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Professional: today to food rumor rumor! No food can prevent cancer! All the enzymes scam!

Network life Release date: 2018-10-26 browsing: second User comments
Read too many rumors, today to tell you who is a rumor, rumor that today we are reliable? The rumor from the professional team of clove doctor, very professional! Of course, Xiao Bian also think this rumor is 100% preparation. But 99% still can! So not only exclusive, specially for everyone to share!
Today the main said rumors about food. After all, this and our lives, health once spread rumors, rumors are much more common than harm. Light let some people fall into the trap of "health" while in some cases harass the people and waste money, give regular treatment, resulting in irreparable consequences.
Finishing 101, there is no absolute, but not very serious finishing

One Bananas, persimmons, oranges, tomatoes, milk, Soybean Milk...... Can eat. Because the hungry, is always the fasting state.


Two Seafood can eat fruit, durian milk can eat together, eat together, can Soybean Milk egg tofu spinach can also eat together...... As long as the food is clean and sanitary, the legendary grams of food can eat together.


Three Plastic Bidami expensive, no one is stupid enough to manufacture fake rice with plastic particles.


Four Don't waste plastic bags to do a business with laver.


Five Fans are also.


Six The stuffing is dried meat floss dried meat floss cake. Cotton and meat, is to eat the difference.


Seven Seamless artificial eggshell too difficult, if there is such a technology, only for the fake egg is at a loss.


Eight No watermelon injections on the market, with the eye of a needle will be very obvious, stain will make such a rotten watermelon, melon sold.


Nine Red pitaya, red grapefruit is not dyed.


Ten Small tomato is not genetically modified products, it is one of the most primitive tomato varieties.


Eleven The pill will not let seedless grape, in fact, will not have any effect on grape. Full support for grape growers to spray the pill.


Twelve Seedless watermelon similarly.


Thirteen "The Lancet" (professional medical journal top) not published "on the staple food to eat to die quickly". The eat, the drink, A comprehensive, balanced, moderate is the most simple and smart diet rule.


Fourteen After taped, formaldehyde in the vegetables did not be detected, not to exceed the standard said.


Fifteen What is not "poison spinach vegetable king", not foreigners also purify the soil washed spinach, and you can rest assured to eat.


Sixteen Crayfish is not Japanese invaders conspiracy, catfish was very clean, they are delicious and not dirty.


Seventeen Instant noodles, Hot pot bottom material, Malatang using the body cremated corpse oil? Say it like it's a good buy, corpse oil is also very cheap!


Eighteen The package wrap watermelon, not more bacteria. Eat melon, cover with plastic wrap and put it in a refrigerator.


Nineteen Exercise, wrapped in plastic wrap will not thin faster, just look much sweat.


Twenty The tea oil, not easy to lose weight, lose weight? Basic unlikely.


Twenty-one The first batch of spring usually do not fight pesticides, so, Drink tea and drink pesticide.


Twenty-two The infusion can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, will only increase the risk of venous injection.


Twenty-three Without some food can pass through the blood vessels, in the hope that the diet of blockage of blood vessels is not realistic.


Twenty-four Heart attacks, time is life, don't waste time with the toes, earlobe, thorn in the pinch...... Lie, call 120, the cardiac arrest cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Twenty-five Feel dizzy, smell down medicine, occurs only in the world of martial arts and the flow of the three detective novels in the TV series. This is really good stuff, early clinical use.


Twenty-six "Wake up, lying in a bathtub filled with ice, two" waist injury, not to believe the urban legend. Do not know the kidney "model", and to whom to go ah.


Twenty-seven In the house, smoked vinegar, in addition to let people feel sad tears, can not prevent any disease, including cold, may also induce asthma.


Twenty-eight Vinegar to soak the foot, do not treat beriberi, will only make the taste more smelly smelly feet.


Twenty-nine Vinegar ingredients, can soften blood vessels, Let the vinegar quietly doing seasoning.


Thirty Repeatedly boiled water to drink, the only reason is scalded.


Thirty-one Alkaline water, water in water, water, water long baby...... Under various names of water, not much different in essence. Water is used to supply water, the most important is clean, is the only important thing.


Thirty-two All the so-called up things up, not himself, is the merchant's purse.


Thirty-three Alcohol is 1 carcinogen. Wine Riga more supplements, herbs, no health effects, but can not drink every day.


Thirty-four Do not drink warm, feel hot after the illusion, will be more cold.


Thirty-five Drink red wine to protect the heart, do not give absolute reliable doctor advised.


36. WHO clear: coffee has no carcinogenic risk. No matter what brand, as long as not too hot on the line.


Thirty-seven After the early morning to drink a cup of salt water, is not conducive to the control of blood pressure, is not a good habit.


38. 38.  Mobile phone, computer, wireless router, TV, microwave oven...... There is radiation, but it is non ionizing radiation is harmless to the human body, and the power is very weak.


Thirty-nine Low sodium salt is not killed, but is conducive to the control of blood pressure. As long as normal renal function, recommended to eat low sodium salt.


Forty Iodized salt is not a radiation protection.


Forty-one The security of radiation, will not affect our health.


Forty-two Not what enzyme products, said more bluntly that: On the market of enzymes, are money, don't buy.


Forty-three Quit any harm, said a statement will quit smoking disease, are just excuses.


Forty-four Can not eat garlic cancer every day, but can prevent sexual harassment.


Forty-five MSG with or without heating, are not carcinogenic.


Forty-six No single food or health products can prevent cancer, No.


Forty-seven If there was a way to cure cancer, will be a sensation throughout the world, and not just a local television broadcast or spread in a group of believers in the folk tuesday.


Forty-eight A few drops of blood, urine can not detect cancer.


Forty-nine A spit also cannot measure how gifted kids iq.


Fifty Don't pick blood sucking mosquitoes, sweating, breathing heavy, mosquitoes are more love.


Fifty-one The biggest difference between soil and domestic egg in egg prices, not nutrients.


Fifty-two Eggshell color, and chicken varieties, has nothing to do with the quality of eggs.


Fifty-three Chicken forty days out, is to breed, carefully designed feed and optimized culture conditions, do not rely on hormones, there is no need to resort to deceit.


Fifty-four Honey, no effect on health, is the main sugar.


Fifty-five Xinjiang chicken market will be in the AIDS virus. Pay attention to the science of national unity is very important, also remember.


Fifty-six Go to a regular blood station, blood donation points, not the spread of AIDS, hepatitis B and other blood borne diseases.


Fifty-seven The blood is not harmful to health, of course, have no special benefits for blood donors, The main is to help others get a sense of honor.


Fifty-eight Black do not eat soy sauce, drink milk can whiten.


Fifty-nine Instant noodles is not poisonous, not the thirty-two Day Detox, but salt is really, try to eat.


Sixty Fishbone card throat, do not drink water, drink vinegar, rice and vegetable roll out with forceps clip swallowed, or directly, go to the hospital to find a doctor working in the Department of ENT.


Sixty-one Wok cooking is very good, but Do not iron .


Sixty-two Gelatin, red dates, brown sugar, red peanut is very delicious, but No blood .


Sixty-three Bone soup, chicken soup is good to drink, but No calcium .


Sixty-four Bullwhip, whip, penises, donkey, rhizome, iron whip, whip...... What to eat whip, all No aphrodisiac .


Sixty-five The bird's nest No beauty Still, a major allergen.


Sixty-six Don't eat walnuts Bunao, beans and kidney, do not eat papaya breast, do not eat cucumber nor impotence...... In order to shape up, too Do not pay attention to The.


Sixty-seven Coke no spermicidal and celery spermicidal and riding a bicycle, not spermicidally pocket mobile phone not to kill sperm, sperm killing, But the local high temperature for a long time, it will affect sperm motility and quantity.


Sixty-eight Corn boiled water to drink, can lower blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid, What also can not drop.


Sixty-nine Is the correct use of condoms, condoms can effectively reduce the risk of infectious diseases and contraception.


Seventy Changdou site and corresponding organs, what relationships are not. Acne is a local hair follicle and sebaceous glands of chronic inflammation, even the muscle layer did not arrive, Visceral and eight pole could not beat.


Seventy-one The regular stainless steel products, there is no risk of manganese exceed the standard, we through dietary intake of manganese in the level of safety.


Seventy-two Don't massage breast, don't, don't regulate menstruation, ovarian maintenance do not use lotion to clean the vagina. Good days don't blow away.


Seventy-three Spend five or six minutes a day to turn the eye, up to relieve visual fatigue, impossible to cure high myopia.


Seventy-four Eye exercises the most useful action, is the beginning of the "closed".


Seventy-five "There are 2 million 100 thousand children died of this saying" luxury decoration without strict confirmed in our country every year. In the period from November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010 statistics, the number of a total of 144079 deaths of children aged 0~14 years in china.


Seventy-six Although not biting a pencil lead poisoning, but it is also a bad habit.


Seventy-seven In medicine, the concept did not exist in stool.


Seventy-eight Stenting is an effective method for the treatment of coronary heart disease, the, don't listen to rumors to delay the rescue time of gold.


Seventy-nine Is a human vaccine against infectious diseases of the most powerful weapons, enough people vaccinated, it can form a broad, powerful defense. But the production of inferior vaccine, damn.


Eighty  The morning ginger will not become ginseng, ginger night will not become arsenic, ginger, is a kind of flavoring ingredients.


Eighty-one Morning and evening apple apple, nutritional value is the same.


Eighty-two The morning water not because overnight become carcinogenic poison.


Eighty-three Eye drops can not cure the cataract.


Eighty-four Have a fever, do not cover the sweat.


Eighty-five The child is burning smoke, febrile seizures, this time not to mouth anything, let the children lying on the soft bed, waiting for the past like convulsions.


Eighty-six If you eat no discomfort, menstrual, Can eat cold eat eat eat all Hot pot.


Eighty-seven During the month, Sure Brush one's teeth、 Sure Take a shower、 Sure Washing hair、 Sure Blowing air, Sure Ambulation, Sure Eat all kinds of delicious......


Eighty-eight Blood pressure, drugs can not stop, on-time medication benefits Far far more than possible side effects.


Eighty-nine To save cord blood is not necessary, the actual use of the chance of not more than 0.4% suggestions to public cord blood bank, To save money, might help to others.


Ninety Do not burn, do not apply to anything, rinse with running water, until the pain, to go to the hospital for treatment.


Ninety-one Ginger rub the hair not hair.


Ninety-two No treatment of liver injury induced by Polygonum multiflorum.


Ninety-three Eat more food and more thin negative energy does not exist. Can eat more thin, only ice and northwest wind.


Ninety-four Blowing air blowing not paralysis, Because there is no air conditioning in ancient times, there was a man of facial paralysis.


Ninety-five Wisdom teeth can not face lift, lift the artifact is useless, Cheek becomes small, not the masseter muscle atrophy is cut bone.


Ninety-six No available whitening products, unless you buy a good foundation for......


Ninety-seven No shock treatment of addiction.


Ninety-eight Health care products, health care equipment on TV all the monsters and freaks of all descriptions to sell, A don't believe.


Ninety-nine The cervical erosion is not a disease, with more personal character has nothing to do with it, The female virtue is a fart.


One hundred The pH constitution is a false concept, all is based on this theory, are false.


One hundred and one The human body has no "poison" to row, Those people fooled businesses and marketing, is the biggest problem!

You work hard, don't forget to share with your friends and family! Your share, may help them greatly!

From the professional doctor clove

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