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Webyog SQLyog Ultimate v13.1.1 official

SQLyog version is the industry's well-known Webyog company produced a concise and efficient work...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-03
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Sqlyog 64 bit version of how to install? SQLyog Ultimate installation tutorial crack without registration code

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-03 browsing: second User comments
Webyog SQLyog Ultimate v13.1.1 MySQL | Chinese official registered version management
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-03
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
SQLyog is the most complete easy to use MySQL GUI, SQLyog is the best database management tool used. It is easy to use, simple and quick backup. The query builder makes life easier. It features rich, run fast, do not waste your time, let you finish the work quickly, provides a powerful method for your MySQL database management. Create, delete, change table, view, stored procedure, function, trigger and event. In order to quickly keep you from any corner of the world through the network to the remote MySQL database maintenance. You can connect to the specified MYSQL host, MySQL graphical database management tools, so you can get from any corner of the world through the network to maintain the database. SQLyog is mainly used for the management of the MYSQL using the GUI interface, including MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and other top management background and MySQL Clients as a whole, can use SSL encryption to protect your data. This small series brings is the latest Chinese cracked version, containing detailed tutorial!
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Install the crack tutorial

1, in the download and unzip, double-click the Webyog_SQLyog_setup.exe operation, as shown in the picture, click on the folder icon and select the software installation path, click Install Now

2, as shown in the figure, the installation, the speed is very fast, wait a moment

3, the installation is complete, exit the wizard and run the software can

4, cracked version is installed



Ctrl+M create a new connection
Ctrl+N To create a new connection to the current connection attribute
Ctrl+F4/Ctrl+W Disconnect the connection
Ctrl+Tab Switch to the next connection
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to a connection
Ctrl+1... 8 Select the connection (1 to 8)
Ctrl+9 Select the last connection

The object browser

F5 Refresh the object browser (default)
Ctrl+B Switch the focus to the object browser
Ctrl+Shift+B Set Focus On Object Browser Filter
Shift+{-} Collapse All in Object Browser

SQL window

Ctrl+T The new query window
Alt+F2 Rename query editor
Ctrl+E Switch the focus to the SQL window
Ctrl+Y redo
Ctrl+Z Revoke
Ctrl+X shear
Ctrl+V paste
Ctrl+H replace
Ctrl+G go to
Ctrl+O Open the file
Ctrl+Shift+U The selected part of the capital
Ctrl+Shift+L The selected part changed to lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+C In the SQL window for the selected annotation
Ctrl+Shift+R Delete the selected part of the notes
Ctrl+Shift+T Insert template
Ctrl+Space A list of all markers
Ctrl+Enter A list of tags
Ctrl+Shift+Space A list of functions and routing parameters

Query execution

F8 The execution of the current query and edit the results
F9 Execute the query (default)
Ctrl+F9 Execute all queries (default)

SQL format program

F12 The current query format
Ctrl+F12 The selected query format
Shift+F12 The format for all queries

Paste SQL

Alt+Shift+I Insert statement
Alt+Shift+U UPDATE statement
Alt+Shift+D Delete statement
Alt+Shift+S Query


F11 Insert update window
Ctrl+R The current page label switch focus to the results of the panel
Ctrl+L The switching window / table data for data table / text mode
Ctrl+Alt+C The export table data for CSV, Excel, SQL etc....
Ctrl+Alt+E Backup database SQL dump
Ctrl+Shift+M Import data from CSV
Ctrl+Shift+E From the result set
Ctrl+Space Open the key search
8 Alt+1... The window tab (1 to 8)
Alt+9 The last tab in the window

Show / hide

Ctrl+Shift+1 Show / hide the object browser
Ctrl+Shift+2 Show / hide the panel
Ctrl+Shift+3 Show / hide the query window

Database / table

Ctrl+D Create database
F4 Create Table/Index/View/Store Proc/Function/Trigger/Event
F6 Modify the database / table structure / index / view / storage / procedure / function / event trigger
F2 Rename / view / trigger / event
Shift+Del Cut database / table
F7 Management index window
F10 Foreign key relationship
Ctrl+Alt+R Reorder the columns
Ctrl+Alt+T Diagnostic table
Ctrl+Alt+F Output dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S Create database structure in the form of HTML
Ctrl+Shift+Q Execute the SQL script


Ctrl+Alt+W SQLyog database synchronization Wizard
Ctrl+Alt+Q The visualization of data control
Ctrl+Q Frame synchronization tool
Ctrl+Alt+O SQLyog External Data Import Wizard
Ctrl+Alt+N The wizard notification service
Ctrl+Alt+S Plan the Backup wizard
Ctrl+K Query builder
Ctrl+Alt+D Schema designer
Ctrl+Shift+D Data search

user management

Ctrl+U Open the user manager


Ctrl+Shift+F Add SQL to the current collection

The visualization of data control

Ctrl+T Select a table
Ctrl+Enter compare
Ctrl+H Hidden similar line
Ctrl+N A difference
Ctrl+P The difference between a
Ctrl+L source
Ctrl+R target
Ctrl+Right Combined to the target
Ctrl+Left To merge the source
Ctrl+Q Preview SQL
Ctrl+S The implementation of change
Ctrl+Z Reduction of change
Ctrl+Shift+Z The reduction of the selected change


F1 Help
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Session Savepoint
Ctrl+Shift+S Save Session
Ctrl+Shift+X End Session
Ctrl+Shift+H Open the record label
Ctrl+Shift+I Open information tab
Ctrl+C copy
Ctrl+A Select
Ctrl+F Find (SQL Window/Result Window And Table Data In Text Mode/Blob Viewer/JSON Viewer)
F3 Find next (SQL window / result window and text mode /Blob data viewer)
Ctrl+S Preservation
Ctrl+PgUp Switch to a tab
Ctrl+PgDown Switch to the next tab
DEL Delete the selected part
Alt+Shift+L Change the language
Alt+L Close tab
Alt+F4 Sign out

Use help

quick get start

Once you start SQLyog, you will be shown in the following figure. The connection window allows you to connect to the MySQL server.
SQLyog offers four different connection options for you. Whatever your firewall / proxy / ISP set is what, you should be able to intelligently manage your MySQL server. A variety of connectivity options (according to the response and efficiency of the network order) is:
Using MySQL C API direct connection: This is the fastest way to connect and manage MySQL server. If you do not have to worry about MySQL traffic to be cheated, this method is preferred. However, this requires direct access to the MySQL server. Most ISP block MySQL port or prohibit remote access.
SSH tunnel *: if you need to encrypt MySQL traffic, but still need MySQL C efficiency API, please use this option. If your host supports the SSH tunnel, SQLyog tunnel can be used to communicate with MySQL.
HTTP tunnel *: if your ISP / MySQL provider does not allow remote access, by blocking the MySQL port or the only awarded "localhost" access, this option can save you time. Compared with the previous option, the response speed is very slow, because the data is XML encoding, and HTTP is essentially stateless. However, you can use all the cool features SQLyog (and started to get more sleep!).
HTTPS tunnel *: this option is similar to the HTTP tunnel, but through the establishment of a secure channel adds another layer of security. *
SSL encryption *: use this option, all communication between the SQLyog and the MySQL server is encrypted. The MySQL server must support this option. Not all servers can
To get information about how to use the method of choice for more information please click the following link, one of the theme.
The use of MySQL C API directly connected
Use the SSH tunnel connection *
Use the HTTP tunnel connection *
Use the HTTPS tunnel connection *
The use of SSL encryption connection *
*: this function in SQLyog Professional, by Enterprise and Ultimate.
If you are using SQLyog for the first time, the instance must first create a database connection. You can click the Connection Manager dialog box in the "new" button to complete the operation
The new - click the new button. In the name field (shown at right), the name of the connection for type identification. By default, SQLyog will create a case with the default value (e.g. localhost, root).
Save this button allows you to save any changes in the connection details.
Delete -
Click this button to delete the selected connection. Click to delete.
Rename rename button to connect - click rename. Please note that the connection name is used only by the internal SQLyog (not MySQL). SQLyog use the connection name to store connection details. In addition, the connection name for some SQLyog function will use SQLyog storage.

SQL window

Write the SQL command to execute here. In the window, there are many ways to enter the SQL:
Type the SQL command in the window.
Open the SQL script file saved. The file will be open for editing.
From the edit / insert template options.
Open the save as "Favorites" SQL script. For more information about your Favorites folder.
Multiple queries
You can be in the same line of input from multiple queries (;) separated, also can input in each row. Each query will create a new tab in the results window for the result set.

Execute SQL queries

You can use the following four ways in SQLyog query:
The execution of the current query: to perform specific batch queries, only need to place the cursor in the query to be executed on (that is separate from a query in the query before the semicolon). Select Edit - > > to perform query execution of the current query (or press F9 or click the icon in the column of "single green arrow icon). Only the current query execution.
Perform all queries: perform input window in SQL batch query. Select Edit - > > to perform query execution for all queries (or press Shift + F9 or click the icon bar in the "double green arrow icon). All queries will be executed one by one, display the result set in a separate tab window.
Note: the default F9 implementation. It can switch between F5 to execute SQL queries. For more information, please refer to the preference
Stop query
V4.05 from the beginning, all queries are executed in a different thread. When the query is executed, the corresponding icon in the toolbar will replace the "stop" icon. If you want to stop the execution of the query, click the "stop" button.

In the SQL window syntax highlighting

In order to facilitate the use of components, SQL queries in different colors. Some of the SQLyog default, but you can use the preferences dialog box ("tools" - > "preferences") set the highlight font and color scheme of their own.
In the dialog box, switch to the "font editor and set the tab and define your color.

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