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Adobe 2019.0.2 V13.0

2019 has been updated to the first upgrade version of ...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-12-07
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Adobe 2019.0.2 for Mac Chinese cracked version Zii patch installation and activation of graphic tutorials

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-12-07 browsing: second User comments
Adobe 2019.0.2 V13.0.2 for Mac Chinese cracked version containing Patch Tool
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-12-07
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Adobe 2019 Mac version (PR CC 2019) is essential for video editing and video editing tools enthusiasts and professionals. It can enhance your creative ability and creative freedom, it is easy, efficient and accurate video editing software. Premiere provides a complete set of process of collection, editing, color, beautify the audio and subtitle add, output, DVD burning, and other Adobe software allows you to perform efficient integration, all the challenges encountered in editing, production, workflow, create high quality products to meet your requirements. is a leading video for film, TV and Web editing software. A variety of creative tools, and other Adobe applications and services are tightly integrated, and the powerful function of Adobe Sensei, the smooth work flow will help you build a fine material film and video. Here is the small series of lightning caused 2019 has been updated to the first version of the 2019.0.1 image upgrade package, also share from the TNT team brought Dobe Zii activation tool, the new upgraded version of the adobe Zii 4.0.3 2019.0.1 can activate the perfect body, refer to this tutorial!

2019mac version activation tutorial

The 1. station image package to download and install Adobe_Premiere_Pro_2019.0.1_ACC_20181102.dmg and patch tool Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, double-click the mirror the package runs

2. to loading installation, computer input password, good

3. suggestions off network installation, do not enter the Adobe ID account password.
Wait for the installation of 4.

5. installation is complete, click on the exit
6. run the patch tool Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, patc or drag

7. pop-up window, OK

8. to enter the password verification

9. activation success

10. operating software can be used free

Adobe 2019 new features

Mobile editing using the new Premiere Rush
Using our new, applicable to all equipment Premiere Rush to extend your video editing platform. Whether it is a mobile device or desktop device, can shoot, edit and publish video. If you want to perform more operations, can also be sent directly to Premiere Pro works.
Audio intelligent cleaning
Using the Essential Sound panel in the new noise reduction and DeReverb slider reduced immediately or removal of background noise or reverberation.
Color grading choice
The innovative Lumetri Color tools can be used to choose the color grading, the curve adjustment will no longer need to explore. The two axes of each curve are provided in pairs of values, can easily make accurate color tuning.
Map information dynamic graphics template data driven
The spreadsheet to drag and drop information map dynamic graphics template in the new generation of dynamic visual content. If any updates on the spreadsheet, chart information will be updated automatically.
End to end VR 180
Provide immersive video on the 180 VR support, including optimized collection and effect. In YouTube or other platforms to Google VR 180 format video release complete.
Space mark immersive media
You no longer need to remove the helmet viewing media in Adobe immersive environments, you can now place markers, as time to return to the desktop reference axis.
Adobe Stock enhancements
Directly in the basic graphic panel searching and sorting Adobe Stock film material and the professional design of dynamic graphics template.
The group invited for Team Projects
Invite the business mail list in the group and team members without having to type the address to achieve more efficient communication.
Display color management
From After Effects to Premiere Pro, and in rec709, rec202 and P3 display, accurate color presentation and maintain color fidelity in the whole working process.
Performance improvement
H264 and HEVC hardware encoding and decoding based on the performance of MacBook Pro workstation. Improvement of image processing can provide faster response speed playback, rendering and Lumetri Color performance.
Extended format support
To support the new native format, including the use of ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice and V2 iPhone 8 and iPhone X HEIF (HEIC) film format.
Creative Cloud Library Improvement
The Illustrator or Photoshop file resources such as drag and drop to CC in the library panel, you can quickly access Premiere sequence. Shared library with team members, or derived and stored in the project.
Australian captioning standard
Now provide captioning standard for Australia OP4T2 support.
Keyboard language support
Keyboard shortcut now supports the local language key layout menu.
Adobe immersive environment in Cinema mode
The use of virtual screening room with the director or producer for 2D content or immersive content (or a combination of both) to collaborate.

Use help

Selective color grading
The use of innovative Lumetri Color tool for curve adjustment, for selective color correction.

Each curve two has a pair of values of the axis, such as color and hue or brightness and saturation, so you can easily and accurately tune color.
Display color management

Accurate color display all the configuration files

To accurately display the color in any system, please enable Display color management. It will automatically convert colors to display color space (including Rec.709, Rec.2020 and P3).
In the past, it is necessary to manually set up your operating system configuration files, to ensure the accuracy of the color you see, sometimes it is not possible. No matter which you set the ICC configuration files in the operating system, display color management will guess and display the correct color.
Create and edit a Lumetri color effect

Create and edit a Lumetri color effect
In the Lumetri Color panel, you can now stack multiple effect or layer. Create a new Lumetri color effect, you can rename it, add more or less layer layer.
Edit the Premiere Rush files in Premiere Pro

Edit the Premiere Rush files in Premiere Pro
Premiere Rush CC is a new mobile and desktop application that allows you to create and publish professional quality video, including almost anywhere in the color, audio and dynamic image. You can use iOS MacOS or Windows Premiere Rush to capture and edit the material.
If you want to edit to a new level, you can open the Rush project in the Premiere native Premiere Pro and continue to edit them in Premiere Pro.
Intelligent audio cleaning
Immediate improvement of audio through eliminating background noise or reverberation. The new Essential Sound panel in Reduce Noise and Reduce Reverb The slider allows you to reduce or eliminate background noise and reverberation. These options are also available in the Effect As the effect of the panel ( DeNoise and DeReverb Use). You can apply to the track, and then use the" The effect of control" panel control The effect of strength.
Vector graphics editing and conversion
Vector motion control can prevent and eliminate the boundary pixel rendering. To convert the graphics layer, and directly adjust and set the key frame, motion vector controls use the basic graphics "or" control panel "in the panel.
Using vector control motion editing graphics. They will be reserved for vector graphics to prevent pixel.

In the Premiere Pro fine Motion Graphics template
The use of data driven Motion Graphics template to convert a number of stories
Chart information and dynamic graphics template (1 minutes)
In Premiere Pro, you can now be added to your spreadsheet data driven After Effects motion graphics template (MOGRT), and drive the animation or change the data in MOGRT.
In earlier versions, you must manually change a lot. For example, if you want to change all month (January to December) in the chart number, you must manually change the value 12. Now, if you have the data in the spreadsheet, you only need to be mapped to the MOGRT spreadsheet, all values are automatically updated.

Edit the source text and the set of attributes in Motion Graphics template
You can now edit the source text attribute in the Motion Graphics template (if they have in After Effects edited by the author).
You can edit some properties including:
  • Font selection
  • Adjust the font size
  • Simulation modeling
Similarly, if you create a group in the After Effects Motion Graphics template, you can Premiere Pro to rotate to open and edit its properties.
The duration of the dynamic change of the graphics template
Last time you can simply change the Premiere Pro motion graphics template now, without changing the template of the protected portion, such as a prelude or outros or brand elements.
Improved template motion Adobe graphics in Stock search experience
Now, you can more effectively improve the search and sort of film and design of dynamic graphics template through the "basic graphics" panel in the page.
VR enhancements
End to end the work process of 180 VR
You can create a optimal uptake, and the effect of the 180VR video editor, for otoscopes and stereo content, let your audience in the middle of the action correctly. You can also YouTube, Facebook or other Google platform VR180 format video output.
Add the tag to the immersive media space
Mark Premiere in Pro space
Now, you can use HMD (head mounted display) when placed in the media space mark. In earlier versions of Premiere Pro, which requires you to remove the headset to add tags.
Adobe immersive environment in the new theater mode
Cinema mode provides a new portable reference monitor Adobe in the immersive environment for you. This model can be used as a virtual screening room with the director or producer your cooperation, whether it is 2D or immersive content, or a combination of both.
When you try to Adobe in the immersive environment (AIE) to view the material is active, you can now enter a virtual meeting room, there is a monitor in front of it, on behalf of the home theater experience. When the source or monitor program meets the traditional 2D unimmersing material, Adobe Immersive Environment will automatically switch to the "cinema mode".
Strengthen the cooperation function
The team invited a team project
You can now use the organization directory synchronization group (for business users) invite collaborators to join your team project. You can also invite other people by invitation instead of typing a single email address to your project team collaboration.
Invite collaborators to join your team project
Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements
You can now:
  • Click the various types of assets (such as AI, PSD and other file formats) onto the "CC library" panel.
  • Sharing your library and library assets among team members.
  • Is your library and its remaining assets are stored together will be completed in the project, because they know they can according to the need to restore the database.
Performance enhancement and file format support
The new file format support
Premiere Pro now supports the new file format:
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