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ProDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ Chinese crack version 4.0.487.1 download installation and registration code activation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-12-03 browse: second Netizens commentary
ProDAD Mercalli SAL v4.0.458.4 Chinese register Version (32 bit /64 bit)
  • Authorization: shareware
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-17
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
ProDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ cracked version Allows you to remove camera shake, bump and tremor from the video sequence to improve the quality of important material.  Mercalli also improves your material by smoothing irregular translation or zoom lenses. This makes Mercalli a valuable tool that can save and optimize key video clips. Use can optimize lens for you, suitable for any action cam, camera stabilizer for mobile phone or camera, rolling shutter and CMOS correction. Whether the vehicle's engine vibration or rugged surface can cause image failure: Mercalli can handle jelly, vibration and deformation separately and in combination. Compared with the camera's internal stabilizer, Mercalli V4 + can obviously produce excellent results and provide a wider viewing angle. Comprehensive CMOS correction and further optimization of 3 axis stability, using version 4+, you can expect the most powerful Mercalli. No need to worry about vibration, vibration or complex installation equipment. Do not feel frustrated by expensive or heavy gyroscopes or balancing rings. Because they increase weight, they can not eliminate CMOS distortion and shorten battery life (if you are shooting from an air plane / helicopter). Don't worry, it will only reduce the incam stability of video resolution, usually make stable sub optimal work, and can not correct CMOS distortion. Simply install the camera in any location you want, and focus on shooting wonderful shots - reservations for stability and distortion correction to Mercalli V4 SAL +. Enjoy the best stability. Mercalli is an ideal companion product for other professional tools of proDAD, such as ReSpeedr for SLOMO and timelapse sequences and DeFishr for automatic fisheye correction, to further optimize and enhance video. This little editor brings the latest version of , and don't miss your friend.
2018.11.9 update Ae/Pr video stabilization anti shake screen restore plug-in proDAD Mercalli v4.0.484.1 Chinese cracked version

Installation tutorial

1, download and decompress at this station, double click mercalli-40-sal64bit.exe to run, as shown, wait a moment.

2. Enter the installation wizard. Click next.

3. Click me to accept the terms of this License Agreement and click next.

4, click Browse to select the software installation path, click next.

5. Click Install

6, installation is completed, exit wizard can be used.

7. After installation, Let firewall prevent it from accessing the network.

Software features

1, greatly improved the stability of video, faster and more efficient than ever.
2. Unique and fully automatic CMOS correction, suitable for skew, swing and wrinkle.
3, the most accurate and effective 3D stability (X, Y and Z axis stability).
4, optical warping image stabilization function (fish eye distortion will not affect the stability process).
5, no need to eliminate wide-angle distortions: rendering faster and magnifying less.
6, support a variety of cameras. Also includes generic configuration files.
7, dynamic scaling reduction (significantly reducing the need for amplification).
8, improved boundary boundary adjustment, which also reduces the need for enlargement.
9, in the editing process, you can easily choose sharpening degree.
10. Enhanced options determine camera movement.
11. A direct storyboard function for composite editing and exporting.
12. Ultra fast full screen preview with original / optimized new comparison mode.
13. A forensics view for evaluating and further optimizing the corrected video.
14, in addition to the comprehensive personalization of Mercalli V4, Mercalli also provides fully automatic stabilization mode and CMOS correction function.
15, advanced custom settings are options for those who wish to fully control the ability to fine tune and adjust each detail.

Use help

1, choose the right Stabi.
Stabi-Cam is a tool for analyzing and correcting video data. The correct choice of Stabi-Cam depends on the way the original video is shot and the type of final result you want to achieve. Although general-purpose cameras will improve your lens in all cases, in some cases, it is meaningful to try to use different Stabi-Cam to produce the perfect effect.
Example: tracking a moving vehicle from the side. Goal: generally stable shot.
Right Stabi-Cam selection: universal or better Glide camera
Wrong choice: rock steady camera
Example: a free hand camera shot at a point in the landscape. Goal: the best stability is like shooting from a three tripod.
Right Stabi-Cam selection: universal or better Rock-Steady camera
Wrong choice: gliding camera
If your goal is to remain stable as far as possible, it is best to have no camera movement. Stafi-Cam always chooses Rock-SteadyCamera. But to achieve this, the original material can not include the translation movement of the camera, but can only include jitter, jitter, rotation, tilt and similar movements.
You should try to use Stabi-Cam to select the Glide camera as a substitute for Universal in all camera translation. This also applies to the lens of a truck with a moving object.
2, perfect stability - tips and techniques
After running the video analysis and stabilizing the lens for the first time, you may be satisfied with the result, but perhaps you can do better. Please check the following points, you can further improve the stability of the video.
Do you use the right Stabi-Cam?
Although generic profiles can improve your material in all cases, in some cases, it is meaningful to try to use different Stabi-Cam to produce perfect results.
Camera - Dynamic yes / no?
Enabling the "keep camera dynamic" option will have a significant impact on your material. For example, if you take pictures of unstable scenes without any camera action, it is better to disable this option to eliminate unnecessary jitter when the camera moves. When KeepCameraDynamic is turned on, you will see that this scenario has improved considerably, but it can achieve better stability when shut down.
So when is it meaningful to use KeepCameraDynamic?
Whenever a scene takes a camera action intentionally, such as translation or tracking of a shooting or similar action.
3, what is the meaning of avoiding boundaries?
First, the "edge avoidance" mode will hide the blank (black) area of the image, which will stabilize the image by moving the image. This is done by scaling the video.
As a result, the greater the jitter in the video, the larger the zoom factor in the stabilized lens.
But MercalliV2 also uses a new intelligent border technology. It tells the user through visual signals that in some parts of the lens, a very high zoom factor is needed to stabilize the video perfectly. Then, users can choose to completely stabilize these parts of the video, or to exchange a lower degree of stability at each point to get a lower scaling factor. The advantage of scaling is that the image is clearer and the original details are preserved. The user determines the most important content of the material to be discussed and is not constrained by automatic rules.
The video part that the user can decide is as follows:
The signal enables users to adjust during playback and can increase stability or transfer weights to smaller scales. This simple manual intervention enables the cutting machine to be fully automatic and stable to suit individual tastes and goals, so as to meet all requirements.
4. No need for shutter shutter effect.
The CMOS sensor is an image sensor for portable cameras and digital cameras.
The effect of the rolling shutter is the position error in the video. When the frame is scanned line by row, the position error occurs in the moving lens.
If the image is static, the material is correct, because all the points of the frame are exposed to the correct position. When frames are scanned frame by frame (i.e., not all at exactly the same time), rolling shutter effect may lead to moving objects or moving cameras.
If there is a rolling shutter effect (distortion or jitter) after stabilization, this is the CMOS weakness of the camera. Mercalli will reveal this weakness. This effect can only be eliminated by activating the "rolling shutter compensation" option in the section "smooth camera path /Stabi-Cam".
The common shutter shutter effect is:
rolling shutter
Geometric distortion occurs in skew and translation lens.
Wobble (similar to thermal scintillation)
Vibration and compression
5. Suggestions for better results.
You can do a lot of things to help you get a steady shot. Please remember the following points:
In order to help roll shutter compensation when shooting from a vehicle or mobile camera, do not start shooting when you have moved. But if possible, please hold the camera at the beginning and end of the camera.
Keep the exposure time as short as possible to reduce the blurring effect between the frames caused by fast movement.
Because of the different depth of lens, the extreme difference of speed may have a smaller effect.
When tracking moving objects, we seek to minimize the salience of still objects in the lens.
The use of smear lens or filming through dirty windows may lead to misunderstanding and stability errors in the analysis.
Atmospheric effects such as thermal flickering may confuse rolling shutter compensation.

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