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5.0.3 official version of For QQ9.x IP to advertising

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-12
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  5.0.3 official version of For QQ9.x IP to advertising
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QQ is a powerful auxiliary enhancement plug-in, main function to advertising QQ significantly IP and QQ, in order to meet the needs of everyone, added a series of powerful functions, but in essence, is a traditional QQ IP plugin, only this!
The well-known QQ enhanced plugin has been updated to the latest version of the current 5.0.3 version of the official version, the latest version of repair repair is compatible with QQ9.0.7, advanced detection function, repair the default precision IP query point failure problem, update the version number of QQ database to 2018-11-11

Function introduction

is a QQ PC version to create a set of IP, to enhance the function of advertising, and other functions in one of the auxiliary plug-in, it can play strong, perfect function, stable and mature, the use of can make your PC more practical and better QQ. In addition to advertising and display IP, can also be lit every drill icon, this function can be open to all local business icons (unseen), turn on this feature can also enjoy the privilege of green: for example, in the group can share songs to your group of friends. QQ bigger, memory is more and more high, the little memory is not enough, this function can automatically open the memory consolidation fixed order memory. Usually there are many built-in QQ components did not use to do it yourself, you can use this software plug-in filter function off them, reducing the memory footprint, you are fresh.


- compatible QQ9.0.7 repair
- repair of advanced detection function
- repair default high precision IP query point failure problem
- updated QQ version to 2018-11-11 database
- compatible QQ9.0.5 repair
- repair of advanced detection function
Optimization of high precision IP - the default query point operator information display
- Optimization of soft kill was part of the problem of false positives
- updated QQ version to 2018-08-18 database

Installation method:

Please read the QQ HummerEngine.dll file in the Bin directory and renamed HummerEngineBase.dll

Then the compressed package Files folder copy all the contents to the QQ Bin folder

Note: you need to open the folder in the QQ.exe cannot be opened using the shortcut

With the use of video tutorials will not download watching: Http://

The video is recorded before the method is the same as you look assured

Special note:

Show the other side of IP address, IP attribution information, version number. The fourth generation of IP address original active detection technology, with the powerful IP database, truly accurate and high efficiency of IP, the Internet site all friends!
Boss key, usually go to work, the information class QQ chat always afraid of the boss or teacher caught? Usually at home to tell parents their access to information is to chat with other people for fear of being caught by the parents? Just to chat with other people, do not want others to see, impatient hands busy to turn off the QQ on the line again need a period of time are afraid of being misunderstood? Press CTRL+WIN (logo key), QQ immediately disappear, press QQ to automatically restore the original scene again, it is very convenient!
My account, forged QQ number, QQ number of arbitrary use (not visible to other people), but one or two times the play is good, is not recommended to open for a long time Oh, otherwise there may be unstable.
This icon lit function can be open to all local business icons (unseen), turn on this feature can also enjoy the privilege of green: for example, in the group can share songs to your group of friends.
The local members do not need to pay membership, membership to graffiti avatars, want to use the function of advertisement and so on!
Memory consolidation, QQ bigger, memory is more and more high, the little memory is not enough ah fuck! This feature is turned on automatically using QQ internal function to clean up memory.
Fake & crack version login, QQ version is too new or too old is no sign? These two functions with the use of any crack QQ2009SP6 above logon limit.
Show hidden icons, QQ2009SP5 above version is a hidden icon, others want to see the hidden icons? You can use this function.
Crack graph restrictions in the group that made plans to send pictures too much? Fast with this feature, hundreds of breath easily.
The plug-in filter, 100% complete filter usually didn't use the plug-in, memoryfootprint, are you relaxed.
To log in advertising, advertising out of order to log what, I don't use, turn off!
To start Banner, Banner is very creative, but my QQ is my DIY, I don't want to replace with the design of Tencent Banner I, then turn on this option.
Group member color highlighting, in the group members, highlighting your friends and you will be able to see your friends, who in this group.
I am simple party, I don't love the group button, I want all removed, then to configure text open this option!
Virtual camera. MM! I want to chat with her video, but I did not install the camera!! Quick opening virtual camera.
Crack check, still worried about the network so much to check the patch is not stable, or the new failure? Since the to check the patch, you won't always be looking for to check the patch!
The group button, blank party favorite group, the disappearance of the button.
Non frosted glass, Win7 glass eyes dizzy? But I also want to clear? Try to open this function, instantly remove the fuzzy layer, so that QQ is no longer fuzzy.
Cloud Query Library, without seeking for eight for the seven version of the QQ version number, not every five days to upgrade a IP database! It is a fully automatic query server, eliminating manual trouble.
IP, go to advertising, boss key, filter, local members, memory consolidation... You find more features, etc.!
Installation tutorial:
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