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Mindjet 2019 v19.0.306

2019 crack version is known as the world's most powerful mind mapping software, MindM...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-09-28
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Mindjet 11 for installation download and register registration code to activate the Mac version of v11.2.117 tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
Mindjet 11 for Mac 2018 v11.2.117 version with RI activation tutorial
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
11 Mac version can be run in the MAC system on the professional mind map tool is very powerful.. for Mac allows you to capture ideas in vision, organize information and make plans, you can iPhone in the Mac or Windows desktop, sharing in the team plans to use our app iPad or Android device. 11 for Mac than any previous version of Mac has more functions and possibilities. With the help of enhanced visualization tools, advanced task management, sharing options and a dozen new and improved template chart format. 11 Mac version is currently the most powerful version, with the advantages of the MAC system, can give full play to your imagination! Lightning small here is for everyone to bring 11 MAC crack version, containing registration machine can perfect the activation of 11 Mac, the specific reference tutorial!

11 MAC activation crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the download package, package and Fillmore obtained after decompression, double-click the Mindjet__Mac_11.1.160.dmg installation, the mobile app to

2. installed, run Mindjet shortcut icon in the application, good

3. point accept

4. enter licnese key, enter the registration interface

5. we run +11+Keygen.dmg, double-click core keygen, select v11. gnerate registration code generation

6. the registration code input to the software, OK

7. run the software, can see the authorization successfully activated

8. into the main interface, all functions can be used free

11 for Mac update log

New! The template library
The image of the realization of a new way of growth and profits.
See your task, with a new way of thinking, plans and possibilities, and there are more than 10 kinds of inspiration from new and improved templates, each template is designed to make thinking more sharp, more informed decisions and better results.
Time line, flow chart and the concept map can illuminate the correct path and promote effective action
Wayne, onion and lane diagram allows you to more clearly understand the relationship and cross point
Matrix customizable enables you to connect ideas, and rapid assessment of risk, return value, urgency, priority and so on
Make full use of the characteristics of and the features of a comprehensive breadth to create a powerful concept, strategy and plan portrait
New! Digital architect
Your vision. Our tool. Infinite possibility
The use of shape, lane, text boxes, images, etc. existing custom separator template, to clarify the relationship and accountability. Or create a new structure to organize and understand your world. You can freely control the appearance of the map, tell your business story and it can help you achieve.
Create beautiful, meaningful and easy to implement custom business process model and strategic plan
In a new way to plan, proposal or the entire business image, to reveal the risks, highlight the opportunities and reveal new targets of unexpected
Add logo, title, pictures and other design elements, in order to get the look and feel of the brand
New! Derived interactive presentation
Express your views with real power.
With the latest development of HTML5 interactive map derived from the visual experience, expertise and influence to introduce new levels of viewing experience. The exact content provided you want the recipients to see, exactly as you want them to see the way, the use of clear, simple controls, so that the map professional and novice can easily navigate, and make them focus on the map entity, rather than its structure.
Like the PowerPoint map can easily browse and navigate, eliminates the barriers between the content and the audience
Select a standard or demo mode to control the viewing experience
The map is available on the website, intranet or files for easy sharing
New! Publisher
Send your map in your own journey.
Some of the map is very suitable for yourself. Our new Publish tool allows you to quickly and easily share with colleagues to show map, suggestions and plans to customers, or simply your masterpiece on the "outside", let other people learn, inspired and continue to develop.
Share the map through a link, or directly embedded into a blog or social media posts
With the release of your company or product logo customized content to get brand experience
Anyone can through the network connection and the browser - no license
A plurality of topic chain
By using a plurality of external links rich map theme, instant access to all the resources to provide support and context for the content of the map.

Check out the link title
Clearly, the hyperlink text concise wording to display a custom page title or their own, so everyone can know exactly where they are going, and then click.

Rolled up map
Work together and other map selection data into a single dashboard figure, keep the key information visible, advanced the date and the top of mind
To see this in action

Management tasks
The tracking task workload, task using task summary calculation of the milepost, task, task dependency management and use the project calendar days tracking.
Please refer to the actual operation function

Multiple tabs
The chart into the fast switching single tabbed application view chart. Drag the tab to rearrange the chart or open them in a separate window.

The number of topics
To view a theme contains many sub themes, without having to open it, in order to immediately understand its depth and detail.

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