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Sophie technology released the world's first mobile phone broken screen can be folded without folding

Network life Release date: 2018-11-01 browsing: second User comments
Early hear foldable mobile phone, Microsoft last year has been passed on to the concept of folding mobile phone, now is always thought of dystocia, folding the concept is not. Today, the domestic soft technology company released a new foldable mobile phone, mobile phone directly to lead a mobile phone for ten years, entered a new era of innovation. Mobile phone folded after only 4 inch, 8 inch full screen to start, enter more than 100% times! You have no heart, anyway, Xiaobian want to try!

Soft picual folding screen mobile phone is introduced

Send the soft screen with 7.8 inches higher flexible screen soft technology independently developed by the 2 generation, with a large color gamut display, strong contrast characteristics such as durability on more than 200 thousand times the bending operation, and because the characteristics of the flexible screen, in the future will not break the screen.
Due to the characteristics of flexible screen, soft faction in daily use can be folded to only ordinary 4 inch size ordinary mobile phone size, but such as office, entertainment scene, you can take this 7.8 inch fully expanded use.

Soft picual folding screen mobile phone parameters

Send soft hardware equipped Xiaolong 8 processor system, supplemented by 6GB/8GB +128GB/256GB/512GB; the camera, with 16 million +2000 megapixel camera, because of the flexible screen technology, so it can be folded mobile phone self self timer. Equipped with soft filling technology life soft technology independent research and development, the official said the 1 hours can be filled with 80%. But the official did not disclose the specific number of battery ma.

Soft picual folding screen mobile phone price

Send soft price, 6GB+128GB price of 8999 yuan, the price of 9998 yuan 8GB+256GB, 8GB+512GB price 12999 yuan. In November 1st there will be four time points for limited panic buying. There is also a country in Europe, North America, the UK release developer version.

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