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The famous Baidu SkyDrive high-speed downloader v2.0.6 to download the new interface, stable no title

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-02-06 browsing: second User comments
Pandownload Baidu does not limit version 2.0.6 Green Edition
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2019-02-06
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Once swept the whole network of well-known Baidu Baidu SkyDrive speed download tool in the face of SkyDrive's official Baidu precision strike, faced with a large number of titles, lost a lot of ordinary users, embarked on a low-key content VIP road. But Baidu did not stop cracking, there have been similar new tools, most of the same ideas, or similar, really convenient and free users. This small series is to bring the good news is that in the deposition of half a year long finally welcome update, the latest version of 2.0.0 has a new interface, more stable and reliable function! 2 interface is more refreshing and comfortable, support free login to download, you can use the Baidu SkyDrive share directly link high-speed download, download the file without login account, of course, it is to avoid the title! use Aria 2, support offline download, download, download link, extract the new custom Aria2 configuration, custom share password, similar principle Greasemonkey +IDM, get the straight chain and then call Aria2 download acceleration. The following small details of the interface and function under the new 2 introduction!

2 Introduction

1. how to run the software, more tall on the interface and UI interface, more like Baidu SkyDrive official.

2. you can view 2 has more features

3. we do not copy the landing, a link can be found in automatic recognition of link, enter the password you can download management

4. right click to start the download, support batch download

5. set after downloading the directory to save the file

6. speed 1.2M. can directly download faster than the official, but members still have certain gap, this is perhaps the software author set limit, avoid quick blow

7. supports a key function for the skin, the author is really serious.

8. download and feature set here.

9. some functions need to login to your own account, but the mass of high-speed download or suggest exit landing, avoid landing

10. if love can donate to the author, or meow!

11. transmission interface download is complete

Some professional features introduced

1, [] more account management resources for the Party group, Baidu SkyDrive space is bigger enough, few accounts more prepared, but the log switch is very troublesome, multi account log completely solve this problem, the theory support unlimited account login.

2, [] a batch download multiple files and folder packing and extract the straight chain using the built-in aria2 Download

3, [] convenient and quick batch file rename rename function, support keyword substitution, before adding the suffix, case conversion, Lua pattern matching, modified extensions and other renaming rules, is also supported by the Lua script definition more matching rules.

Update log

Update: 2018-11-16
To update the content:
Support HTTP/HTTPS Download
The new file cleaning function
The new code query function
Update: 2018-10-17
To update the content:
The problem of sharing links cannot download repair (need login account)
Support the boot
Repair bug
Update: 2018-09-28
To update the content:
1. new interface
More than 2. account management
3. support free login to download
4. support batch download
5. new batch rename
6. optimization experience and bug repair

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