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Professional 6.2.8

AnyDVDConverterPro5.8.0 Chinese Free Edition is a set of DVD converter, video converter,...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-08
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Professional Chinese cracked version 6.2.8 download activation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-08 browsing: second User comments
Professional 6.2.8 Chinese free version of the DVD conversion tool
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Pro cracked version is a powerful video editing tool, Professional can easily rip DVD and convert videos to popular video formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2,3GP and 3G2, and DVD and rip convert videos to play on portable the media video player, including iPod, iPhone, Apple, TV, PSP, PS3, Walkman, iRiver, PMP, Archos, Sansa, View, Creative, Zen, Zune, Xbox 360 and a variety of mobile phone, such as the NOKIA N series Gphone, blackberry, etc.. Professional is an online video downloader and converter. From the YouTube, Nico, Google, MetaCafe, HowCast, Facebook, Liveleak, Veoh, Vevo, Vimeo, video download. Here is the small series of lightning caused Pro the latest installation package containing registration machine, registration code generation can activate perfect Pro, specifically refer to this tutorial!

Function introduction

Integrated DVD Ripper and video converter
- this integrated DVD Ripper can rip DVD movie into almost all popular video and audio formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, H.264,3GP, 3G2, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMA, M4A, MP3, AAC, AC3 etc. with excellent quality. In addition, you can convert your favorite DVD movie into iPod, iPhone, SONY, PSP, PS3, Zune, NOKIA, blackberry, Google Android and other mobile phone, just a few clicks.
Pro can also be used as video converter, can be almost all video formats (including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI) converted to MPEG or MPEG-4 movie formats for iPod, Zune, iPhone, Apple, TV, PSP, Xbox, 360, PS3. Archos, iRiver PMP, Creative Zen Vision, MP4 / MP3 player, intelligent mobile phone, palmtop computer, PDA, mobile phone etc..
Youtube video downloader and converter
Will your favorite YouTube URL video link into the program, downloaded to your hard disk and you need to change the video format. Only download or download and convert. YouTube login function is built-in. In addition, the program from Nico, Google, MetaCafe, HowCast, Facebook, Liveleak, Veoh, Vevo, Vimeo, download and video conversion.
Now provide various levels of quality of YouTube video. Video converter allows you to edit > Options > online video specified quality level through the menu.
- this program to add the MP4 Faststart option to play MP4 video stream. Using this feature, you can convert the MP4 video uploaded to YouTube and other online video sharing website. When the video uploaded to the website, you can play video before downloading the video.
Will burn video to DVD or AVCHD DVD
- you can expand output profile, select the burn from the list to DVD, then according to the TV system of your choice of DVD video NTSC or DVD video PAL movie film. When the program completes the video conversion process, the system will prompt you to select the DVD menu. You can customize according to the needs of CD / DVD.
- built-in DVD burner support program will burn video to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD + R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R double layer, Dual layer, random access writes, Blu ray media, with a complete DVD menu of Blu ray rewritable media.
- just a few clicks, you can be required to burn video to DVD or AVCHD DVD, so you can enjoy free or save video!
DVD film and video editor
Pro - is an excellent DVD video editing software, it through multiple files into a clip, DVD video, DVD video clipping or set special effects and to add subtitles video editing DVD video. The use of video editing software, you can customize according to the needs of video length, screen size, and the effect of subtitles.
- in addition, any DVD Converter Pro can shoot DVD film and video scene. Just preview any DVD converter program in DVD or video, click the screenshot icon, you can get a picture from the video and DVD.
More advanced features
- allows you to customize the output video settings, such as codec, frame, bit rate etc..
You can according to need to disable or enable any output configuration file. The common configuration file in front of.
Support batch conversion of video and shut down the computer after the conversion.
- allows you to process priority from the free set for real-time processing, support from 0 to 8.
Very easy to use and high speed switching.

Activation installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, register with the KeyMaker.exe and any-dvd-converter.exe setup,
2, double-click the any-dvd-converter.exe operation, installation of simplified Chinese default language

3, enter the user license agreement interface, select I accept the agreement and click Next

4, click the Browse button to select the installation path F:\ DVD Converter Professional \Any flash download, click Next

5, continue to click Next

6, click the Install button

7, the installation speed is very fast, while you wait

8, click on the finish button to exit setup

9, run the software interface, as shown in Fig.

10, found in the install package KeyMaker.exe operation, enter the user name sdbeta, click the generate button to get the registration code 000HQQ-CBJR4H-2MGJKJ-761PMJ-AMPV6G-MYZE5N-9W4FRH

11, the user name and registration code is copied to the software registration window, and click the register button

Use help

Part 1. How will the encrypted DVD movie ripping into video format?
Step 1. Insert the DVD into the DVD driver, and then click "Open DVD" The DVD button will be loaded into the Pro.
Step 2. Single click The output of the configuration file" Select the output format.
Step 3. Single click "Converter" The start button DVD to video converter.
The second part. How to convert video between various video formats?
Step 1. Single click "Add video" video button to import Pro.
Be careful:
1. If your hard disk has a video, and the video contains one of the procedures in the list on the left folder, you can select the folder, the video will automatically display in the file list window.
2. you can directly from the hard disk drive to the Any video DVD Converter Pro.
Step 2. Single click The output of the configuration file" The drop-down menu select the output format
Step 3. Single click "Conversion" Button to start the video conversion.
The third part. How to burn video to DVD disk?
Step 1. To burn the video into Pro.
Step 2. Select from the list Burn to DVD Then, according to the TV system you choose DVD NTSC or DVD PAL video movie video movie.
Step 3. When the program completes the video conversion process, the system will prompt you to select the DVD menu. You can customize according to the needs of CD / DVD. Such as the DVD menu title, background images and music, menu templates etc..
Step 4. You can set the target by clicking the next button DVD type. The program supports Will burn video to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD + R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R double, double, random access to media, Blu ray, Blu ray rewritable media .
Step 5. Single click "Burn" To begin to burn video to DVD.
The fourth part. How to extract audio tracks from DVD and video?
Pro is a powerful Audio Extractor for film and video from DVD rip audio, and save as MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV format.
Step 1. Add a DVD movie or video to Pro.
Step 2. Select the configuration file from the list "Audio files" You can then select the options in the seconda configuration file Categoria drop-down menu "MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, M4A, AAC" Audio format.
Step 3. Click" Converter" From the DVD video and audio file transcription start button.
The fifth part. How to download Youtube video and convert to other formats?
Step 1. Click Download "" The button in the pop-up window, you can paste Youtube URL and start the download.
Step 2. Click OK to download Youtube video.
Step 3. After the download is complete, the Youtube video will be listed in the document window. Check to convert the video, and then click Transformation Button。 You can start Youtube Video Converter For other formats you want.

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