tutorial" to view a friendly guide for beginners!
Step 2: the exact value of scanning (PW=090453)
You are now at the opened the training program, ready for our next practice.
You can see the bottom of the window shows the 'blood: xxx' per click 'hit me' button you will reduce the value of blood.
To enter the next level, you must find the value and change it into 1000.
Many methods can find the numerical position, but I will tell you one of the most simple method, accurate numerical 'scan':
First confirm the numerical type is set to 2 bytes or 4 bytes, of course, can also be set to 1 bytes, but eventually modify the data of time will be a little trouble (although it is easy to solve the problem, if the value of the address byte) back to 0, then you set to 8 bytes it is not a bad idea in which we don't have to try. Single float, double float, and other scanning method does not work here, because they value stored in different ways.
(Note: the maximum value of 1 bytes represented as 255 decimal, hexadecimal sixteen is FF, the maximum value of 2 bytes represented as decimal 65535, sixteen hexadecimal representation value is FF FF; usually few 8 bytes in the game.)
When the value type is set correctly, confirm the scan type set the 'exact numerical', the value of the blood to fill in the numerical input box, and click "scan" for the first time
The initial steps of 3: unknown value (PW=419482)
OK, it seems that you have understood how to use the 'numerical' scan to find the exact value, let's proceed to the next step.
The first important thing is, you're doing a new scan, you have to click on the new scan, start a new scan. (you may think this is straightforward, but you'd be surprised how many people were trapped in this step) I am not going to explain this step, so keep this in mind
Since you have started a new scan, we continue to
In the last we know the initial value of the Guanzhong area, so we can use the 'exact numerical' scanning, but this is only in a progress bar, we do not know its value at the beginning.
We only know this value between 0 to 500, and every time you click 'hit me' will lose some blood values, each decrease of blood values will be displayed on the top of the progress bar.
Also there are several ways to find this value (such as the use of 'reduce' scanning numerical...), but I only teach you the most simple, the initial value of the 'unknown' value 'and' reduced.
Because they do not know the current values, '' he sent no exact numerical scanning on the field, so the choice of scanning mode 'unknown initial value', a numeric type still choose 4 bytes (this is because most WINDOWS applications use 4 byte data).
Click on the 'scan' for the first time and wait for the end of the scan.
After the scan is complete, click 'hit me', you will reduce the number of blood values (reducing the health value of several seconds will disappear, you don't have to write it down).
Back in CE, choose 'numerical reduction in scan type, click' scan 'again.
After the scan is completed, click again, hit me, and repeat the above steps until a few little address search.
We have just said, this value is between 0 to 500, so that pick out the most similar address, and it will be added to the bottom of the list.
Now, change the blood value of 5000, so that we can advance to the next level.
Step 4: floating point (PW=890124)
In the previous tutorial, we use byte mode to scan, but some games' float 'to store a value (to do so is to give the rookie trouble, so they're not easy to modify the game).
The floating point is numerically with a decimal point (e.g. 5.12 or 11321.1)
As in this health and ammunition, both as a floating point data storage method, different is that the health value of a single precision floating point number and ammunition value for double precision floating point number.
Click 'hit me' will reduce the health value, and click on the 'fire' will consume 0.5 of ammunition.
You have to put these two items are modified to 5000 or more in order to cross the border.
'' precise numerical scanning mode although it can finish the level of work, but you should try other scanning way more concise.
Hint: it is recommended that disable the "quick scan" for double floating-point type
Step 5: code search (PW=888899)
Some of the game is restarted, the data will be stored in different places and even the last time, and the storage location data in the course of the game will also change, in this case, you can still simple steps to fix it.
This time, I will try to explain how to use the code to find the function.
Every time the Tutorial.exe start below the numerical time will be stored in the memory in different positions, so the fixed address is not effective.
We want the value of the current memory address to find (to do that, I need not say much).
Find the address and add at the bottom of the address list, and then click the right key address in the pop-up menu, choose 'to find out what is the address rewriting', will pop up a blank window.
Then, click on Tutorial.exe forms' numerical change 'button, and returns CE, if the operation is no problem, just in the pop-up window will appear blank, some assembly code, check code, click' replace 'button, it will replace what do not code (empty instruction), at the same time, the revised the code will be placed in the' advanced options' code list (to save the address list will also save).
Click on the 'stop', the game will continue to run in a normal way, click the 'close' button to close the window.
Now, click again on the Tutorial.exe window on the 'change' value, then no problem, 'next' will become a clickable state.
Tip: if you are fast enough to lock the address of the next step: the button will be clickable.
Step 6: pointer: (PW=098712)
The last step explains how to use the code 'find' function deal with change of position data address, but this method often can not achieve the desired effect, so we need to learn how to use the pointer.
There is a button below the Tutorial.exe window, a numerical change, another can not only change the value but also change the values stored in memory locations.
In this step, you don't need to know how to compile, but if it will be very helpful to understand.
The numerical address found first, then look for what is to rewrite this address. The numerical change again, CE can find the list of the assembly code, double-click a line of assembly code (or select it and click 'details'), open the' details' window will display detailed information, to tell you when this instruction is running what happened.
If the assembly instructions, did not see the square brackets ([]) exists, we should view detailed information under a compilation of code, if you see the square brackets, it is very likely that we have found the pointer.
In addition to the 'details' window we keep outside (if you have been turned off, then remember the party, Trichosanthes intermediate code), the rest of the window please shut down, back to the main CE window, a 4 byte scan, tell a string of sixteen hexadecimal values you scan' details' window.
When the scan is complete, it may return one or a few hundred. In most cases you want to address the top will be arranged in the address list.
Click the 'Add' button address manually, and uncheck the 'pointer' option.
'Add' window will change more than a'Address of Pointer (pointer address) 'and'Offset (Hex) (offset (16 m))' text box, in the'Address of Pointer'of the column filled with just scan to address.
If the assembly instruction in the party, in calculation of Trichosanthes (e.g. [esi+12]), you should fill in the numerical part of'Offset (Hex) 'in the text box, if it does not exist, then keep it for 0.
If it is a more complex calculation instruction words, for example:
'EAX*2+EDX+00000310'eax=4C and edx=00801234 (below, in the detailed information window will list the value in the register)
In this case EDX is the numerical pointer, and EAX*2+00000310 is its offset, so you should fill in'Offset (Hex) 'will be 2*4C+00000310=3A8 (these are calculated in hexadecimal, you can use the WINDOWS calculator in scientific way with hex calculation).
Click OK, this address will be added to the bottom of the main window of CE in the address list, if not wrong, in the address bar will display P->xxxxxxxx and XXXXXXXX, and you scan to the address value is the same, if not, it may be wrong.
Now, change the value that pointer address is 5000 and lock it, and then click on the Tutorial.exe window on the 'change' pointer button, if everything is correct, 'next' button will change to click state.
You can also use the pointer 'scan' way to find the address pointer.
Step 7: code injection: (PW=013370)
Is a piece of code injection will you write code into the target process and its implementation techniques.
In this step tutorial, you will have a healthy value and one each time will be reduced by 1 health values button, your task is to use 'code injection', so that each time you press the button to increase the health value of 2.
Find the address, and then see what is in the rewrite it ('to find out what the address rewriting').
When you see that reduces the value of the assembly code, select 'show disassembler', then open the 'window' automatic assembly (menu - tools - > automatic assembly or press the shortcut key Ctrl+a), select the 'template' in the 'code' injection. CE will automatically generate a part of the assembly code and get ready for your input instruction (if CE is not given the correct address, you can also enter it manually).
Note that this alloc part of the code, it will be a small piece of blank memory for code assignment to you in the past, before the Win2000 system, there are security risks this behavior is likely to cause a crash, fortunately, this situation in the future WIN2000 operating system improved.
Also note that line newmem part of the code, the original code, and the blank part of the text "to place your code mark, as you might guess, can record every 2 point increase the health value of the code here.
Recommend that you use the "ADD" instructions, here are some examples:
"ADD [00901234] 9" [00901234] address value increased by 9
"ADD [ESP+4] 9" [ESP+4] address pointer value is increased by 9
In this closed the case, you can use the same approach between health value of the reduced bracket part of the original code.
Tip 1:
The line of code that you recommend from the original code deleted to reduce health value, otherwise you have to add 3 points (your health value increased by 3 points, the original code minus 1 points, the final result will increase 2), it is very easy to confuse, but the final scheme is decided by you.
Tip 2:
Some of the game, the original code may be in addition to multiple instructions, sometimes (not always true), it may be different to you by the local jump instruction and the end of the run, the result might be caused by an unknown error; if this is the case, should normally be those jump instructions, see nearby modifications or try use different address code injection, after confirmation can you modify the code into the original code.
Step 8: a multi-level pointer: (PW=525927)
This step will explain how to use the multi pointer.
In the sixth step, you have a clear concept and use 1 pointer to the first address, and can use the stored data base to find the numerical real.
In this pass, you will see the 4 pointer, which consists of the first second pointer pointer by second pointer third pointer, pointer by third fourth pointers, the real value of the final point to address health.
The first few steps and in the sixth step of the operation is basically the same. Find out what access to this address, and then analyze the assembly instructions, numerical search pointer address in, and it will offset them down. But this time you find in numerical is still a pointer, you must according to these values, using the same methods of operation to find out the pointer to this pointer.
Look at what you find the address pointer access, analysis of assembly instructions, pay attention to the code and possible offsets, and make use of.
Continue this process until no further search so far (usually the base address is static, address will be marked with green).
Click on the 'change' numerical change health value, if you find the list of those who point to the same address pointer value changes, you can try to change the value in the base 5000, and lock it, in order to complete the task.
Note 1:
This step can also use automatic assembler script or use pointer scanner to solve.
Note 2:
In some cases, related settings can change the CE code to find the 'software', when you encounter similar to the MOV eax [eax] command, the debugger will show a change after the value of the register, may use it more easy to find the position of the pointer.
Note 3:
You are still reading?! When you see the assembly instructions when you may have noticed that the pointer is in the same piece of code (the initial code for the same program, if you understand the compilation, can view the program) position read and write. This situation does not happen, but when you encounter problems in search of a pointer, can play a very useful.
Step 9:: code sharing (PW=31337157)
This step will explain how to deal with the code for other objects of the same type.
Usually when you find a code or your own blood at the site, you will find that if you delete this code, it will affect your enemy. In these cases, you must find out how to distinguish between you and the object of the enemy, sometimes it is easy to find the first 4 bytes (function pointer table) usually point to the game player independent address, sometimes it is also a group of data, or a pointer to a pointer to another pointer, it all depends on the complexity of in the game, and your luck.
The easiest way is to find your address that write the code, and then use the data to compare two anatomical structure. (your units (s) / game player and enemy), and then see if you can find a way to distinguish between them. When you discover how to distinguish between you and your computer, you can inject a compilation of the script for the condition, and then execute the code or do other things (a kill example). Or, you can also use this to create a so-called "byte array" string, can use the search results, all the enemies in the game player, this tutorial, I realized the most amazing gameplay, you would love to play the game. It has 4 members. The 2 game player belongs to your team belonging to the computer game player 2. Your task is to find the blood on behalf of the code and make you not frozen blood values continue to win the game, according to the "restart the game, play" to test your code is correct.
1: blood is a float.
It suggests that 2: has multiple solutions.
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