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11 SP2.0 Chinese cracked version of 64

11.0 is for the cracked version has yet to solve the data conversion problem, since it can...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-06
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How to install 11 11 SP2.0 crack version download install cracked graphic tutorials

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-06 browsing: second User comments
11 SP2.0 64 Chinese version
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-06
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
version is a powerful translation can be used to repair, and the simplified CAD model of CAM, application of CAD and CAE, To solve the data exchange between different application of 3D model and the problem of repeated use, eliminate the obstacles in the design, analysis and manufacturing entity model reuse system obstacle. Used to provide users with an extensive set of geometric operation tools to remove the CAD / CAM / CAE data, fix it, and in the form of data derived from the most appropriate, allowing users in the downstream CAD, maximum CAM and CAE applications in the repeated use of CAD data, so as to eliminate the obstacles to solid model reuse barriers. Can be used for the manufacture of advanced modeling and geometric processing, minimize the downstream CAD model rework, accelerate the traditional CAD data conversion, integration and automatic CAD, CAM and CAE process, through user friendly wizard interface, geometry repair and the preparation process can ensure the detection and repair of a series of CAD geometric problems for the downstream application right the definition of the model and make appropriate adjustments. also provides a model to characterize the utility, the utility of these very popular CAE analysis of users, these users need to operate automatic features (i.e. short edge and facet connection or folding, remove and fillet fillet, removal hole etc.). To solve the desktop or server program, with modular function can be extended, depending on the end user of the source system and the target system. The application can be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools. can also be used as a custom geometric transformation, repair, pre processor to feature and meshing tools, for proprietary, CAE centric OEM applications. 3D CAD file is usually Feature-Base. The use of , can be easily removed and simplify these numbers. has made a breakthrough in geometry processing, to solve the impact of some of the most difficult problems of 3D geometric industry, new geometric processing technology leading, which will have a significant impact on the efficiency of process engineering. This small series of 11 brings the latest version of crack, including crack file and install cracked graphic tutorials!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, load the m-itc112.iso image file, as shown by the following documents

2, double-click the 11_DX win64.exe setup

3, as shown in the picture, click on the next

4, click on the change software installation path, click Next

5, the default language select English and click Next

6, click next to continue

7, installation, can we wait

8, the installation is complete, return to the installation package, MAGNiTUDE folder Run the CADFix_V11_corrector.exe into the installation directory, as shown in the figure.

10, cadfix.dat will be copied to the installation directory LIC folder

11, then we will install the package decompression,
Install CadFix 11 SP2, Xiaobian not detailed here, after the completion of the installation, You can run CADFix_V11_corrector.exe again

The software features

1, CAD translation, repair and repair
offers a variety of translation, repair and repair:
A plurality of CAD import
- batch processing
Intelligent model of quality diagnosis and maintenance
Automatic processing Wizard
- failure user control model
Interactive repair tool
- multiple CAD / CAE export
2, the working process of is suitable for novice and experienced users, temporary. Translation and maintenance manual intervention can be easily done:
In a clear and understandable language to explain and illustrate the diagnosis results
According to the severity of the problem of color encoding
Guide users to select solutions
Every time after the repair, the model will automatically update the diagnosis
CAD 3, CAE reuse
provides the function of automatic and interactive repair and conversion of CAD geometry before analysis for CAE analyst. can ensure the solid or surface model effectively and efficiently converted into the target system. provides a full range of import and export functions for CAD, data preprocessing and neutral native format.
Master Model Driven FEA, CFD EM, Solutions
With the product design cycle is shortened, emphasizing the simulation tools to provide timely results to promote the design is more important than ever. This pressure determines the FEA, CFD and EM analysis were expelled from the main CAD data model. CAD geometry, but still need to spend a lot of time to analyze processing geometry for analysis.
For geometric exchange from CAD to CAE in the data stream has a unique advantage, to be able to read and write various geometric format, the poor quality of the repair and repair of geometric body, and eliminate and simplify the complex geometry definition. Finally, CAE analysts began to provide a more powerful geometric definition for its demand analysis.

software function

1, geometric deformation
can accurately the deformation or deformation of the original CAD model geometry to match the displacement results from CAE. deformation process produces a smooth, well-defined geometry model and accurate, can be used as a available model derived back to CAD, or import CAE to re meshing and further analysis.
Most of the application of CAE analysis can generate displacement grid, the grid representation of shape deformation components in operating conditions. Multidisciplinary analysis and automatic shape optimization are two important scenarios, including a grid deformation analysis need to be used as a two CAE based dependency analysis. The deformed mesh is converted into CAD geometry precise deformation may also be further design and analysis work and required final manufacturing.
The commonly used method of CAD model derived deformation component shapes are derived from the analysis of grid shift reverse design new geometric model. This usually involves the approximate curve and surface fitting algorithm to match the selected region of the deformed mesh. This method is often encountered precision and irregular surface, and often lead to the quality of geometric model is not enough to be used for CAD or CAE system is not suitable for re meshing.
Analysis of grid can use more efficient and accurate method to deformation of the original CAD geometry to match the shift. By using the original CAD curve and surface is defined as the basis of geometric deformation, can ensure higher accuracy of the geometry, smoothness and continuity.
Senior geometric deformation process of support deformation data from various sources to import, and lead to high quality version of the original CAD model derived deformation geometry.
2, STL to create and reverse engineering
surface model processing tools, including: STL wide file creation, processing and repair of import STL and other aspects of the file, and the surface model of reverse engineering for BREP CAD geometry.
STL create and repair:
The triangle density and quality of export STL powerful user can fully control the STL file. The chord deviation minimization STL control options with the original CAD model, is ideal for visualization and DMU applications, which need to view the lightweight said, packaging or collision detection. Analysis of "style of the equilateral triangle mesh has build quality STL options, and the user can better control the small plane length, angle, growth rate etc..
also provides a set of diagnostic examination and repair tool for surface model to find and fix the problem in the introduction. Model of the source can be STL files or into another plane in file format. Users can scan and repair of common problems, such as low level counting, invalid triangle, model hole, triangle folding and cross zero area, triangle and void.
Reverse engineering:
from JT, STL, 3D PDF, CATIA V5 CGR and CATIA V4 SOLM format into surface model. These can then be converted to reverse engineering general CAD BREP model using NURBS and analysis of surface geometry definition.
will automatically import section for regular triangle area, and carries on the trimming to create the BREP CAD new geometric topology and from these areas. When the original facet model contains a clear definition of the dimensions or the presence of packet detection can be divided into surface feature line model, can achieve a fully automated.
BREP can be used as reverse engineering geometric model are available for design purposes to CAD, or exported to CAE mesh and analysis system.
The simplified CAD model and the removal of 3 and CAID
To simplify and cancel the CAD model tool allows CAE engineers to quickly repair and conversion of geometry, ensure translation model can be used immediately for the FEA, CFD and CEM analysis system.
For the downstream advanced analysis applications, usually need to destroy or simplify the model. The typical failure operation involves the removal of small features imposed unnecessary constraints on the downstream grid applications, and these small features in the simulation process is not required.
All kinds of import and export CAD converter support geometry powerful processing function, which means that the CAD model can deal with most of the native and neutral format, and provide effective connection with CAE.
To simplify and remove the CAD model automatic and interactive tools include:
Short edge and thin sliver surface automatic folding
Manual breakdown point
Connect the short side chain and small area
Remove unwanted holes and bumps
Remove the fish and chamfer
Remove the complex user selection function, such as rib and complex.
Other tools can be split and subdivision CAE partition model:
The plane cutting edge, surface and body
General across the splitting curve using user defined routine segmentation
The general division of main general split surface with the user defined
Surface contour surface segmentation
Overlapping surface division
Master model driven FEA, CFD, EM solutions:
With the product design cycle is shortened, the simulation tool can provide timely results of attention. This pressure determines the FEA, CFD and EM analysis were expelled from the main CAD data model. Although the CAD geometry, but still spend a lot of time to prepare for the analysis.
To simplify the geometric model and exchange in CAD to CAE data stream has a unique advantage, to be able to read and write various geometric format, repair and repair the poor quality of the body geometry, geometric definition and simplification and complex. This provides a more robust geometric definition for requirement analysis.
4, : PPS and are used to simplify the factory process
The CAD file using smaller integrated more simple, more convenient
factory and process simplification (PPS) solution can be quickly assembled and simplified the complicated CAD reduces the file size, in order to import plant and process design system and software for shipbuilding. You can use PPS......
The engineering design personnel and simplify large MCAD model by up to 70%
By the design team to save labor costs and avoid the project delay penalty, improve profitability
5, additive manufacturing and 3D printing
For additive manufacturing and 3D printing tools include: STL file creation and repair, high precision slicing, in accordance with the intelligent compensation of different manufacturing processes, manufacturing parts scanning data and the source of the CAD model, as well as for the components of Build Box optimized placement tool.
ensure that your products with the highest quality and efficiency of manufacturing, manufacturing process you can provide.
For geometry processing and model of additive manufacturing and 3D printing for utilities including:
Import, repair and preparation of 3D CAD models
The function model of CAD removal tool, in order to improve manufacturing efficiency
Manufacturability check to ensure that the products can be produced
The generation of high quality STL files
Model of positioning tool, to the quality of the maximum Build Box density and manufacturing parts
The automatic generation of 2D chip, AM intelligent compensation different
High precision 2D chip, can achieve excellent surface parts manufacturing
Comparison of scanning data from manufacturing parts to the original CAD model of the geometry
surface composition based on CAD model to generate high precision slicing boundary. This is conducive to the manufacturing process, to a more high surface gloss, high quality printing part to print more accurate.
from manufacturing or 3D printing parts import scanning point cloud data. point cloud and the source CAD model alignment, and a comparison between them, in order to determine the accuracy of physical components and original design printing. identification of any deviation through the downstream finishing or removing the excess material, and generate a "static volume" geometry, by milling or polishing machine to remove.
6, geometric modeling engine and API
The powerful geometric modeling engine can be used as an application development kit, with database query and processing geometric feature rich, all of which can be accessed through the CFI application programming interface.
Visit the geometry engine through CFI toolkit enables end users and software developers to develop advanced custom application system based on geometric construction of . The use of flexible geometry kernel operating model and database, can develop professional geometry processing and CAE grid system.
CFI for the geometry creation, query and processing functions include:
Curve and surface subdivision.
Mass production and extraction
Boolean function
Surface and surface intersection lofting
CFI offers a variety of language support, including C / C + + / Java / Python / Fortran.

The advantage of software

CAD format 1, import and export of the most popular interface modeling kernel and data exchange standard
2, advanced repair and repair engine, used for geometric and topological defects and corrective repair in CAD model
Batch 3, automatic and interactive function, guide and diagnostic mode
4, through to the characteristics and simplification to reduce complexity, prepare CAD model for analysis and other downstream applications

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