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Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
Franzis version Green Edition
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  • Date: 2018-11-08
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CutOut 2018 version Is a powerful photo background matting tool used to help users to quickly and easily separate the background and foreground in the photo, and separate editing operations, and the use is also very simple, you only need a few simple steps can complete the operation, fool type operation, These include the choice of the picture area to be separated (Digital matte) and edit. For example, it may need to be transferred to different objects or pictures to change or enhance the image application, CutOut 2018 professional personnel to provide innovative digital matting field, can significantly reduce the time-consuming process of cutting image. The edge support software uses light, The enhanced algorithm, you can save a lot of time, let your creativity flow. Can deduct any content, including the characters and objects are separated from the background in an easy job to do, convenient you put it into any other background, and a perfect fit, as if it already exists, there is love of friends may wish to try!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the CutOut-2018-professional.exe operation, as shown in the picture, click on the install installation

2, installation, wait for a moment

3, click Finish

4, as shown in the picture, click on the first Software Installieren installation software

5, check the I agree to the License terms and conditions.

6, click to select the software installation path, click Install installation

7, installation, wait for a while

8, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

9, the software interface is shown in Figure

Use help

quick get start

To cut the object and remove them from the image, you should choose to use the image from the first album mode, find the clipping symbol in the menu above, then choose the cutting method.

What is the best cutting method?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The cutting method to select the most appropriate 100% depending on the material you are using: if you want to cut a position in the uniform color or uniform definition of background objects (usually the case), then we recommend that you choose the inner / outer edge of extinction. By using polygon tools, can choose the internal region (cut object) and an outer region (cut the background), so that the object can be cut.
If you want to have a uniform colored background clipping (best blue or green) of the object (from the object can clearly identify) select the Chromakey Matting option.
The portrait is very suitable for use with monotone background or shooting in the clear blue sky scenery photos, for example, can be cut from the object.
Use the method of cutting the object contour in the previous two methods no one seemed to produce the best results, or when you need to quickly and accurately re moving the cutting regions within the object, it presents itself for appropriate solutions. When choosing this method, an image is divided into a small pieces or segments of the array, any part of all of these pieces or segments can be designated as the inside or outside the region, just click your mouse. Segment cutting will be brightness, color and contour to consider to the same extent, and produce clear results.
Using these calculated section can be regarded as the best method to edit those images taken from a uniform color clipping object to the background of the cut, not necessarily in the studio, such as item for sale on eBay When shooting, lying on the kitchen table. In most cases, the use of Chromakey-Matting for effective editing work alone, lighting is not the best. The implementation of object contour cutting in this case will undoubtedly make your project far. When cutting in white, grey or black background objects, especially can see the validity of this method. In section contains many considerable image, the calculation may take longer.

The inner / outer edge of extinction

Methods using the background color or background color in appearance and similar objects in the foreground.
The internal / external edge mask is from the correct selection of cutting objects in the image, the image is not strictly monotonic or background color and background is similar.
Select the image to be cut from the album mode, and then select the option from the following window in the middle.

The specified image should now display in the internal / external
The edge mask menu as shown in fig.:

Because the background color changes not only in this case, and the lion fur is very similar, so the Chromakey Matting is likely to be the best effect. For this reason, the most significant is the hand will be separated from the object and the background in the foreground. To get started, please find the right side of the menu bar, then select the polygon tool external.
The side of the upper left corner of the selection. Now, around the lion's entire head draw a contour.

This does not require precise positioning. The most important is to draw the outline is to ensure that no point falls on the inside of the object itself.
Now select the polygon tool internal selection

Step by step, along the medial border of the click and drag the outline of the lion - that is to say, his edge and background.
Again, this process does not require accurate execution of 100%. However, in order to more accurately, you can use the menu bar on the left side of the zoom function:

Another option is to simply use the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom settings.
How can I take a step back?
If you click the wrong place, then right click will allow you to undo and replace the last point created using the polygon tool.
Now complete the summary process, so that your internal boundary from across the entire object. It is important that the internal boundary does not contact with the outside boundary region or background itself. Double click the completion of your choice.

Now you should see the inside and outside of the blue green.

Just click the menu on the right side of the "extinction" button, can be cut according to a step in the inner and outer edge of selected objects.
The results look promising at first glance. The background has been removed, now appear transparent (grey / white grid pattern):

If the result looks are still not perfect, it can improve the cutting object used in a series of additional tools for internal / external edge mask menu. These will enhance the cutting object at the beginning of further described in detail in chapter eleventh.
To create a separate layer for our Matting results to allow further edit and save, click the Apply button.
Input in the Inside / Outside Edge Matting menu.

Next, the Post Matting menu display, which displays a series of options on how to handle cutting object. To make the cutting objects retain for their layers, please choose the "copy" layer options. Further description of the remaining menu options, please refer to the title "late message menu" section.

In addition, you can also insert a new background in the project.
Just click "change background"
Now can be labeled as "layer" on the right side of the "drop" tab to find "extinction" results.
In order to be able to recognize your efforts and view the results of Matting, you must first contain hidden background of the original picture. Just click the layer next to the "eye sign" to complete this operation:

Now, you can choose to save your work by keeping the upper area click in the image symbol, also can continue to use the effect of many image processing and editing.
CutOut 2018 occupation player.
Select an option after, please note that you select the correct layer! In this case, must choose to include the Mat-ting layer results.
Please note that in the preservation of the results, should choose the file format PNG to preserve the image information transparency.
You have now will save lion on a transparent background, and can continue to use it in the same settings with other programs in the.


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