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CommMonitor (serial monitoring wizard) v10.0 official

CommMonitor serial port monitor wizard is a can be used for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 end...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-08
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Serial monitoring wizard 10.0 Chinese crack version download and install jailbreak and use graphic tutorials

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
CommMonitor (serial monitoring wizard) v10.0 official version
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date, 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
CommMonitor serial port monitor wizard is used for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 port monitor professional powerful system utility software. CommMonitor serial port monitor display, all activities in recording and analysis system. This is the tracking application or driver development, ideal method for possible serial device test and optimization problems in the process of. It also provides a filtering, search, data export and powerful data interception function, you can specify the port data flow and control flow information interception and preserved for analysis purposes. Look at the state of the ports (such as baud rate, data bits, parity bit and stop bit), intercept the uplink and downlink data, fast processing speed, high efficiency and can intercept, to sixteen hexadecimal display, ASCII character form, full support for Unicode, eight pinghan serial debugging wizard, can improve the efficiency of developing and debugging from the pain of serial procedures. It can set a variety of online communication speed, parity, oral communication without the need to restart the program; you can set the time to send the data and time interval; can automatically display the received data, and can freely switch between string, decimal and hexadecimal sixteen; automatically save the set parameters, is an indispensable tool for engineering and technical personnel to monitor, serial debugging procedures. Support common 110-115200bps can set the baud rate, parity, data bits and stop bits to hexadecimal ASCII code or receive or transmit any data or characters (including Chinese), can be set to automatically send arbitrary cycle. , this small series brings the latest version of crack, there is a need to do not miss a friend!

Install the crack description

1, in the download and unzip the file, as follows

2, double-click the setup.exe operation, as shown in the figure, click Next

3, click Browse to select the software installation path, click next.

4, click the Install button

5, installation, wait a moment

6, the installation is complete, will be copied to the CommMonitor.exe software installation directory, click Replace in the target file

The new version features

1, the kernel driver upgrade, add support network function;
2, the kernel driver to increase the monitoring log millisecond time display;
3 kernel driver, increase the support of a large number of data cache;
4 kernel driver, dynamic encryption, to ensure the security of data transmission;
5 CommMonitor, the main program to upgrade, support TCP/UDP Socket monitor on the remote server serial port;
6, adding a CommMonitorSvr service to start monitoring, TCP/UDP Internet service;
7, to solve the serial port binding is being used in the failure problem, need to start CommMonitorSvr services;
8, SDK OCX increased monitoring log driver number, process name, and remote process;
9, SDK OCX increased TCP/UDP connectivity;
10, SDK OCX API, calls to increase the network network events.


Added support for Socket TCP/UDP network forwarding function.
Support Windows system version: WinXP, Win2003, WinVista, Win7, Win2008, Win8, Win2012, Win2016, Win10, 32/64 system, the driver has the signature, full support for 64 Windows system.
Support language: simplified, traditional Chinese Chinese, English three languages.

Use help

Open the monitor

Figure: open / stop monitoring []
[] local monitoring refers to the monitoring current installed on the host computer serial port;
[] are connected to the remote network monitoring service remote host computer, install CommMonitor10 and start the service must be a remote computer, the default installation is open.
Open the monitor, it will automatically scan the system with serial devices (including virtual, USB serial port, serial port, standard) if there is no serial device, it will automatically prompt no serial device, instead of the current boot monitor.
When the system can use the serial port, then try to load the kernel driver serial serial device to monitor the binding.

The view that

1, list view:
All current IRP packet data list view, data for the display of the HEX/ASCIl code. The header includes: IRP_MJ FUNCTION, the target process (PID), cOM, data length data.
2 and ASCIl view:
The current IRP_MJ_WRITE/RP_MJ_READ data view, divided into ASCll code display. The data include: the target process.COM, MJ name, data length, data.
3 and DUMP view:
The current IRP_MJ_WRITE/IRP_MJ_READ data view, divided into HEX/ASCIl code display. The data include: target process, COM, M], data length data.
4, IOCTL view
The current loCTLs filter data in the view: the content includes: the target process, coM, lOCTL5, data.

Serial / filter list

The following chart [] serial list view group, on one or more serial monitoring: if you need to monitor the serial port, can play in front of / or vice versa.

The serial list view group, will automatically sense the hardware PNP serial function plug (virtual or USB serial). When the (virtual or USB serial) install / uninstall completed automatically processing monitoring the current state, if this is a new installation, serial port, kernel driver will automatically bind; if it is unloaded, the kernel driver will automatically uninstall bind.

Search data

1. open the [Edit] [I] [Menu > find find next]
The following figure 2. [tools] - > [find] view

According to the current search window active control view to determine as to find, if the cursor is the list view, focus on the list view, as long as the view data [search] button will become available or is grey.
Other views: ASClIl, DUMP, IOCTL view, need to have data and focus on the cursor in the view window.
The search box is Windows by default, will change with the change of localization. Find next, according to the F3 and Windows search function like notepad.

IOCTLs filter

1. open the following figure [filter settings].
2. operation button, select all, including [] [], [uncheck all clear] current filter view options.

Set the serial events of lOCTL filtering, when after setting, filter settings need to leave [] view, the system will automatically set to the application of the current IOCTL kernel driver.

CommTone serial debugging wizard instructions

1, open the serial port, communication parameters can be modified at any time, only need to click the application.
2, enter the HEX: user input data as 16 hexadecimal byte, insens, received will be shown as 16 hexadecimal format HEX.
3, enter the ASC: user input data as ASCII characters, will also receive the display to the ASCII character.
4, WordWrap: whether to display the wrap between sending and receiving data.
5, DTR/RTS: selected the corresponding needle high, used for passive 485/422 converter.
6, select the "enter to send" input area equivalent to press enter press the send button, if you want to enter more than one line, can enter Ctrl+;
Not selected, the input area can enter.
7, CRC check, add the number of bytes of 16 bit CRC code on the school sent the last two.
8, user input (from the serial output) data show for the green, from the serial input data is shown in blue.
9, send the file [file]: click the send button, select the file you want to send, the sending end and the other end will automatically pop up receiving letter
Message box. Note, send files, the number of milliseconds cycle as a transmission time interval, a smaller period of sending more quickly, if too small
Can the other end has not received the data buffer is full will cause packet loss is like, 20-50 for good cycle value.

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