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Windows program debugging and cracking tool Chinese version 2.4 download and crack usage tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-08 browse: second Netizens commentary
32/64 bit debugger under the latest version of V2.4 2019-01-11 Windows
  • Authorization: shareware
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2019-01-14
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
The Chinese version is a debugger supporting 32 bit and 64 bit windows programs. DBG is the debug part of the debugger. It handles debugging (using TitanEngine) and provides data for GUI. GUI is the graphical part of the debugger. It is built on top of Qt, which provides user interaction. Bridge is the communication library of DBG and GUI parts (probably in more parts of the future). The bridge can be used to process new functions without updating other parts of the code. X64_dbg is simple and easy to use, completely free, and the author is diligent and updated every week. This is the latest version of the lightning update. It keeps updating the new edition regularly as well as the author, and brings the Chinese version to everyone.
The debugger (currently) has three parts:

Function introduction

basic function
Full functional debugging of DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine Community Edition)
32 bit and 64 bit Windows support from Windows XP to Windows 10
Built in assembler (XEDParse / Keystone / asmjit)
Rapid disassembly (Capstone)
Expression parser similar to C
Memory mapped view
Module and symbol view
Source code view
Thread view
Content sensitive register view
Call stack view
SEH point of view
Handle, permission, and TCP connection enumeration.
Multiple data type memory dump
Dynamic stack view
Executable patch
Dynamic recognition module and string
User database (JSON) for comments, labels, bookmarks and so on.
Basic debugging symbol (PDB) support
Extensible and debug scripting language for automation
Adding plug-in support for API
Basic anti debug
Advanced functions
Anti interpreter (Snowman)
Yara pattern matching
Importing reconstructive integration (Scylla)
Conditional breakpoints and tracking have great flexibility.
Data collection during tracking
GUI function
Intuitive, familiar, brand new user interface.
IDA side bar with jumping arrow
Similar to IDA instruction token fluorescent pen (highlighting registers, commands, etc.)
Fully customizable color schemes and shortcuts
Control flow chart
Integrated mnemonic and register help
Code folding
Easy integration with custom tools (Favorites menu)
More details:

X64_dbg installation and usage tutorial

About installation
1. download the compression pack at the station, then double click the x96dbg.exe in the release directory of the compressed package to open the software.

2. we can directly run 32 or 64 bits, but it is recommended that the installation be done.

The 3. point is

The 4. point is

The 5. point is

6. point determination

7. desktop has 32 and 64 bit programs.

About using tutorials
We will take X64dbg, for example, load the main program x64dbg.exe into the software and drag it into the software.

Use help

Q: why is there no procedure X in the attached dialog box?
A: if x64dbg is unable to get the handle of the process, it will not display it in the attached dialog box. Go to the settings and ensure that the option is selected in the Enable Debug Privilege option Engine card. Also ensure that x64dbg is run as an administrator. If your process is still not displayed and you are running Windows 8.1 or higher, please ensure that the kernel does not protect it. This protection can be deleted by kernel driver (such as PPLKiller).
Debugging private
Q: help, I can't change the command line of the target program.
Q: how can I pass the parameters to the program I want to debug?
Answer: use File > Change Command Line option:
command line
Q: building x64dbg is very complicated. Help me!
A: here is a guide to building x64dbg. If these steps are properly executed, there should be no problem in compiling x64dbg.
Q: how can I contribute?
Answer: you can view this dedicated page to learn more about how to contribute.
Q: how do the orders mentioned in the help work?
Answer: basically, the way the command works is similar to the assembler (using comma separated parameters). Mov eax, 0x1234 is a valid command. You can enter them in the command bar instead of in the command line of x64dbg:
Command bar
Q: does x64dbg create entries in the registry or create files in the system directory? Or is it portable (like OllyDbg)?
A: unlike OllyDbg, x64dbg is completely portable (all paths are relative to x64dbg executables while you have absolute plug-ins and UDD paths in Olly). This means that you can copy x64dbg.ini anywhere without any changes.
By default, x64dbg does not create any registry key. However, if it is used as a JIT debugger, the key will be changed. Also applies to x96dbg.exe (Debug with x64dbg to create an entry in the File Explorer context menu).
Q: how does Debug with x64dbg delete entries from the context menu?
Answer: Download and execute this regfile (remember Save as...).
Q: how do you automatically attach x64dbg to the process at startup?
Answer: this can be achieved through the Image File Execution Options registry key. You can use the GFlags utility to perform this operation from the graphical user interface.
Q: how can PLMDebug be used with x64dbg?
Answer: use plmdebug /enableDebug "C:\path\to\x64dbg\release\x96dbg.exe" (you can also use x32dbg.exe or x64dbg.exe to use x96dbg.exe, it will automatically select the right Architecture). For more information, please refer to question 1698.
Q: why haven't all my patches been applied (0/X patch (ES) applied! Message box)?
Answer: maybe you try to patch the part on the disk without any indication (SizeOfRawData is zero or after partial completion). You can confirm that the address to be repaired is offset by checking the file offset.
No file offset
Q: how do I debug symbols using -g's DWARF format (MinGW option) with x64dbg?
A: x64dbg does not directly support DWARF symbols, but you can use cv2pdb to convert DWARF symbols to PDB.
Q: I want to learn reversing. I know how to program. Where do I start?
A: mrexodia suggests these links: 0, 1, 23, 4, 5 1 & 5, 2, 6, 7. In addition, register tuts4you.

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