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8 Chinese cracked version of v4.2.293 to download and install the patch file and activate the tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-10 browsing: second User comments
3D professional clothing design software 8 Enterprise 64 version crack patch
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2019-01-09
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
8 version is from the Korea Companies to develop a powerful 3D virtual garment design software, the software can achieve the perfect effect of clothing design. 利用进行作品创作的话,在提高品质的同时还可以节约时间,您可以把更多的时间用在角色创作当中,不仅可以制作基本的T-shirt, 还可以制作复杂的连衣裙和各种花纹的职业装,就连扣子/褶皱/饰品的物理属性也可以表现出来,的接口可以和其他3D软件进行很好的兼容,通过准确快速的模拟可以进行实时的服装修改和试穿,而且你可以导入模特模型,将做好的衣服实时在模特身上进行展示和随时模拟衣服布料的计算,制作完成后,你可以将衣服的详细信息数据导出保存,方便在其它三维软件上使用,软件使用非常高效,只需要几分钟时间你就可以创建一个精美的衣物,通过准确快速的模拟可以进行实时的服装修改和试穿,可以将织物质地和物理特性复制到最后一个纽扣,折叠和配饰上。 support model into other software to do a good job, and export fabric solution data to other 3D software, real-time simulation on the model body fabric solution. The new version of 8 brought many improvements, such as reset grid, intuitive display 3D sewing pattern, using the brush tool carving clothing, use the UV map tracking pattern, automatic arrangement, pruning weight adjustment points to create a small, lightning brought here is the latest version of 8 installation package, containing crack, can perfect the activation of 8, the specific reference tutorial!
2019.1.9 update
8 v4.2.293.37529 Win Chinese cracked version


  • KEY FEATURE REMESHING (BETA) /3D reset grid sewing /SCULPT/ by UV Graph Extraction 2D plate / automatic generation arrangement / application accessory weight
  • 2D Pattern editing curve display panel / Title / choice / mobile / line
  • Trim button zipper head line attribute / attribute / copy / paste / set molding properties of basting
  • Mesh Topstitch lines set free / open / in the open position add internal line
  • The default distance Display lens set
  • Arrangement reset board / board arrangement arrangements to increase (hand, foot) / synchronous folding angle
  • The application of ETC / user interface set attachment weight optimization of /Exclude Ambient Color & Map (for Modo) / calculator / edit / select all surface patches

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, MarvelousDesigner8_Enterprise_4_2_293_Installer_x64.exe installation procedures and MD8P_4.2.281_iND.exe files
2, double-click the MarvelousDesigner8_Enterprise_4_2_293_Installer_x64.exe operation, as shown in the figure, wait a moment

3, the license agreement, click on the I agree

4, click Browse to select the software installation path, click Next

5, select the software program folder, you can click on the default install installation.

6, the installation speed is very fast.

7, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

8, don't run the software, the MD8P_4.2.281_iND.exe files copied to the software installation directory, run, as shown in the picture, click the patch button

9, as shown in figure, The operation is being performed, please wait for = = -
Modify the registry...
The operation was successfully completed, exit the patch and run the software can enjoy

10, break, can be free to use the

8 v4.2.293 crack method:
1, do not install the operating software is completed, double-click Reg.reg, add the registry, click Yes
2, you can use a firewall to prevent software Networking

8 new features

1, remeshing (test version)
The automatic alignment results generated Retopology
2, 3D sewing
In the 3D window directly sewing pattern.
3, building
Use the brush tool carving clothing.
4, the use of UV map tracking pattern
2D pattern is extracted from UV map into the 3D object.
5, automatic point creation arrangement
Layout point and boundary volume based on "Avatar" grid length and perimeter is automatically created.
6, adjust the trim weight
Adjust the trim weight to change 3D said the draping property of clothing.

The use of new features

Reset grid (beta)

Automatic generation of heavy plate grid topology according to the results of. (MD 8)
Access path:
Right click the pop-up menu sheet (3D window) to reset the grid
Block Attribute Editor, reset grid
Click on the menu for tips from Location.
To the selected grid plate based on quadrilateral mesh rearrangement.
When the adjusting plate particle spacing, can reflect the real-time grid plate in reset.
In the 2D window when the rotating plate, the grid will according to the 2D X window, Y axis rearrange.
In the 2D window rotating plate, first of all to lift the reset grid, then reset grid, in order to reflect the direction of rotation of the plate.

[model] sculpture

Use the brush tool carving different clothing. (ver.MD8)
Access path
Engraving mode and brush tool
The software in the upper right corner of the menu bar select carving pattern.
To appear in the upper left corner of the brush tool.
Choose a brush brush tool in the toolbar.
Select the brush tool, will hover in the 3D clothing can check the brush size and set the focus.
Select the brush brush attribute will display.
To strength, size, length, depth adjustment brush attribute.
You can also change the brush type, and property settings in the 3D window pop-up menu (Shortcut: B)
Click and drag the 3D clothing to carve.
To press the keyboard Shift key using the brush tool.
3D clothing will be grayed out in the carving mode.
In the properties window, the 3D adjust the color of clothing material.

Use a picture as a brush:

  1. Click on the print button beside the picture.
  2. Select the picture in the default picture.
    - set the focus for photo brush.
  3. Click and drag the 3D clothing to Sculpt.
    Click and drag to adjust the brush size and angle stamp.
  4. If you want to close the picture, click the print button and select off.
    - turn off the image after the brush appears on the focus set attribute.

Add a picture:

  1. Click the + button next to the picture.
  2. Select the picture in the document.
  3. Click and drag the 3D clothing to Sculpt.
    Click and drag to adjust the brush size and angle stamp.
  4. Add a picture, you can load images button next to the picture.

Generate images:

The picture file should be black and white (color). The use of the brush, the white area relief.


Activate the double option, can check the back and front of the grid.

OBJ file import / export

Save a virtual avatar background environment, when small items using the OBJ file.
Import OBJ file is when avatar, dress clothing to the OBJ file, but with the background of small items, the OBJ file will not be recognized as objects, so clothing dress will not directly through the.
With the method of OBJ file into the background / small items please refer to the manual file > avatar / background / small items > background / small items.
To have the same grid structure OBJ file "deformation (Morph)" you can deformation Avatar appearance.
"Deformation (morphinng)" refers to the object pose from a slowly converted into another object position. You can use this feature to the deformation of avatar gestures or body shape.
This function can also be applied to the virtual avatar conversion position has dress. Detailed use please refer to the manual file > avatar / background / small items > deformation of the object.
The clothes made by CLO3D/MD can export to OBJ format file, can also be used interchangeably to other 3D software.
The clothing export OBJ file, and generate the MTL file, MTL file is set in the clothing material information.
Import OBJ: main menu, file, import, OBJ
OBJ: the main menu to import additional files to import (increase), OBJ
Export OBJ: main menu, file, export to OBJ
Export: OBJ (selected), the main menu file, export to OBJ (selected)
Import OBJ
Click on the menu for tips from Location.
To open the file will pop up window.
Select a file to import click "confirm".
To import the OBJ window will pop up.
Set the project details click "confirm".

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" 8 Chinese cracked version of v4.2.293 to download and install and activate the tutorial" by the patch file Lightning download it Arrange and release, welcome to reprint!

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