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Unity Pro 2019.1.0A13 cracked version with map

Unity is a world leader in real-time engine, real-time and flexible tool for game developers...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2019-01-14
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Unity3d 2019 how to crack? Unity Pro 2019 Chinese version of the 2019.1.0A13 graphic installation and crack patch License Activation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2019-01-14 browsing: second User comments
Unity Pro 2019.1.0A13 cracked version with graphic tutorials
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date, 2019-01-14
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Unity Pro 2019 new release, there are early adopters of friends can download experience, lightning Xiao Bian here not only brought new Unity Pro 2019 new installation package, also brought a patch and license file, can perfect the activation of Unity Pro 2019, in addition to this model did not bring library text offline installation package, you can own online installation. Unity Pro 2019 version more, lightning small has updated Unity 2017 and Unity Pro 2018, and the official website has been updated. The official work does bring a lot of new features. Unity Pro is the game developers must implement a software engine, Unity 2018 to enhance the core technology of Unity, allowing developers to fully display their talents, improve the efficiency of cooperation. The system supports Windows and Mac, covering a series of design for immersive experience and game world artist easy to use tools, and powerful developers kit, can be used to realize the logic of the game and high performance game effect. Unity also supports 2D and 3D development, can satisfy the specific needs of various types of your game function. Unity navigation system allows you to create NPC can automatically move in the game world. The system used to create navigation mesh from the scene geometry you, even the dynamic obstacles, in order to change the role of navigation at run time. The built-in user interface of UI system allows you to quickly and intuitively create user interface. Powerful, not to say, this paper mainly introduces the main installation License Activation tutorial!

Unity Pro 2019 activation installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, get the installation package, patch and authorization tool, the installation package is offline installation package to model library need to download and install online

Install 2, double-click the UnitySetup64.exe running, waiting for loading

3, click Next

4, check the I accept the terms of the License Agreement, click Next

5, Setup will install Unity 2019.1.0a8 in the following folder (64). To be installed in a different folder, click the Browse button After setting, click Next

6, you can wait

7, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

8, double-click the UnityDownloadAssistant.exe model library to install next

9, to accept the agreement, next

The model base 10, you need to select the download. Relatively large, wait for download

11, let us start to crack, the license file Unity_lic.ulf file copied to the C:\ProgramData\Unity directory

12, Unity.exe will be copied to the installation directory, click Replace in the target file
The default C:\Program Files\Unity 2019.1.0a8\Editor

13, cracked completed, run the software, skip

14, new can create a new document library.

15, set up, create project

16, enter the main interface, you can use free of charge.

The new features introduced

Editor: in 2019.1.a13 (1108963) to open the 2018.3.x project, HUB is missing "in a non matching editor open project pop-up window

Editor: PostProcessing tutorial and throw an error, unable to start the start Learn project (1046727)

Editor: Probuilder - try to create a new shape when multiple anomalies (1106115)

Editor: unable to open the existing project in the absence of bug report under the condition of manual loading license and exit Unity editor (1106461)

IOS: because MacOS PlaybackEngines cannot access SharedPrecompiledHeaders, but failed due to UnauthorizedAccessException construction (1109176)

Preform: even apply the changes to the base after the component has been removed will not completely disappear from prefabricated examples (1105434)

Script: DLL does not update the access, outdated code and script will be thrown from the "MissingMethodException" (1108911)

Script: when you create a new project, Scripting Runtime Version is set to.NET by default 3.5 (1109270)

The upgrade script: "hash computing assets......" repeated display pop-up window (1104194)

Shader: ShaderGraph - duty change, the slider nodes do not refresh (1106475)

General Windows platform: General Windows platform "to open the download page" button will cause the error "(1106517)

Video game: when multiple window open, video clips appear only in a single game window (1109551)

Video: [Mac] script editor in the back-end for mono when trying to access the network camera when the crash / freeze (1109155)
Unity 2019.1.0a12 release notes
Known issues under investigation 2019.1.0a12
2D: Sprite Shape Profile components to create a range of interrupt (1106474)
The project will import assets: ignore from 2017.3 or earlier upgrade to 2019.1.0a9 (1100056) in the console thrown asset refresh error
Editor: in 2019.1.a12 (1108963) to open the 2018.3.x project, HUB is missing "in a non matching editor open project pop-up window
Editor: PostProcessing tutorial and throw an error, unable to start the start Learn project (1046727)
Editor: Probuilder - try to create a new shape when multiple anomalies (1106115)
Editor: unable to open the existing project in the absence of bug report under the condition of manual loading license and exit Unity editor (1106461)
IOS: because MacOS PlaybackEngines cannot access SharedPrecompiledHeaders, but failed due to UnauthorizedAccessException construction (1109176)
Preform: even apply the changes to the base after the component has been removed will not completely disappear from prefabricated examples (1105434)
Script: DLL does not update the access, outdated code and script will be thrown from the "MissingMethodException" (1108911)
Script: when you create a new project, Scripting Runtime Version is set to.NET by default 3.5 (1109270)
The upgrade script: "hash computing assets......" repeated display pop-up window (1104194)
Shader: ShaderGraph - duty change, the slider nodes do not refresh (1106475)
General Windows platform: General Windows platform "to open the download page" button will cause the error "(1106517)
Video game: when multiple window open, video clips appear only in a single game window (1109551)
Video: [Mac] script editor in the back-end for mono when trying to access the network camera when the crash / freeze (1109155)
Known issues - will not be fixed in 2019.1
XR: S7 Adreno based mobile phone running Android 7, linear color space Gear VR on the existing driver problems.
Since 2019.1.0a11's new 2019.1.0a12 entry
GI: progressive CPU lightmaps added a number of important environmental sampling
Graphics: FrameDebugger now supports SRP batcher
WebGL: experimental multi threading support.
Backward compatibility change
Editor: shortcut configuration file cannot begin or end with a space, and does not allow the use of some special characters. (1103117)
Multiplayer: many people have ranged from DLL to API advanced package. In 2019.1 the first opening, should go through the update package references automatic project.
Script: added to struct UnityEngine.Rendering.SphericalHarmonicsL2 (922290) serialization support
Android: add the keystore special position option
Android:'Symlink Sources'Build Settings added in the window, this enabled Java and Kotlin files can be referenced directly derived from the gradle project in Unity project.
Android: according to the number of cores online dynamically adjust the number of threads.
Construction of Android: APK, Proguard mapping files in the same position
Android: improved il2cpp player start time is about 200 milliseconds, for second times and later start
Editor: delete the shortcut configuration file from the shortcut manager when adding a confirmation message
Editor: Visual Studio for Mac to improve the detection, detection of "Visual" when the file name contains the suffix.
Graphics: delete the rendering thread on pause loading large texture
IOS: add Access WiFi function for Xcode API (available from iOS 12 / Xcode 10)
Particle: ExternalForces influence the list to add the missing script api.
Plugin: double click on the Unity project in the plug-in, will open a connection IDE.
Profiler: add "Semaphore.WaitForSignal" mark profiler.
Script: fixed before the use of Vsync or Application.targetFrameRate increased GC time per frame.
Terrain: add a hot key to adjust the opacity of the brush size and terrain tools.
WebGL: add multithreading compatibility check
API change
Profiler: ResolveItemCallstack (returns sample call stack in the editor) and GetItemMergedSamplesColumnDataAsFloats (return with sample value) extended HierarchyFrameDataView profile API.
Terrain: add hotkey Terrain tool to select the API, allows you to customize the Terrain tool to bind hotkeys
2D: the Sprite Editor window width / height negative input repair led to irregular elf mobile (1100307)
Invalid 2D:SpriteShapeRenderer transfer (1099636)
AI: re call agent destination Unity crash (1104500)
Android: when not detecting editor to install the application equipment (1086410)
Android: not in the new input system for the game controller of the machine shaft of the back end of the dead.
Android: in Android ProgressBar display application freeze repair (1053736)
Android: repair in Android keyboard can not open on the 9 (1102448)
Android: repair using Vulkan terrain rendering on Adreno (1102440)
Android: use the vertex shader output of SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex repair in the Vulkan shader compiler error (1098973)
Android: the mouse increment will be calculated correctly in the input system of the new.
Animation: fixed crash when you change an animator in the same frame of binding (1099988)
Animation: to repair the unresolved animation stream processing, if the animator in the new root directory to set the parent. (1092106)
Animation: repair using humanoid characters AnimationStreamSource.PreviousInputs. (1102231)
Animation: repair [burstcompile], make the animation work no longer function
Apple TV: tvOS repair metal version of the AA crash (1066386)
Asset import: fix the problem will crash into the normal map texture R16. (1081124)
Introduction: after the upgrade of the lack of fixed assets assets Sprite reference (1102809)
Audio: edit key option to display incorrect parameters in the curve editor (713681)
Audio: repair had previously caused audio into very short audio files into the device error. (882227)
Audio: to repair the leaking of the mutex AudioCustomFilter. (1101492)
Audio: repair in the regression analyzer collected audio data takes time depends on the number of audio data loaded audio clips. (1086988)
The construction of pipeline construction: do not be regarded as "successful failure"
In the construction of the pipeline repair: edit other construction goal setting, the identifier PlayerSettings.applicationIdentifier will not return the problem of construction activities. (1041443)
Construction of the pipeline has fixed assets: a package cannot be loaded in the name of the scene of the problem (1022819)
The construction of the pipeline repair cannot use the undo command to restore "player settings" in the "script definition symbol" for the problem. (1083481)
Construction of the pipeline: the lack of script references in ContentBuildPipeline.GetTypeForObject and ContentBuildPipeline.GetTypeForObjects (1105304) in the return type MonoBehavior instead of null
Construction of the pipeline in the construction of the player or other assets before unloading the asset package. This can prevent the object from the asset package loaded in construction may lead to unexpected behavior in the construction of second. (1081760)
Editor: Android released version is no longer the network traffic will be forwarded to the equipment (1090170)
Editor: import header back to the AssetImporter component (1104131)
Editor: change the font selection reserve way to increase the availability of Unicode - (1090134)
Editor: the context menu open menu folder does not perform any operation to repair (1079852)
Editor: repair delete binding and reset entries without saving changes shortcuts in the configuration file
Editor: SceneView frozen repair in the OpenGL device after some interaction (1100000)
Editor: fixed "Open by File Extension" in Linux and MacOS can not work properly (1090145)
Editor: fixed add components menu does not display the problem in some cases. (1104169)
Editor: fixed a crash in the enable services and construction of 3.5 player using the.NET problem. (1103349)
Editor: fixed and UIElements left the performance related experimental regression (1103391)
Editor: fixed VisualEffect GraphView (1104208) to adjust the size of the blackboard
Editor: fixed in the offline enabled VCS case, Asset Inspectors cannot edit error. (952780)
Editor: horizontal and vertical layout group "controls the size of property has been renamed to" control the size "to more clearly. (1090329)
Editor: in the text from the serialization deserialization of Uint64 when the value of assets to improve performance
Editor: the mouse wheel only affects Fly / FPS mode SceneView camera in the camera moving speed
Editor: only show the actual support stripping platform "player settings" in the "off the engine code check box.
Editor: delete the cursor warning call to Cursor.SetCursor in loading from the assets of the package (1028350) texture.
Editor: update the OSX container window floating window icon (1102525)
GI: Fixed an issue that could spit out the baking expression assertion failed:'m_NumInstanceTransforms = = m_NumInstanceLODGroups', and contains the LOD scene to produce incorrect results. This situation may occur in the input picture configuration baked or thorough changes to the case when the scene includes. (1102752)
GI: fixed possible input head configuration in baking or thorough change to the case when the scene contains "the OpenRL report error code 501/502:rlBindBuffer / rlMapBuffer" problem. (1047430)
Graphics: repair the editor using the camera rendering when selecting the right subshader.
Graphics: fix the inactive 2 display problem to run the project in Standalone (1099190)
Graphics: occasional graphics using DirectX 11 GPU to repair the damaged skin and mixed shape. (1095836)
Graphics: camera for rendering visualization for blocking the invalid problem of repair, but we still continue to use it and draw. (1089008)
Graphics: fixed no memory leak of SkinnedMeshRenderer Animator components. (1086418)
Graphics: graphics settings in HDR mode are respected in the LWRP (1104140)
Graphics: Metal: when no vertex input, the vertex shader program / shell conversion is fixed to the surface subdivision calculation kernel (1086957)
Graphics: Metal: crash fixes using YUY2 TextureFormat to create Texture2DArray (1094777)
Graphics: restore to read the terrain texture brush support. (1102415)
Graphics: Vulkan: fixed debugging mark position in RenderDoc tracking
Figure Vulkan: repair problems FPS Samplegame
IL2CPP: allows through a virtual method call in all cases. (1097010)
IL2CPP: check managed thread ID when creating a thread, to prevent it in the cover has been set under the condition. (1101331)
IL2CPP: by Array.CreateInstance correctly create a non null array (1099608)
IL2CPP: repair using the StructLayout attribute and specify the Pack value at the time of the crash. (1099207)
IL2CPP: fixed if the computer is installed Visual Studio 2019, IL2CPP construction failure problem.
IL2CPP: to repair the lack of certain platform player settings in the IL2CPP compiler configuration settings (1099894)
IL2CPP: to prevent the finalizer erroneously into COM type.
IL2CPP: correct treatment used in value type by virtual method has closed principal. (1096431)
IL2CPP: correct grouping by CharSet.Auto marker for Unicode type string field. (1087594)
IL2CPP: AttributeType TypeInfo object attribute support. (1094621)
Input: set / get the sampling frequency of iOS and Android on the platform of sensor correctly in the new input system.
IOS: add the player settings option, even if the project is using the framework code, nor will the game center and push notification function is added to the Xcode project (1101266)
IOS: SoC LWRP on the collapse of several repair (1098913)
IOS: fixed Screen.allowedOrientations per frame update problem (1103167)
IOS: to repair the accidental destruction of WebCamTexture in the crash (1090053)
IOS: DISABLE_TOUCH_DELAYS Defer system gestures to delete the definition should be used in the player settings option (available from iOS 11) (1087337)
IOS: Screen.SetResolution (1102732) Screen.width and Screen.height change, [iOS] Screen.safeArea will not change
Kernel: repair may lead to the wrong question to read the file from the disk (1092419)
Kernel: when the dispenser using does not support and enable the collection and inspection, UnsafeUtility.Malloc (now ArgumentException) throws; crash repair distributor using an unsupported NativeArray created from the managed thread. (1088897)
Linux: if the player set is assigned the default icon, repair Linux player cannot construct (1104530)
OSX: fixed EditorUtility.DisplayProgressBar crashes on MacOS (1095373)
OSX: when the resolution of dialogue lose focus when repairing MacOS player crashes (1106074)
Particle: ExternalForces modules are fixed when multiple systems use the same ParticleSystemForceField, the ParticleSystemForceField curve will be destroyed. (1089544)
Physics: CharacterController will now ignore the close collision detection of Rigidbodies (984035)
Physical repair: copy and paste cloth component values of the problem. (975495)
Physical: repair of PhysicsScene.SphereCast, it has a default parameter set is not consistent with other queries (1096382)
Physics: repair material self and mutual collision gadget bad performance. (963985)
Physics: in the kinematics of rigid body forced that continuous collision detection mode, print a warning. Enable CCD is invalid in kinematics. (1064491)
Physics: RelativeJoint2D can now correctly handle rotation. (1103365)
Precast prefabricated parts: model right click and select "open nested prefabricated assets", abnormal repair. "It opens model" menu item now, rather than non nested model. (1102433)
Preform: by changing the view after the application, in the "cover" drop-down list, click the text "cover" repair nullpointerexception. (1099228)
Preform: repair of PrefabUtility.GetAddedGameObjects, so it will not return to add the GameObjects game object. With this we are displayed in the Overrides drop-down list in the content. (1100422)
Preform: now again through the context menu recovery and application default coverage properties, like the previous version of the Unity. (1095434)
Preform: [] "nested preform dereferenced PPtr conversion failed! Conversion from PrefabInstance to preform!" Upgrade Corridor scene (1065694)
Script upgrade: repair "fatal error GC: stack too much error" (1104564)
Shaders: fix ComputeShader.SetTextureFromGlobal () to use the 3D texture (1088840)
Shader editor: login shader compiler crash more clean and useful. (1097215)
Shaders: making particles StandardSurface shader support gles2 again (1103043)
Terrain: repair defective terrain height frame (1098118)
Terrain: add to the terrain set range (1064907)
Timeline: mark the timeline can be customized to change its appearance
UI element: fixed a crash in DirectX player settings when (1104309)
UI element: repair normal mobile CurveField.
UI element: fix in edit group title text not visible (1106992 GraphView)
UI element: fixed improperly applied overflow change.
UI element: repair edge gradient inversion.
UI element: modify or repair mobile text jitter.
UI element: fixed the opacity of the text, is not always used.
UI element: fixed press Enter key to all TextField and digital field behavior, control now is in edit mode. (1096200)
UI element: fixed by Escape, TextField and all digital field, now restore the old value. (1096199)
UI element: fixed multi line TextField not for the multi line extension problem (1098408)
UI element: fixed scroll view in the scroll bar, it is lagging behind. (1103221)
UI Elements: fixed toolbar pop-up light theme button. (1096527)
UI element: fix UIElements Return key is not responding correctly, keyboard input keys, Toggle, GradientField, CurveField, ObjectField, EnumField and all the spacebar pop-up window of related fields.
UI element: repair performance of UIElements scroll bar.
UI element: when the view does not have the keyboard focus, now darken the list view (1085251)
UI element: ObjectField: now press the delete clear contents (1062184)
General Windows platform: the repair is not assigned to the characters of NewInput (1097242)
General Windows platform: fixed stop video playback when lead to memory leaks when WebCamTexture throws nullptr anomaly (1036939)
WebGL: fixed stop construction for WebGL in the editor to enable linear color space (1103083)
XR: Google Cardboard API (1102049) crash repair game player
XR SetRenderTarget: the need to cover to set multiple color objects + depthslice, to enable a single channel to instantiate the HDRP rendering. Similar to the existing SetRenderTarget (color, depth, mipLevel, cubemapFace, depthSlice).
XR: performance of repair for tiled viewport zoom performance renderer (1014390).
The final 2019.1.0a9 preview release notes
  • Android: add Android support gap

  • Android: add AndroidDevice.SetSustainedPerformanceMode API to enable / disable the performance mode at run time

  • Android: add OpenGL ES 3.2 support

  • Android: added package repair function, which will only be associated with the script changes are sent to equipment instead of re packaged apk file.

  • Editor:.NET 4.x script runtime compilation C add CSHARP_7_3_OR_NEWER preprocessor directive 7.3.

  • Editor: add a new "SceneView camera settings" window to control the camera's field of view and speed. The mouse wheel can adjust the flight speed / FPS mode. Move and zoom is realized by the SceneView Camera buffer, and in the "preferences" add a new section to adjust this.

  • Editor: when the.Csproj is rewritten to disk, the message will be logged to the Editor.log, so you can easily find out why.Csproj will reload in C IDE. Prefix "[C Project]".

  • Editor: the editor to compile shaders asynchronous, the first use of compile shaders without blocking editor. The rendering will use replacement shader, until the actual shader variants available. You can use the asynchronous shader compilation "checkbox to enable / disable the function in the editor preferences.

  • Editor: new keyboard shortcut manager configuration interface.

  • Editor: script triggered internal Unity system now to recompile message in the [ScriptCompilation] prefix to record Editor.log

  • GI: add GPU lightmapper preview version in the Windows editor. You can choose the "lighting" window. The optical mapping based on RadeonRays and OpenCL, can be used for all 2Gb has more special memory of modern GPU.

  • GI:GPU Lightmapper: double GI markers on material support.

  • GI:GPU Lightmapper: Shadow grid and receiving support.

  • Graphics: add API support for a constant content of the whole buffer: [[Material.SetConstantBuffer]] and [[Shader.SetGlobalConstantBuffer]]

  • Figure Vulkan: initial sparse texture support

  • Graphics: Vulkan plug-in supported this machine

  • IOS: added in iOS and tvOS on top of the machine UI rendering Unity support

  • Mobile: support Vulkan and OpenGLES wide color gamut

  • The use of C: particle particle data processing system experimental support

  • Physics: add the method to determine the nearest point of Collider2D. Add Physics2D.ClosestPoint, Rigidbody2D.ClosestPoint and Collider2D.ClosestPoint.

  • Profiler:UnityEditor.Experimental.Networking.PlayerConnection.EditorGUILayout.AttachToPlayerDropdown API added to the public, to display to provide a one-stop solution and changing the editor attached to the player.

  • Script: experimental support for incremental garbage collection to avoid the peak value of GC

  • Shaders: add new user command shader_feature_local and multi_compile_local variants, they do not contribute to the global keyword count

  • Shaders: added to the BLENDWEIGHTS and BLENDINDICES semantic support in the vertex shader

  • Timeline: add API support to track animation

  • General Windows platform: added to build a ARM64 application support

  • WebGL: add WebAssembly support instantiation flow
Backward compatibility change
  • Android: remove the internal system construction

  • Android: updated Bluetooth headset Android detection on 6+, in order to avoid the use of abandoned method

  • Editor: shortcut drop-down list merge configuration files and shortcuts configuration file options cog to a single drop-down list

  • GI: the tetrahedron code is moved to the player

  • GI: by default, and is now open to remove the probe assembly

  • Graphics: added coverage for LightmapEmissionFlagsProperty, allowing the display of emission GI option without checking the emission color attribute (_EmissionColor)

  • Figure ASTC': fast' and 'best' compressor quality options now actually and 'normal' different

  • Graphics: prohibit renaming for SRP rendering (i.e. prohibit recursive rendering).

  • Figure Scriptable: if Render Pipeline is active, is now hidden dynamic batch check box.

  • Graphics: from the editor deleted graphic simulation

  • Graphics: [Metal] debugging in the Release version of visible group now

  • IOS:UnityWebRequest will use the new back-end based on NSURLSession. The old NSURLConnection backend is still available (dropping notes on the trampoline).

  • IOS: iPhone XR / XS / XS Max updated the game view resolution options

  • Physical: will increase the maximum angular velocity of the default to 50 radians per second, because the default value is too low

  • General Windows platform: delete the.NET backend script

  • WebGL: the asm.js PreBuilt Engine option to delete

  • WebGL: gameInstance will be renamed unityInstance

  • WebGL: the default compression settings for Brotli
  • Android Adreno: disable Vulkan driver solution for the latest driver

  • Android: enumerate all Android audio input device options, including the minimum delay option by the name "Android speech recognition input selection.

  • Android: use OpenSL instead of AudioTrack in more equipment. This reduces the audio input and output delay.

  • Animation: added experimental method for AnimationPlauy

  • Animation: add Avatar.humanDescription attribute.

  • Animation: all Animator StateMachine nodes on the grid alignment

  • Animation: improve the performance of AvatarBuilder

  • Animation: improved support for animationStobs, use the TransformStreamHandle binding dynamic adding transformation at run time.

  • Animation: animation window preview / upgrade playback engine using Playable API.

  • Introduction: added to the camera assets in support of Sketchup Importer.

  • Introduction: extended grid optimization option assets model of asset import settings on the optimization to allow independent control of vertex order and polygon order, rather than from the same marker control

  • Asset import: improved the performance of DXT1 / BC1 and DXT5 / BC3 texture compression. Please note that although the compression quality will not be a subtle influence, but may produce different compression results

  • Calculation: * command buffer implementation allows more script CommandBuffers utility function and the asynchronous computation used together, such as getting the temporary render target. Add a logo to the CommandBuffers concept, describe how they perform, error handling and allow for better, because the command buffer is constructed in the script. This allows the generation of abnormal in adding invalid asynchronous computing command.
  • Add the GPU potential deadlock situations in the editor detection, which users create GPU fence in a command buffer, but never execute the command buffer.
Editor: add Clear on Build option in Console
Editor: shortcut list manager shortcut column can now resize
Editor: redo Android keystore and key creation UI
GI:GPU lightmapper: when back to CPU lightmapper, will report to Editor.log memory dump.
GI: GPU lightmapper, optimization of low occupancy rate baked lightmapped.
Graphics: added for layer sorting to ScriptableRenderContext filter
Graphics: allow for each vertex into a maximum of 32 bones and skin weights model.
Graphics: change the motion vector: 1 - when excluding the motion vector flag is 2, the node has only Camera Motion no longer skip when excluding the motion vector logo is open, just skip with explicit motion vector transfer sub grid
Graphics: frame debugger now displays the compute shader shader property scheduling
Graphics: GraphicsFences is now available for Vulkan, Metal, D3D11, OpenGL and OpenGL ES rendering backend.
Graphics: no light rectangular oblique projection matrix evaluation
Graphics: in parallel threads for terrain (such as grass) implementation of grid construction
IOS: add the start screen image field is iPhone XS and XS Max
IOS: reconstruction of iOS equipment for generating and analyzing
Mobile Lightmapped: added support for RGBM and native HDR
The package manager: Editor.log The recording project loading time
Package management: release package manager UI v2.1.0-preview-1
  • Support the max / min
  • Support PackageManager UI to save the maximum in the layout
  • The selected package built-in tracking
  • The last choice of tracking filter
  • Repair UI layout
Package manager: to delete the extension manager log "package" or "package manager" reference, to avoid the new package management system confusion.
Package manager: EnablePackageManagerTraces Command parameters can also improve the logging level of the UPM process.
Physics: add "Collision.contactCount" to retrieve the contact number
Physics: add "Collision.GetContact (index) to retrieve specific contacts.
Physics: add "Collision.GetContacts (array)" to retrieve all contacts.
Physics: add receive four yuan number Rigidbody2D.MoveRotation overloaded.
Physical: ensure that the Rigidbody2D and Collider2D components of the Inspector Info rollout to maintain its unfolded state in the entry / exit play mode or move in between components.
Physics: OnCollisionEnter, OnCollisionStay and OnCollisionExit now does not create any GC distribution.
Physics: OnCollisionEnter2D, OnCollisionStay2D and OnCollisionExit2D now does not create any GC distribution.
Playables:Made IPlayableBehaviour.OnBehaviourPause when calling Playable and PlayableGraph pause pause, instead of OR. (1077846)
Plugin: pre loading now supports any native plug-in. Add PluginImporter.isPreloaded.
Profiler: add Mono.JIT and Mono.DomainUnload profiler mark
Profiler: analysis of il2cpp enable automatic script thread
Profiler: the minimum memory profiler of increasing use to the player in the 4MB and 64MB in the editor.
PS4: add on board pointer simulation sensitivity touch support (PS4Input.touchpadMouseSensitivity)
Shaders: through debugging the shaders in generation (#pragma enable_d3d11_debug_symbols) disable optimizer to improve shader debugging.
Terrain: allows setting in the terrain shadowCastingMode.
Timeline: the improvement of the performance of the timeline editor window display
Web: added support for additional file in the DownloadHandlerFile mode
WebGL: add Quit to the Unity instance () function support
XR: linear color space now applies to Oculus Go and Quest. For Gear VR, with the use of driver issues may prevent linear and Android 7 on S7 Adreno mobile phone.
XR: wireframe shader can now use one-way instantiation of 3D rendering mode.
XR: Oculus minimum support version update for 1.28.0
XR:XR improved LWRP:
  1. Single channel double wide implementation of rollback method of 3D rendering rendering has been the lack of support for single channel instantiation or multi view Android devices.
  2. When using SRP, no longer choose stereo rendering from multiple passes in the player settings.
  3. If you use SRP before choosing several times through, will automatically select the single channel stereo rendering.
  4. Should solve the Android y-flip problem.
  5. The use of multi view stereo rendering, shadow render correctly in all Android platform.
  6. VR will no longer appear on the HMD watermark.
  7. OpenGL invalid state error no longer exists in the ADB log.
API change
  • Android: add Android API 28 (Pie)

  • Android: added AndroidJNI method using sbyte parameters or return values of sbyte (1069247)

  • Android: not recommended using AndroidJNI byte parameter or return value (1069247 bytes)

  • Android: used to set the JVM Max heap size public API delete

  • Animation: the addition of AnimationStream.GetInputWeight (int index)

  • Animation: Animator.BindCustomStreamProperty (string propertyName, PropertyType type) added to the UnityEngine.Experimental.Animations

  • Animation: unable to write a scene to handle (Experiment API)

  • Playable Animation: outdated delay function (Playable.Set / GetDelay)

  • Asset import: add AssetImporter.SupportsRemappedAssetType to inform the user that the user guide re mapping of certain asset types (such as whether to support the "material")

  • Asset import: added MaterialEditorExtensions.PerformBumpMapCheck - use the Normal logo iteration for all material properties, and check the attribute references as normal map texture is introduced.

  • Editor: for managing shortcuts in the editor to add API (UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement)

  • Editor: add CompilationPipeline.compilationStarted and CompilationPipeline.compilationFinished events, began to compile and compile in the editor to.

  • Editor: added EditorApplication.EnterPlayMode (EditorApplication.ExitPlayMode) and ()

  • Editor: Handles.TransformHandle (add)

  • Editor: stop illegal command editor and PlayMode test in playmode (1093572).

  • Editor: check the ID configuration file open method is effective

  • Editor: input field repair slider width is less than 150 without the label ( One million seventy-eight thousand and three )

  • Graphics: add SortingLayerRange to FilterRenderSettings to allow sorting through ScriptableRenderContext filtering layer

  • Graphics: add UnityEngine.Rendering.GraphicsFence to replace GPUFence

  • Graphics: display the number of jobs using the occlusion culling.

  • Figure: UnityEngine.Rendering.GPUFence has been dropped and replaced with UnityEngine.Rendering.GraphicsFence

  • GraphView: add Renamable function for GraphElement

  • GraphView: canAcceptDrop will be added to the BlackBoardSection callback

  • (GraphView:GraphView.GetElementByGuid) now returns the first element with the given GUID all in GraphView, rather than just a layer of elements contained in the.

  • GraphView:OnResized callback added to MiniMap

  • The GraphView:Resizer controller has the constructor w / new OnResized callback

  • Kernel: TypeTrees now has a central cache.

  • Memory Profiler: add Dispose function for the PackedMemorySnapshot class, in order to prevent the case remain more than necessary to lock in the snapshot files.

  • Memory Profiler: add UnityEditor.Profiling.Memory.Experimental.PackedMemorySnapshot.Convert to handle the conversion from the MemoryProfiler.PackedMemorysnapshot object to the UnityEditor.Profiling.Memory.Experimental.PackedMemorySnapshot file.

  • Multiplayer: add a NetworkTransport.SetMulticastLock API to get the multicast lock / release. In Android, it needs to be able to receive broadcast packets. ( Nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy-three )

  • Package manager: open PackageInfo type attribute

  • Physical: add Collision.contactCount to retrieve the contact number.

  • Physical: add Collision.GetContact to retrieve specific contacts.

  • Physical: add Collision.GetContacts to retrieve all contacts.

  • Physical: add Physics.reuseCollisionCallbacks to control whether the reuse transfer call to the OnCollisionXXX Collision instance.

  • Physical: add Physics2D.reuseCollisionCallbacks to control whether the reuse transfer call to the OnCollisionXXX2D Collision instance.

  • Physical: other query types open in the PhysicsScene class. Please note that only the non distribution available.

  • Physics: Physics (.GetIgnoreCollision) exposure

  • Playables: add FrameData.effectivePlayState to transfer Playable cumulative playback state (1077846)

  • Playables: added PlayableOutput.GetEditorName, which is a source of the name of the PlayableOutput editor.

  • Profiler: add Profiler.EmitFrameMetaData API, will allow arbitrary data to flow the profiler and read in the editor

  • Profiler:Exposed UnityEditor.Profiling.HierarchyFrameDataView API CPU Profiler, allowing access to data in a hierarchical manner

  • Profiler: used to connect to the player (or from the Profiler console window) editor GUI is now open. It is located in UnityEditor.Experimental.Networking.PlayerConnection, including EditorGUIUtility.GetAttachToPlayerState (EditorWindow parentWindow) will be obtained using EditorGUILayout / EditorGUI.AttachToPlayerDropdown to draw its connection status.

  • Shaders: add a function for the ShaderUtil class, from the Shader compiler and ShaderMessage class to retrieve the error / warning error / warning to provide detailed information

  • Shaders: obsolete [ShaderIncludePath] attribute. All shaders head file must be located in the Assets folder or package. To include the shader title directly from the package, please use the "#include Packages"

  • Terrain: add the marked version of TerrainTools (ShowBrushGUI) to select the callback to display controls

  • Terrain: terrain stamp tool improved with better control, and perform better in different terrain height.

  • Terrain: TerrainTools (IOnPaint.RepaintAllInspectors) function has been abandoned, replaced by Repaint (RepaintFlags), it can be used for all TerrainTool callback interface.

  • Timeline: for a public method to create and manipulate animation track curve.

  • Timeline: open method using infinite orbit in the animation clip

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