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Pro crack version download and install jailbreak and use graphic tutorials

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
Mailstyler Newsletter Creator Pro Chinese version
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
MailStyler version is a powerful message editor, Allows you to create the most widely used with all major browsers, email clients and portable devices compatible with the press release. The traditional editor to create mail in all email client cannot correctly display, even in PC, tablet computer and smart mobile phone are normally open, and MailStyler can be the perfect solution to these problems, he has a dynamic interactive function allows you to drag and drop, a few minutes of time to create a can in any email client can read and the response message, and safe and stable, not affected by various external factors, can be completed quickly and efficiently, and can customize a variety of adjustments, such as customized colors, images and content layout, you can choose to use the built-in template free, can save a lot of time, you can even choose to display some pictures free, adjust the picture size, content and real-time adjustment of all don't need to use other software, free to adjust the size, custom, mobile, flip, modify, create and save, you can also use MailStyler as a graphic designer and email marketing experts, and Without the knowledge of the HTML language, do not even need to become a professional graphic designer: just let MailStyler guide you, you can create a newsletter beautiful appearance and is very effective. This small series of MailStyler brings the latest version of crack, there is a need to do not miss a friend!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, please remove all previously installed version before installation, clean up all the remaining part of the registry. Double click the MailStyler.exe operation
2, check the I agree to the License terms and conditions.

3, choose the software installation path, click Install installation

4, installation, wait for a moment

5, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

In the open software before, if you are using a firewall software to prevent application of incoming and outgoing connections, please check the advanced firewall settings and stop them in Windows firewall.

The software features

1, e-mail client to display e-mail
Our developers continue to update the software engine, to follow and respect Gmail, change the Outlook and Aruba email client introduction. This ensures that the email has displayed correctly in any email providers.
2, always 100% in response to news
MailStyler automatically creates a 100% response type press release. Whether it is PC or intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, your content can be perfectly adapted to open the device. You can increase your presentation readable, user group.
3, the plan for everyone
For all the plans
All completely customizable, integrated graphics editor, image management styles, fonts and colors, high-definition photos etc.. MailStyler contains many tools, newsletters can easily create beautiful, even for beginners.
4, customer support services
MailStyler provides consulting services to provide help to help you create presentations. As we are in the email marketing experience and our extensive software dedicated to news, you can not only create the news to obtain useful advice, also can get useful advice on distribution and list management.

Common problem

How to write a newsletter?

MailStyler is completely based on the drag and drop. To create an email, you only need to choose the type of element from the "block" menu, select a single piece of your love, drag it onto the page and through a single mouse (click, drag and release) to remove it. It's really very easy: in less than one minute, you will be fully assured.
Please note that each MailStyler newsletter architecture based on block and cell. Block is a kind of structural elements, such as text, footer or Title: we provide several different designs (one or more columns, only text, images etc.). On the contrary, the cell is a part of the block itself - column or line. So in the following figure,

The whole block, and the two column is the cell - each column includes image, title, text and a button.
For a detailed description of how to use the software and create your own newsletter, please refer to the user guide,

I can edit each block of a single cell or a single element?

Is. Just click it, and then click with a small brush icon on the frame. The other icon allows you to delete, copy and exchange elements (if allowed).
Can I exchange two or more cells located?
Is. Click the icon on the small cell borders with two arrows.

What is the ready-made style MailStyler?

Our team of designers to create some of the default style, color background and structure ready for you, and has accurate color balance.

Can I change my newsletter style?

Of course。 The menu on the right completely focused on style. Please select the application you will love in the email.

I can customize your own style?

Yes: you only need to keep the style with the name in the modified.

How to delete or block the cell?

Click a small icon on the frame element with garbage bin. If you want to restore the deleted elements, press Ctrl + Z and undo operation.

I can create a default template?

Is that the relative option creates a template and use the above menu in the "save" button for the "save as default template".

Use help

main window

The MailStyler window is divided into 5 main areas:
Top menu: This is the display area at the top of the 7 menu button, you can access the processing load advertisement file save, preview function, preferences and help.
Toolbox: This is a horizontal toolbar, can be used to define the appearance of text and add links. You can also control the undo / redo and zoom in here.
Panel: This is the left panel, in which you can choose to add the block to press release.
Style panel: This is the right side of the panel, where the user can control the style of library, and can be used in press release style.
Content editor: edit center briefing.
For the first time that MailStyler, it also shows the welcome screen.
This is a window, to display a brief tutorial, a video, and guide you to the online help.

Image editing

Double click the image to edit its appearance, will display the image properties form.

Unlike the MailStyler in other editor form, you can drag the lower right corner of the window to enlarge the image properties form.
Through the form the upper left corner of the area, you can select an image to display.
Select the image browse through the computer folder, or select an image from the image database in MailStyler.

After selection, the left panel displays the selected image in the original way.
You can zoom in and out by placing the original image in the zoom slider below the source image.
When the "cutting" mode to "cut", will display a red rectangle inside the source image, according to the current image size as cutting result display area. Please see below for the cutting model

You can click the image and draw a rectangular area to select the left image region to be used as the source of the:
In order to move the selected area click.
Click the selection around the anchor point to change its size.
Click anywhere outside the selected area to remove selection.

The right panel shows a preview of the image, because it will be displayed in a news release.
To set the size of the top of the width and height of the control operation.
Please remember, image preview right panel may be reduced, depending on the space available on the form. A small label will indicate the zoom ratio.
Crop model
Use the combo box cutting mode can be defined for the target area of the source image mode.
Regardless of the source image is the image details, target images are resized to match the size of the definition of the width and height controls:
Cutting mode = cutting: horizontal or vertical cutting the source image to best fit the destination rectangle.
Zoom: cutting mode = or narrow the image to fit the target rectangle source. Add a vertical or horizontal transparent areas to ensure that the aspect ratio of reserves.

Please remember, through an anchor which displays the image drag selection, can also be directly from the press release subject to adjust image size.
In the adjustment period and size adjusted according to the definition of global set in preferences, cutting mode will define the dynamic adjustment of the size of the image.

The lower area of the form to display controls, you can define other settings:
Frame: define the border color, border style and border width.
Background color: the background color is only displayed in the transparent area.
The outer margin: the margin between the image object and its surroundings.
Title: when the text is displayed in the browser hover on the image.
Alternative text: if you can not display images, text is displayed in the browser.
Link: if you want the image is links to external resources, please enter URL here.
Always exported to local resources: to activate this check box to cover this image in the cloud derived during the target (only complete version).
Export press release and select MailStyler free cloud services as a target, you can still activate this option, decided to each individual image as local resources to keep separate.
For the HTML export, which will lead to the image export to link folder, and for the EML export, which will lead to the image as a resource directly embedded into the EML file.

The Edit button

Click the button to customize its appearance, will display "button attributes" form.
MailStyler Button is a special object, by the MailStyler internal Button rendering engine was presented in Image.

The top left button area allows you to define the main features of the button:
Button text: text button in the display.
Link: input to an external resource URL, here for example pages, email address or FTP site.
Title: This is the text displayed when the press release in the browser when hovering over the button on the image display.
The upper right corner of the boundary of the region allows you to define the boundary:
Border style.
Border color.
Frame size.
Padding: fill value between the edge and the button contains text.
Roundness: control fillet values.
Please remember, the generated Button image ultimately depends on many different settings, such as font size, padding, frame size etc..
The regional effect allows you to define the font and font color and size:

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