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Unity Pro 2019.1.0A8 cracked version graphic detail

Unity is a world leader in real-time engine, real-time and flexible tool for game developers...
Authorization: sharing software Type: domestic software Size: unknown Environment: Win2003WinXPWin2000Win9X Language: simplified Chinese Time: 2018-11-09
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Unity3d 2019 how to crack? Unity Pro 2019 Chinese cracked version of 2019.1.0A8 graphic patch installation and License Activation tutorial

Software tutorial Release date: 2018-11-09 browsing: second User comments
Unity Pro 2019.1.0A8 cracked version with graphic tutorials
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • Type: domestic software
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Size: unknown
  • Date: 2018-11-09
  • Environment: Win2003WinXPWi...
Unity Pro 2019 released a new love, there are early adopters of friends can download experience, lightning Xiao Bian here not only brought new Unity new Pro 2019 installation package, also brought a patch and license file, can activate Unity Pro 2019 perfect, in addition to this model did not bring library text offline installation package, you can own online installation. Unity Pro 2019 version more, Xiao Bian has updated Unity lightning 2017 Unity and Pro 2018, and the official website has been updated. The official work does bring a lot of new features. Unity Pro is the game developers must implement a software engine, Unity 2018 to enhance the core technology of Unity, allowing developers to fully display their talents, improve the efficiency of cooperation. The system supports Windows and Mac, covering a series of design for immersive experience and game world artist easy to use tools, and powerful developers kit, can be used to realize the logic of the game and high performance game effect. Unity also supports 2D and 3D development, can satisfy the specific needs of various types of your game function. Unity navigation system allows you to create NPC can automatically move in the game world. The system used to create navigation mesh from the scene geometry you, even the dynamic obstacles, in order to change the role of navigation at run time. The built-in user interface of UI system allows you to quickly and intuitively create user interface. Powerful, not to say, this paper mainly introduces the main installation License Activation tutorial!

Unity Pro 2019 activation installation tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, get the installation package, patch and authorization tool, the installation package is offline installation package to model library need to download and install online

Install 2, double-click the UnitySetup64.exe running, waiting for loading

3, click Next

4, check the I accept the terms of the License Agreement, click Next

5, Setup will install Unity 2019.1.0a8 in the following folder (64). To be installed in a different folder, click the Browse button After setting, click Next

6, patient

7, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

8, double-click the UnityDownloadAssistant.exe model library to install next

9, to accept the agreement, next

The model base 10, you need to select the download. Relatively large, wait for download

11, let us start to crack, the license file Unity_lic.ulf file copied to the C:\ProgramData\Unity directory

12, Unity.exe will be copied to the installation directory, click Replace in the target file
The default C:\Program Files\Unity 2019.1.0a8\Editor

13, cracked completed, run the software, skip

14, new can create a new document library.

15, set up, create project

16, enter the main interface, you can use free of charge.

Unity 2019.1.0a8 release notes

A known problem in 2019.1.088

  • Audio: reset the audio mixer group Attribute Editor crash (1097134)
    Construction of the pipeline: enable Autoconnect Profiler to build an error, unable to call ShowProfilerWindow (1059763)
    Editor: PostProcessing tutorial and throw an error, unable to start the start Learn project (1046727)
    The empty project on the iOS:iOS device PlatformInfoDispatcher.ReportAnalyticsData in building collapse (1077832)
    Preform: collapse as the cover window does not check the component dependence (1093613)
    Profiler:Audio Profiler cannot open the detail view (1093636)
    Profiler: optical detection data not shown in the view of global illumination time axis (1094030)

Known issues - will not be fixed in 2019.1

  • XR: S7 Adreno based mobile phone running Android 7, linear color space Gear VR on the existing driver problems.

Since 2019.1.0a7's new 2019.1.0a8 entry


  • Android: added package repair function, which will only be associated with the script changes are sent to equipment instead of re packaged apk file.
    Graphics: add API support for a constant content of the whole buffer: [[Material.SetConstantBuffer]] and [[Shader.SetGlobalConstantBuffer]]
    Script: experimental support for incremental garbage collection to avoid the peak value of GC

Backward compatibility change

  • Android: remove the internal system construction
    Android: updated Bluetooth headset Android detection on 6+, in order to avoid the use of abandoned method
    WebGL: the asm.js PreBuilt Engine option to delete


  • Editor: assembly definition file checker: set definition file in editing a single program, now can reorder the assembly references defined assembly references and define the constraint list.
    Editor: no default manager entry shortcut bound now is shown in bold.
    Graphics: the optional module for wind particle and terrain, so if you disable the wind, they will not be disabled. (1085664)
    Profiler: the minimum memory profiler of increasing use to the player in the 4MB and 64MB in the editor.
    XR: Vuforia update to version 7.5.20

API change

  • Graphics: display the number of jobs using the occlusion culling.
    Memory Profiler: add UnityEditor.Profiling.Memory.Experimental.PackedMemorySnapshot.Convert to handle the conversion from the MemoryProfiler.PackedMemorysnapshot object to the UnityEditor.Profiling.Memory.Experimental.PackedMemorySnapshot file.
    Terrain: add the marked version of TerrainTools (ShowBrushGUI) to select the callback to display controls
    Terrain: terrain stamp tool improved with better control, and perform better in different terrain height.
    Terrain: TerrainTools (IOnPaint.RepaintAllInspectors) function has been abandoned, replaced by Repaint (RepaintFlags), it can be used for all TerrainTool callback interface


  • Android: fixed Adreno GPU in the instance in some cases not normal operation (1053324)
    Double click Animation: animation clips will open the AnimationWindow. (1058422)
    Animation: animation timeline and fixed window hotkey hotkey conflict. (1090940)
    Animation: animation fixed window selection sub nested animation component hierarchy Animator component hierarchy. (1089015)
    Animation: fixed playback can play crash graphics and set the controller cover. (1087755)
    Animation: fixed a crash in ScriptableObject on the binding request. (1088673)
    Animation: fixed crash when the fault skeletal selected AutoMap in head configuration after. (1075651)
    Animation: to repair the abnormal CurveEditor trigger. (1092191)
    Animation: fixed in method calls to the skeleton animation operating in rewriting the IK effector. (1088067)
    Import: fixed assets is the root node into the shared assets of the head rotation. (1077942)
    Construction of pipeline: fixed object ContentBuildInterface.PrepareScene returns results sort of uncertainty problem
    Editor: fix the game view size (1083316)
    Editor: the repair is not added to the Visual Studio project of UWP construction of JPEG logo assets (1066142)
    Editor: fixed when Handles.matrix is not identified when Handles.RotationHandle cannot correct editing problems. (1095582)
    Editor: fixed terrain inspector lead to repeat unforeseen behavior problems. Now, users will receive notification of repeat inspectors. (1080942)
    Editor: fixed assets do not create a new brush when the crash occurred problems (10866751086739)
    Editor: when change the operating system locale for the non English language, use a comma instead of fixed decimal value. (1089361)
    Graphics: fix the object standard shader first choice when print to console the metal shader link error. (1083321)
    Graphics: fix the use of custom rendering properties and change material key memory leak (1090901)
    IL2CPP: disable exception, add support for CultureInfo in WebGL. (1083520)
    IL2CPP: in the MethodInfo call GetGenericArguments to allow for expansion of the generic type. (1087317)
    IL2CPP Windows.Foundation.IAsyncAction and Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation said: to repair the object in COM will be converted to System.Threading.Tasks.Task after being destroyed by the "AsTask" extension method (1086209)
    IL2CPP: Debug.WriteLine. (1088770)
    IL2CPP: when the base class using the generic type is not in any of the fields, to support the Marshal.SizeOf type used with generic base class. (1083239)
    IOS: fixed crash may be destroyed when app exits the static object (1050875)
    Linux: fixed player default to 1x1 resolution, instead of using the default native resolution (1091258)
    OSX: fixed in enter play mode when not called OnApplicationFocus (problem) (1075100)
    Preform: repair sub object attribute references, and non reference assets in the parent property when used. (10928451093647)
    Preform: memory leak repair during the import calculation of preform dependence relation.
    Prefabs: fixed a crash, because some of the components in the preservation of prefabricated will destroy the other components in the awake, this is we did not think. (1091412)
    Preform: fixed cause regression of prefabricated examples appear in the clone in the scene during the preservation. (1092726)
    Prefabricated on the PrefabUtility application invalid input and recovery method of more powerful exception. (1090918)
    Preform: update the RectTransform attribute on the modification need not try to disconnect from the preform (1078892)
    Script: improve the performance of MonoBehaviour GameObject.AddComponent call for nested in a namespace (1085304)
    Terrain: load on terrain automatic upgrade has now been identified as updated. (1081612)
    Terrain: new brush using attenuation curve contains higher resolution textures and better update terrain built-in brush
    UI element: repair when the window is smaller, VectorXXFields runs on the 2 line. (1049285)
    General Windows platform: fix InputField text selection, which is suitable for the support of Windows 10 touch devices (1002834)
    General Windows platform: to repair the damaged memory using burst operation problems (1094198)
    General Windows platform: to repair the renderer does not use multiple threads when using the D3D12 (1094199

The final 2019.1.0a8 preview release notes


  • Android: add Android support gap
    Android: add AndroidDevice.SetSustainedPerformanceMode API to enable / disable the performance mode at run time
    Android: add OpenGL ES 3.2 support
    Android: added package repair function, which will only be associated with the script changes are sent to equipment instead of re packaged apk file.
    Editor:.NET 4.x script runtime compilation C add CSHARP_7_3_OR_NEWER preprocessor directive 7.3.
    Editor: when the.Csproj is rewritten to disk, the message will be logged to the Editor.log, so you can easily find out why.Csproj will reload in C IDE. Prefix "[C Project]".
    Editor: new keyboard shortcut manager configuration interface.
    Editor: script triggered internal Unity system now to recompile message in the [ScriptCompilation] prefix to record Editor.log
    GI: add GPU lightmapper preview version in the Windows editor. You can choose the "lighting" window. The optical mapping based on RadeonRays and OpenCL, can be used for all 2Gb has more special memory of modern GPU.
    GI:GPU Lightmapper: double GI markers on material support.
    GI:GPU Lightmapper: Shadow grid and receiving support.
    Graphics: add API support for a constant content of the whole buffer: [[Material.SetConstantBuffer]] and [[Shader.SetGlobalConstantBuffer]]
    Figure Vulkan: initial sparse texture support
    Graphics: Vulkan plug-in supported this machine
    IOS: added in iOS and tvOS on top of the machine UI rendering Unity support
    Physics: add the method to determine the nearest point of Collider2D. Add Physics2D.ClosestPoint, Rigidbody2D.ClosestPoint and Collider2D.ClosestPoint.
    Profiler:UnityEditor.Experimental.Networking.PlayerConnection.EditorGUILayout.AttachToPlayerDropdown API added to the public, to display to provide a one-stop solution and changing the editor attached to the player.
    Script: experimental support for incremental garbage collection to avoid the peak value of GC
    Shaders: add new user command shader_feature_local and multi_compile_local variants, they do not contribute to the global keyword count
    Shaders: added to the BLENDWEIGHTS and BLENDINDICES semantic support in the vertex shader
    Timeline: add API support to track animation

Backward compatibility change

  • Android: remove the internal system construction
    Android: updated Bluetooth headset Android detection on 6+, in order to avoid the use of abandoned method
    Editor: shortcut drop-down list merge configuration files and shortcuts configuration file options cog to a single drop-down list
    Graphics: added coverage for LightmapEmissionFlagsProperty, allowing the display of emission GI option without checking the emission color attribute (_EmissionColor)
    Figure ASTC': fast' and 'best' compressor quality options now actually and 'normal' different
    Graphics: prohibit renaming for SRP rendering (i.e. prohibit recursive rendering).
    Graphics: from the editor deleted graphic simulation
    Graphics: [Metal] debugging in the Release version of visible group now
    IOS:UnityWebRequest will use the new back-end based on NSURLSession. The old NSURLConnection backend is still available (dropping notes on the trampoline).
    IOS: iPhone XR / XS / XS Max updated the game view resolution options
    Physical: will increase the maximum angular velocity of the default to 50 radians per second, because the default value is too low
    General Windows platform: delete the.NET backend script
    WebGL: the asm.js PreBuilt Engine option to delete
    WebGL: gameInstance will be renamed unityInstance
    WebGL: the default compression settings for Brotli


  • Android Adreno: disable Vulkan driver solution for the latest driver
    Android: use OpenSL instead of AudioTrack in more equipment. This reduces the audio input and output delay.
    Animation: add Avatar.humanDescription attribute.
    Animation: all Animator StateMachine nodes on the grid alignment
    Animation: improve the performance of AvatarBuilder
    Animation: improved support for animationStobs, use the TransformStreamHandle binding dynamic adding transformation at run time.
    Animation: animation window preview / upgrade playback engine using Playable API.
    Introduction: added to the camera assets in support of Sketchup Importer
    Introduction: extended grid optimization option assets model of asset import settings on the optimization to allow independent control of vertex order and polygon order, rather than from the same marker control
    Asset import: improved the performance of DXT1 / BC1 and DXT5 / BC3 texture compression. Please note that although the compression quality will not be a subtle influence, but may produce different compression results
    Calculation: * command buffer implementation allows more script CommandBuffers utility function and the asynchronous computation used together, such as getting the temporary render target. Add a logo to the CommandBuffers concept, describe how they perform, error handling and allow for better, because the command buffer is constructed in the script. This allows the generation of abnormal in adding invalid asynchronous computing command.
  • Add the GPU potential deadlock situations in the editor detection, which users create GPU fence in a command buffer, but never execute the command buffer.

Editor: add Clear on Build option in Console

Editor: redo Android keystore and key creation UI

GI:GPU lightmapper: when back to CPU lightmapper, will report to Editor.log memory dump.

GI: GPU lightmapper, optimization of low occupancy rate baked lightmapped.

Graphics: added for layer sorting to ScriptableRenderContext filter

Graphics: change the motion vector: 1 - when excluding the motion vector flag is 2, the node has only Camera Motion no longer skip when excluding the motion vector logo is open, just skip with explicit motion vector transfer sub grid

Graphics: frame debugger now displays the compute shader shader property scheduling

Graphics: GraphicsFences is now available for Vulkan, Metal, D3D11, OpenGL and OpenGL ES rendering backend.

Graphics: no light rectangular oblique projection matrix evaluation

Graphics: in parallel threads for terrain (such as grass) implementation of grid construction

IOS: add the start screen image field is iPhone XS and XS Max

IOS: reconstruction of iOS equipment for generating and analyzing

Mobile Lightmapped: added support for RGBM and native HDR

The package manager: Editor.log The recording project loading time

Package management: release package manager UI v2.1.0-preview-1

  • Support the max / min
  • Support PackageManager UI to save the maximum in the layout
  • The selected package built-in tracking
  • The last choice of tracking filter
  • Repair UI layout

Package manager: EnablePackageManagerTraces Command parameters can also improve the logging level of the UPM process.

Physics: add receive four yuan number Rigidbody2D.MoveRotation overloaded.

Physical: ensure that the Rigidbody2D and Collider2D components of the Inspector Info rollout to maintain its unfolded state in the entry / exit play mode or move in between components.

Physics: OnCollisionEnter, OnCollisionStay and OnCollisionExit now does not create any GC distribution.

Physics: OnCollisionEnter2D, OnCollisionStay2D and OnCollisionExit2D now does not create any GC distribution.

Playables:Made IPlayableBehaviour.OnBehaviourPause when calling Playable and PlayableGraph pause pause, instead of OR. (1077846)

Plugin: pre loading now supports any native plug-in. Add PluginImporter.isPreloaded.

Profiler: analysis of il2cpp enable automatic script thread

Profiler: the minimum memory profiler of increasing use to the player in the 4MB and 64MB in the editor.

PS4: add on board pointer simulation sensitivity touch support (PS4Input.touchpadMouseSensitivity)

Shaders: through debugging the shaders in generation (#pragma enable_d3d11_debug_symbols) disable optimizer to improve shader debugging.

Terrain: allows setting in the terrain shadowCastingMode.

Timeline: the improvement of the performance of the timeline editor window display

Web: added support for additional file in the DownloadHandlerFile mode

WebGL: add Quit to the Unity instance () function support

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