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How to install AD14 Altium designer14 Chinese cracked version graphic install cracked and authorization activation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
Electronic product development department Altium Designer 14.3.14 Multilingual + Crack BT Chinese registered version
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date, 2017-08-03
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Altium designer 14 Chinese cracked version of software design is a new generation of electronic products and systems to a powerful, Altium Designer enables you to use the most efficient, most collaborative design environment PCB put your idea into reality. From the rigid folding flexible plate for small to large 20 high-speed network router hearing aid, Altium Designer to cooperate with you, provide a successful design. The use of integration provides tools for the user, including the principle of design, circuit simulation, PCB drawing editing topology auto wiring signal integrity analysis and design of output and other technology, greatly improving the efficiency of the design and development of the user, with the help of Altium designer, the development time in half or even more, enhancing competitive advantage. The software supports fast input principle diagram, quickly adapt to mixed analog and digital circuit simulation is built to validate the design, its easy to use PCB design and principle diagram capture integration method can be created for the precise 3D model of PCB assembly, and can be exported to comply with industry standard file formats, allowing users in the first time to clear to understand whether PCB match, this small series of products, the Altium designer 14 is the latest version of crack Chinese, including crack file and license file, software to break up more trouble, so I don't know how to break a friend can refer to a small series to provide graphic tutorials!

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, AltiumDesignerSetup14_3_15.exe installation procedures and license folder

2, double-click the AltiumDesignerSetup14_3_15.exe operation, as shown in Figure next, click

3, the language setting Chinese license agreement, select I accept the agreement, click Next

4, select the installation components, need to check, click Next

5, click Browse to select the software installation path, click Next

6, as shown in the figure, continue to click Next

7, the installation may take a few minutes, you can wait, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

8, the software automatically, as shown here, we choose DXP-Preferences,

9, select General, and then check the use localized resources, click OK

10, this time to restart the software, as shown in the figure, the interface has become Chinese, although there are some of the English, but has been very convenient, first close the software we crack

11, now we go back to the installation package, copy the dxp.exe file to the software installation directory, the default is C:\Program Files (x86) \Altium\AD14, click Replace in the target file

12, find the Licenses folder and copy it to the software installation directory, run the software, then we in the software, click on the add click version of the license file, as shown in Figure

13, here we find just copied to the installation directory in the Licenses folder, and select a file, click open I

14, then we would surprise discovery has been activated, is not very awesome, in fact, this software crack is not difficult, in accordance with the step is very easy


You work in the Altium Designer mode and other Windows applications are very similar to access commands through the familiar menu, use the standard Windows keyboard and mouse operation can zoom and pan graph view, and can access many of the commands and power through the keyboard shortcuts.
The difference between Altium Designer and other Windows applications is that it will be all the editing tools you need to integrate into an environment. This means that you can edit the principle diagram and layout of printed circuit board in the same software application. You can also create a component in the same environment, the configuration of various output files can even open the ASCII output.
64 you launch the app called X2 platform. Each of the different types of documents are open in the X2 application, when you move from one document type to another type of document editor, the corresponding specific menu, toolbar and panel will appear automatically.
Why do you want to use all the tools in an environment? This allows you to draw attention away from the tool oriented oriented design. In the design oriented environment for designers to provide a significant advantages, including:
Easy access to any document in the project from the project panel. Display all project documents, and also organized to reflect the design structure diagram.
To be able to easily move back and forth between the principle diagram and PCB. Such as the design of mobile from the principle to the circuit board or the circuit board to return to the principle diagram of the task becomes rapid and non-invasive.
Select a set of elements in the principle diagram, and then select them on the circuit board, ready to add to the PCB element, or re positioning and alignment, or turn to the other side of the circuit board.
From the view of the 2D circuit board sliding back and forth to the 3D view, highly realistic error detection, switch to the principle diagram and edit, update the PCB, and then back on track.
Adding a new component in principle diagram, and displayed in the BOM document, ready to finalize its supply chain with information.
The software can use the single unified model design in the memory of the details and many other advantages.
These are just a few simple examples of design oriented environment provides many advantages. Whether you are as an independent designer, or as members of a large team of geographically dispersed, Altium Designer provides easy to use design space, you can enjoy personally on the scene, making a great creative fun.
If this is the first time you design the printed circuit board in the Altium Designer, so why not start from start of goa-whoa tutorial. Only 9 components can be quickly and easily fast tracking of the whole design process.
From design to manufacturing - to promote the PCB design through the Altium Designer
Otherwise, please check the link at the bottom of the page to explore the design function of Altium in Designer.
Learning whenever and wherever possible
Altium Designer is a set of comprehensive online documentation. Whether you in the environment where the menu commands, dialog box, panel or the design object, can according to the comprehensive information about any F1 content under the cursor.
From the introduction, explain what it is you will find the relevant reference documents, how to place, edit or use that information link. You can also find information about how to adapt to the whole design process of the more abundant content links.
Or, if you want to browse and view the whole structure, please try the navigation tree on the left side of the. At the bottom of the tree, you will see all kinds of interpretation, this is what the reference section. In the upper part of the tree, you will find that what I should do and content.
Shortcuts available are listed in each panel, the shortcut keys displayed next to find control panel in the.
In the run command (for example, in the interactive routing period) Shift + F1 can display the command line shortcut list.

Edit panel and toolbar

Each editor has its own panel, menu, toolbar and keyboard shortcuts. The software can lower right button to enable the panel.
The panel can be docked along any edge of the environment, can also be an independent floating. When they stop, they can be fixed or set to open pop-up mode. Click the pop-up panel button to display it, pop up speed and delay in the "preferences" and "system view" page configuration.
To move a single panel, click and hold the panel name, then drag. To move a panel, click and hold the other position of the panel in the title bar.
When the panel moves in another panel, the icon will display panel resolution options available. Put down the center of the stack, or put down four icons in a direction to separate to the. You can also press Ctrl to prohibit panel stacking.

X2 environment

No matter how the current editor, can always be located in the application through the button on the upper right corner access preferences dialog.
The software also includes many convenient search box, for example, at the top of the "project" and "attribute" panel, and is located in the upper right corner of the X2 application itself.
The search will return X2:
The component text attributes, including: the principle diagram of indicator, annotation and description field; and the PCB directive and comment field.
Recent documents
The active editor menu items
The active editor panel
To search the property box access placed components in the design of the X2, please first compile the project (the "project" menu).
X2 environment can be highly customized. You can edit the menu and toolbar to add, delete or rearrange its contents. Right click anywhere in the menu bar to access the "custom" command in the Customize dialog box, you can access all available commands, these commands can be dragged to the menu or toolbar. Press Ctrl and click to access the menu or toolbar button behind the existing order, in which you can view the software Process and the execution of any of the order parameter.
All editor and open documents can be operated through the script. Support many scripting languages.

From design to manufacturing - to promote the PCB design through the Altium Designer

The design
You will create the principle diagram and then design the printed circuit board (PCB) design is a simple astable multivibrator. The circuit shown below, it uses both generic NPN transistor configured to self run astable multivibrator.

Multivibrator circuit.
You are ready to begin capturing (rendering) principle diagram. The first step is to create a PCB project.
Create a new PCB project
In the electronic design software Altium, the PCB project is a set of design documents specified and printed circuit board manufacturing required (file). The project file, such as Multivibrator.PrjPCB, is a ASCII file in your project files, and other project settings, such as the required electrical rule check, project preferences and project output, such as printing and CAM settings.
Create a new project by running the File New PCB Project "Project" command.

Create a new project:
"New Project" PCB File Project from the menu.
The new project will appear in the project panel. If the panel is not displayed, click on the bottom right of the main design window button, then select items from the menu that appears".
Select the file > save the project from the menu to open the Windows dialogtitle. Use the dialog box to navigate to the appropriate location, and then enter the name of the Multivibrator in the file name field. Do not need to enter the file extension, because it will automatically add.
The diagram is added to the project:
The next step is to add new items to the principle chart.

The principle chart added to the project, name and save the principle diagram, and then save the project.
When the blank principle chart is opened, you will notice that the work area has changed. The main toolbar contains a series of new buttons, new visible toolbar, menu bar includes new items, may display the sheet panel - you are now on the principle diagram editor.
You can close the floating panel, a panel on the upper right corner of the icon if necessary, through the application below right button to open the floating panel.

Add the principle diagram:
In the project panel right-click the project file name, and then select add new item "" map "to the project". Called Sheet1.SchDoc, the principle of blank table will open in the design window, the principle diagram of the icon will be displayed to the source document folder icon project in the project panel under the project as a link.
To save the new principle chart, select File > save as. The Save As dialog box will open, ready to remain the same with the principle diagram of the location of the project file. Type the name Multivibrator in the file name field, and then click save". Please note that stored in the project file itself (or sub / grandchild folder) the same folder in the file using the relative reference link to the project, and the use of storage in different locations of the absolute reference links.
Because you have to add the principle diagram of the project, the project file has changed. In the project panel right-click the project file name, then select "save project" to save the project.

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