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QQ dancer memory task assistant x Version (, West memory assistant v28.0 version of the heart

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-08-22
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 QQ dancer memory task assistant x Version (, West memory assistant v28.0 version of the heart
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QQ dancer memory aides can be the perfect continuous perfect great good god. The memory assistant also has other functions: Crazy enhancement, enhancement, VOS enhancement, traditional dance rhythm enhancement, enhancement, dynamic enhancement, mobile enhancement, brush heart enhancement, automatic preparation, mode conversion, and memory assistant can also narrow the game, not blocking the line of sight!
If the latest version of the 3.6.1- version of the cardiac memory assistant
Optimization of stability, solve the line problem
Please support QQ dancer 3.6.1

If memory assistant supports QQ extension 3.7.0 (anew), Hyun dance memory assistant official website download the latest version, welcome to use the latest version of 3.7.0 memory assistant

Function Description: 1, support all models (except cake mode)
2, support P full of joy around dance mode
3, assistant function is simple and practical, does not destroy the game balance
4, green non-toxic free memory aides keep the latest version of the auxiliary!
5, memory assistant ad free / no profit / not to do commercial use update: 16.1.23
Please support the spirit challenge, enabled by default. Assist to open, can go directly to the challenge
Please support the latest big wheel lottery
Please start optimization mode. Recommended start mode two
Please support QQ dancer 3.8.6
Please repair the reconnection with
When the optimization of CPU function


Repair date and rhythm!
Rewrite the code!
Increased cardiac 400Kgf dancer memory assistant latest version
Increased exercise GMF (236P)! (Give Me Five) Kgf Hyun increase automatic wheat, can pass the achievements and tasks!
In addition to the practice mode of around three songs, the other are manually key box Kgf-
2, repair team flat brush function
3, increase the ranking switch
4, support the brush around open position
5, code optimization new wording
6, CPU optimization open card
7, no return, seconds / seconds (support)

Dynamic enhancement, background removal, turn script 222P, brush around required function
Support automatic start / automatic preparation (support the second opening / second, quasi) song transitions, script mode, CPU/ optimization, hidden black! Turn crazy etc.

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