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Morning breeze QQ chatting robot V2018 4.036 Green Free Edition / crack tutorial

  • Software size: 1.01 MB
  • Update Date: 2018-08-09
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Morning breeze QQ chatting robot V2018 4.036 Green Free Edition / crack tutorial
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Morning breeze QQ robot (morning breeze QQ chat robot) to achieve chat with QQ friends and QQ group news, QQ group private chat (temporary conversation) automatic extraction, automatic reply, powerful character matching technology, so that you can avoid repeated keystrokes annoyance. The software also supports automatic chat and semi-automatic chat. Let you divide the class, let different netizens enjoy different treatment! You can constantly train and improve the automatic response ability of the QQ robot. More powerful functions are being developed. Welcome to make valuable suggestions.

Function introduction

The morning breeze QQ robot realizes chat with QQ friends and QQ group news, QQ group private chat automatic extraction, automatic reply, in addition to powerful self-learning function, there are abundant group management functions, which can perfectly relate website data, send broadcast announcements to the group in time, and have more popular phrases such as language Solitaire, intelligence answer, lucky draw, red envelopes, big bet small dice, fishing, martial arts competition, marriage and marriage.

Crack method

Crack introduction: the use of this patch is equivalent to the morning breeze authorized license number.
Update Description: fixed the last version of the login password error problem. And change into the patch to crack the way!
Patch usage: put the patch directly into the same directory where the official program is downloaded, then start the patch.

To update:

The 4.035 version adds functions to view messages within groups and to send instructions and messages to groups through web pages.
Morning breeze QQ robot v3.99 update log (2017-2-11)

1., the recognition of QQ level is increased, and the trumpet advance group can be more effectively blocked.
Update 3.83 Edition:
1. random text.Txt, random text 1.txt, random text 100.txt and so on can be used to determine the conditions, such as% condition requirements of such a%,% treasure requirements of a certain certain% and so on. You can also use repetition [10 times] to increase the probability of a certain hit.
2. groups of picture files support relative paths, such as [imgurl] more game files can be put here / picture .png[/imgurl].
3. added one.
4. add a "blacklist" instruction, for some blacklist people, and later if other administrators agree to add a group, or have not successfully kicked out of the group, you can send this instruction in batches.
5. add "all QQ as long as treasure has a dagger" and "random QQ as long as treasure has a dagger" and so on. It is used to analyze the QQ number with certain treasure, such as weapons, defense, medals and so on.
Update 3.79 Edition:
1. add a random text, random text 1, random text 2, random text 3... Random text 100. It is used to read the corresponding "random text.Txt", "random text 1.txt", "random text 2.txt" and "random text 3.txt" in the robot directory. A random line in random text 100.txt.
2. if an output is replaced by a "coercive operation" in the text, the software will first force the contents of the output replacement to combine multiple numbers into one number.
Update 3.78 Edition:
1. if we add a "no influence" on the order of 134024293 minutes, 13402429 minutes, 134024295 hours, and 134024295 of the prohibition 13402429, for example, changing the ban does not affect 134024293 minutes of confinement, the lifting of the ban does not affect the confinement 13402429, prohibition does not affect the confinement of 134024295 hours, and the lifting of the ban does not affect the confinement of 13402429, which will not affect the confinement of the group.
You can replace directly in the input substitution, for example.
Lifting of the ban Lifting of the ban does not affect confinement.
In this way, the administrator only needs to enter the instructions such as "lift off 13402429".
2. destroy the treasure serial number randomly, destroy the treasure game number 1 and so on the game statement, will replace the treasure serial number randomly and so on to be destroyed specifically.
3. improve the function of voting system.

Update 3.77 Edition: 1. increase the initial number of 1000 virtual numbers for the entire robot public number. It is convenient for different groups to cross group gifts, and so on. 2. in order to facilitate the addition of temporary administrator or temporary master's permission and make the game sentence more concise (do not write two game sentences for ordinary group friends and robot owners respectively), it is recommended to add three kinds of treasure props, including the founder token, the master token and the administrator token, which can be manually assigned to the group friends according to need, and can also add an effective period to the 3 Treasures in the list of goods. In custom games, you can use% treasure to ask for master token; conditional sentences such as chartered token% and so on, indicate that there are "master token" or "chartered chartered token" in treasure, which can meet the requirements. Remember, once the treasure of a group friend has a "founder token" (that is, the owner of the default group rule, all groups have a master's permission), "master token" and "administrator token" can send instructions in the group that only the owner or the administrator can send. 3. increase the bet on the small dice game. If you want a robot to be in a regular task and start automatically, you can add a timed task, such as: start a seat [timed task game] interval 1 hours, 3.76 Edition Update: 1. fix the task of "throwing red packets 5 intervals of 3 hours" and so on, the task will send bug infinitely. 2. add a special text to replace the blank. For example, you add one line to the output substitution.
Update 3.74 Edition:
1. add a "show expiration date 13402429 fishing condition" and "display expiration date sweat horse" to show the expiration date of the valid items in the store.
1. for fishing, dart and other games, you can add a corresponding treasure in the store and set it up a little longer than playing games, such as "35 minutes of validity", prohibition of gifts, prohibition of sale, prohibition of selling and selling dart, [valid for 1 days] treasure, no shooting, no fishing ban, no fishing ban.
Such treasures can be written without price. Because ordinary friends can't buy them directly in stores. And it will not be shown in the list of goods.
The items in the store will not be displayed in the list as long as they contain the word "no buy".
Update 3.71 Edition:
1. increase = =, = = two operators.
2. all instructions sent directly in the group, such as rewards, deductions, forbidden words, gifts and so on, all support a plus @ (no more than one @ can not be implemented), such as "reward @13402429 200", "give @13402429 1 thousand".
Update 3.70 Edition:
1., bug is always a failure to repair and challenge the allies.
2. digit 2, digit 2 no blank, two variables do not enter any number in group friend sentences, the default value will be 0, instead of group friend's QQ number.
3. after a variety of conditional variables, you can add some irrelevant character characters to facilitate targeted replacement when output is replaced.
Update 3.65 Edition:
1. fixed the problem of failing to login and get the group list correctly because of Tencent's upgrade of the webqq interface without checking Android's login.
2. increasing% number 2 requires >5%,% figure 2 to require conditional instructions such as <1000%, and supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of four operations.
3. optimizes the matching order of automatic recovery and priority recovery to improve the accuracy of recovery statements.
Update 3.64 Edition:
1. if you have a lot of groups, you can't show them in the default group list. You can first select "default shield all groups" in the "option settings" - "global settings", then use robots only in manually opened groups, then create a "manually open group message list.Txt" in the software directory, manually adding those groups to each line. The format can refer to the "open group message list.Txt" generated automatically by the software itself.

2. increase the gift of all VIP robber cards, destroy all the robber cards, give everyone lucky stones, destroy all VIP lucky stones, destroy all human treasures, destroy all weapons and other instructions.
Update 3.60 Edition:

Group friends only need to issue "challenge the Wulin leader", and the software will automatically replace the sentence "challenge 13402429". (13402429) the current leader of Wulin, if no one has been awarded the title of "Wulin title", then he can be awarded the robot's first master by default.
Update 3.59 Edition:
Increased%% administrator requirement is% (requirement is robot administrator, non Q group administrator) three kinds of game instructions, convenient design partner rescue.
Update 3.56 Edition:
Increase the function of song, for example, in the group.
How can you make me sad? [give] a certain certain, song Michael Wong fairy tale, song Jacky Cheung one thousand sad reasons [to @13402429], song tomorrow, song, later, "do not want to write anything."
Update 3.54 Edition:
1. increase the function of @ group friends. For example, when you want to remind others at the same time, you can add @13402429 @151409321, @XXX (XXX will automatically recognize each other's nickname, do not need to manually input).
2. increase the function of sending pictures.
Due to many restrictions on uploading pictures, Tencent can only upload good pictures to your personal photo album at the moment, and set the viewing permission of all the pictures to open to all, and then copy the URLs of each picture.
3. increase
4. in the global settings, an option of "automatic consent for robots to be added to the group" is added.
5. groups of friends will be prompted when they are added to the management of the QQ group or when they are relieved of their identity.
Update 3.53 Edition:
Increase the detection of group card changes.
Support special symbols as group cards, such as ",", ",", "and".
Restore the function of batch modification of business cards.

Timed task time format supports periodic execution of tasks such as "5 minutes interval", "interval 3 hours" and "interval 2 days".
Update 3.52 Edition:

Adding Android protocol interface is more stable and powerful, and does not affect the simultaneous login of QQ on the computer.
Update 3.51 Edition:
Input substitution can also use various conditional statements, such as adding two rows in the input replacement.Txt.
Sign in Sign in%% requirement 50 thousand%
gambling Gambling time interval requires 10%% score of 70 thousand%.
Only those who score higher than 50 thousand can sign in, and only those who score above 70 thousand can gamble, and each time interval request is greater than 10 seconds.
Fix a bug like "look at 13402429 praise one hundred billion".
% time requirement% increase variables such as Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, 19:35 and so on, such as% time requirement Monday 13%%,% time requirement < 15:40 15:40% (indicating that it must be on the day of the day).
Conditional statements, such as% time interval, require <5,30> second%% level to require <4,8>%, or you can use random numbers.
Update 3.49 Edition:
Support replies to the same keywords in sequence.
For example, if you add ten automatic answers with "hello" as the key word, the user answers the first one when you first "hello", and answers the second additional answers when you send second "hello", and so on.
In the state of "disabling the network intelligent Thesaurus", the automatic reply content is added to the current single group (except the default public group Thesaurus). If users can not find the information they inquired, they will automatically prompt the user whether "you are looking for it".
Support group expiration time settings, as long as the software is marked on the date of maturity of a group of a certain month, after that time, the robot will automatically stop the group to open the robot.
It is only in the "options settings" - "global settings" that you select "default shielding all groups, and only use robots in manually opened groups" before setting date of validity date.
Update 3.48 Edition:
If you remove the "allow group temporary conversation (private chat) to continue chatting, check-in, gambling, robbery and enquiry" in group planning settings, you can ban group friends from playing group games in private chat mode.
Increase the percentage of treasure number requires <6%,% treasure number requirements >2% and other restrictive conditions format.
Group scheduled tasks, if you want to specify a month to perform a task, you can set the format as follows
Reward everyone 2002014082516 points 10 points.
Before the usual 16:10 and so on format, add 20140825, which means that the timing task will be executed only at that time in August 25, 2014.
A special folder is added: "more game files can be put here" to store all kinds of custom games. After adding or modifying the files in that directory, it will take effect if the robot reloads the first menu.
Update 3.47 Edition:
Adding "destroy treasure 13402429" directive can destroy all items in the column of treasure on the 13402429 account, and it can also be used in rewards and punishments instruction.

Specific custom game play and examples, please look at the software catalog under the "custom game.Txt". To modify and edit the game yourself, you only need to modify the "custom game.Txt", then point to the "reload" under the first menu of the robot. It will take effect.
Update 3.46 Edition:
Add some built-in rewards and punishment instructions to facilitate you to customize some games, such as adding "robbery bank" games, and then add the following sentences in the priority reply content or ordinary automatic reply content.
Bank robbery No, the bank said, your fake guns can't be robbed, you can go to prison to study and Practice for a few years. The robbery failed, not only did it not grab the money, but also lost a few bucks in his pocket.
Bank robbery After the robbery, CHENFENG bank was robbed of five thousand gold coins!
Update 3.45 Edition:
Add instructions like "reward all vip200 coins" and "reward all VIP praise 200".
Increase the "cross group complimentary 219161134025" and "cross group transfer praise 2191615" two orders, facilitate cross group donation or transfer praise.
To repair the problem of network lexicon, the Baidu lexicon is closed by default. If you want to open it, you can manually send one: open the Baidu lexicon instruction.
Update 3.44 Edition:
If there is no need to set the number of praise for each level, use the default rule.
Increase orders like "reward 50 for everyone".
Add "check in display format" box to display correctly.
Increase the number of final statements by more than 30 and kick the final speech more than 30.
Update 3.43 Edition:
Support group self-help buying VIP, such as buying VIP for 1 months, buying VIP for 1 years (at least one month).
The default price is 1 in case of a month.
If you don't want to group yourself to buy VIP, you can delete the "VIP 10 thousand" in the list.
You can also add "VIP 20 thousand" format in the list of goods to change the price.
Or directly in the group.
Add goods: VIP 30 thousand
If you want to revise it, send it in the group.
Modified goods: VIP 40 thousand
Update 3.42 Edition:
The robots in the default group rules can open or block a group by chatting with the robot. (preferably the owner QQ adds a robot QQ to a friend, then talks to the robot privately, or else it may not be able to execute these instructions).
Update 3.41 Edition:
Solve the problem of Tencent interface upgrade that can not read the list of friends and groups.
Increase the function of praise or demotion among group friends.
After each check-in, a group of friends can praise or degrade each other 1 times, two groups of friends can praise or degrade each 2 times, and so on. If more group rules are set up in the selection of "upgrade with praise link", then group Friends upgrade to 2 level to get 10 praise, 3 grade to 20 praise, 4 grade to 30 praise, 10 grade to 90 praise, after the 90 grade, every liter level, need more praise. That is, 11 grades need 100 praise, 12 level 200, 19 level 900 praise. After grade 20, each level needs 1000 praise, 30 grades, 10000 praise per level, and so on.
Robot owners can praise or degrade group Friends 10 thousand times at most (no need to sign in). The number of people who administer each time after check-in is 10 times that of ordinary group friends. VIP members are 2 times the average group friends. The group friends who praise less than -20 will be banned for 10 minutes.
Every time a group friend uses the number of compliment that is available to others, he can get a compliment himself.
Support line replacement in output substitution
Three additional instructions have been added: setting up an upgrade to hook, canceling the upgrade, and setting up a value score of 100 for each value.
Update 3.40 Edition:
Repair Tencent web QQ interface upgrade failed to land.
Adding VIP increases the time. If no time is specified, the default period is one month. The format of instruction is as follows:
Add vip134024 for 30 days (or 5 hours, 1 months, 2 years).
VIP equipment doubled exponents on VIP.
Update 3.39 Edition:
The robot owner can ban a group of friends in the designated group by talking with the robot privately. The format of the command is: 219161023134024291 minutes (219161023 is group number and 13402429 is QQ). If you want to ban all groups, you can send it directly: forbidden 13402429.
No matter whether the robot QQ is a good friend, the robot owners can add VIP, rewards or forbidding by chatting with the robot. If they do not have group numbers, they will perform corresponding operations in all QQ groups (as long as you have the identity of robots in those groups).
If the equipment index of both sides is 2 to 5, the probability of winning or losing is no longer 2 to 5, but 4 to 25, that is, the ratio of the index to the square, so that the difference between winning and losing of different prices can be improved.
Update 3.38 Edition:
Join the latest version of the forbidden function of QQ. Group friends will not be able to speak in groups after being banned.
Command format: 13402410 minutes' ban
If it is to be lifted, it will release the 134024.
Update 3.37 Edition:
If someone does not want to receive a notice, he will add a "0;"
Optimize timed task display and support timed tasks with the following formats
20 red packets, 9:20.
The weather in Nanchang is 8:30.
Reward 134024295019 points
The owner of the robot can also input in the robot's own chat window.
Rob 13402429
Throwing red packets 30
Sentences like that interact with group Friends (equivalent to robot numbers and can also participate in group entertainment).
If you want to avoid robbing robots, you can add a priority response to shield others from looting. Just send the following sentences in the group:
Question: robbery 151409321
Answer: priority is given to robbing robots. The consequences are very serious.
Update 3.36 Edition:
Increase the virtual slave account, for example, to modify the 1000 business card for Guan Yu, modify the 1001 business card Zhang Fei, modify the 2000 business card for Bruce Lee. (all virtual numbers between 1000 and 10000)
When we sell these slaves, we only need to issue "auction Guan Yu 20 thousand" and so on.
To strengthen the equipment and level of these virtual slaves, they can also directly give Zhang Fei 100 thousand, extract Zhang Fei 100 thousand, and give Zhang Fei nuclear bombs and other formats.
The virtual slave will not be defected to the other camp because he was robbed. His equipment will not fall off. His index superimposed on his master is twice as large as that of the ordinary slave. The administrator can not easily deduct or reward the virtual slave score. His owner can modify a personalized name to himself.
Update 3.35 Edition:
Increase the function of slave trade, group friends can auction their own gold coins, and in the future can be ransom by auction bidding. A group of friends can also sell their slaves when they are short of money.
 Slaves can not rob their owners and masters' slaves. When they are with other group PK, the accountant calculates the index of all slaves. The 3.34 version is updated: it supports automatic minimization of the boot to the pallet area, supports the establishment of multiple robot owners, and supports direct instructions in the robot's windows. The master of the robot can be set up with multiple QQ numbers. The 
3.33 version is updated: it increases the game of guessing game, and sends out stones. The robot will tell you honestly what it just came out, and the group wins the score, loses points, and the robot will prompt what will happen next. He added a command to clear the whole group. The upper limit of guessing game is the same as the upper limit of gambling bet.
The group list is allowed to be added to the group code settings, and each group can set up the fee for giving and adding separately.
Update 3.33 Edition:
Increase the game of guessing game, group of friends guessing the stone, is the stone, the robot will tell you honestly what it just came out, the group Friends win, score, lose points, and the robot will hint what will happen next.
Update 3.32 Edition:
Add new members to group or group hints (even if the robot QQ is not Q group administrator), add the robot master to add or delete the command of a certain Q number VIP qualification in the specified group number, "add / delete vip219161023 134024".
Add $four variables.
Update 3.31 Edition:
If robbery is successful, it will have 2/1000 chance to capture the equipment of the other side. If robbery fails, a probability of 5/1000 will be captured by the other party randomly. A stealth stone will also evade 2/1000 of the probability, but it will not be picked up by the other party.

You can change the probability coefficient of the equipment in the option settings - global settings, or change the command of the robot directly by setting the probability coefficient of the equipment: 200 and so on.
Update 3.30 Edition:

Increase the order to destroy one or all equipment owned by a QQ, and repair part bug of the 3.29 edition.

Increase Baidu encyclopedia inquiries, users in the group of encyclopedia colds can search for knowledge about colds.
Update 3.29 Edition:
Increase the ability to see the crowd in the group.
Increase the adjustment of gambling difficulty coefficient.
The merchandise that begins with the three letter of VIP is restricted to VIP purchase, but VIP can be donated to other groups after purchase.
Add gem list, lucky stone can increase the winning rate of 20%, invisible Shi Ke avoid robbery, speed stone can reduce half of the time of continuous robbery, and double the agility index, energy Shi Ke get two times the physical limit (that is, the number of robbery and gambling every day).
The previous $renamed
Update 3.28 Edition:
When the property is sold, it will be sold at the original price. It will not be sold as thirty percent off as other equipment.
Change robbery mode, property and defense composite defense index, weapon and residual physical synthesis attack index, mount and medal synthesis agile index (the other party robbed himself has a certain probability of failure).
Update 3.27 Edition:
Add two kinds of goods to house and mount, add goods, as long as you add weapons, defense, medals, real estate or mounts two words in front of the product, the software will automatically remember its attributes, such as sending a "add goods: weapon kill 3000" in the group, the software will remember that "big kill device" is a weapon, when group friends purchase, only need to send "buy big kill device".
The two order of "displaying numbers in Chinese character format" and "displaying numbers in digital format" has been added. When being partially shielded by Tencent, it is set to "display numbers in Chinese character format", which prevents Tencent being mistaken.
Update 3.26 Edition:

In the "global settings" of the second main menu of the robot, the "option settings" adds the display format modification of sign in and equipment information, allowing users to make various personalized formats. except
Add 3.25 version update:
Increase the number of guessing game, group friends can first chat to the robot to send a "out of the number 123" (within 3 digits), or "out of the number 1231000" (group friends each time guessed wrong number of people 1000 gold coins), let other group guess, guess the wrong number of gold coins, guess the right to get 15 times reward.
Update 3.24 Edition:
All kinds of hints of robots in the group can be closed to increase the drawing function.
Update 3.23 Edition:
Add Group VIP function, add Group VIP group friends in query information, initiate idiom Solitaire, answer the wrong answer, can enjoy 5 discount points, the number of robbery and gambling times is 1.2 times that of ordinary group friends, and can avoid being mistakenly kicked out of the group by robots. Instruction format: add vip:134024 and delete vip:13402429
Update 3.22 Edition:
Fixed the problem that QQ upgraded the new authentication code after it was difficult to identify.
In group name card prefix, if DDD is used, it represents the rank name. For example, if the male card prefix is set to DDD, then when changing the business card, it will automatically change the DDD to the rank name of the other party, then add the nickname and his nickname.
Update 3.21 Edition
In addition to sending greeting words to the group, robots can also chat privately with friends. As long as they are in group settings, they are separated by 23 equal signs: "= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =".
After adding the order of "batch modification of business cards", the robot's owner will send out this command in the group, and the robot will automatically modify all business cards for all friends who have not modified the unified format card.
(only a robot owner can command this. It usually takes only 4 minutes or 5 minutes to complete one thousand or two thousand robots).
Update 3.20 Edition:
Throw red packets increase "throw red packets 10", "throw red packets 10010" mode, group friends can send "pick up red packets" can be picked up.
Update 3.19 Edition:
When repairing a large number of members of the group, it begins to consume too much memory at the beginning. Repair group name has Mars text can not save the open state problem.
Update 3.18 Edition:
Idiom solitaire games add new play, group friends send idiom Solitaire 1, idiom Solitaire 2, idiom Solitaire 3, idiom Solitaire 4 can open 4 solitaire games.
Update 3.17 Edition:
It optimizes reading group members nicknames, and automatically modifies group cards, identifying the unknown gender as female.
Update 3.16 Edition:
To increase the function of name matching, it is necessary to test their matching index by issuing "matching" with "Zhang San Li Si" in the group.
And in the "output replacement.Txt" increased the "robbery others minimum score requirements 30", you can according to their actual situation, 30 to other figures.
Update 3.15 Edition:
In the "global settings" under the main menu "options settings", "default shield all groups are added. Only robots can be used in manually opened groups."
And increase the "kick out (or kick black) 21916102313402429" management instructions, you can chat with the robot to kick out or kick black designated group personnel. And people who are being kicked in this way will no longer be able to join any group in the future.
Update 3.14 Edition:
It is modified to support the use of different group name cards prefix by friends and groups, and the location of a unified business card can be customized. For example, the male prefix is set as "XXX_ handsome guy", that is, the front three X will automatically replace the nicknames of group friends, followed by the name of the unified group.
Update 3.13 Edition:
Automatically add new business cards to the new group members, repair some bug to get the group nicknames, and optimize the efficiency.
Update 3.12 Edition:
Add a unified group of business card Prefix suffix settings, as well as robot administrators modify the function of group cards. For specific instructions, please view the "robot administrator command.Txt" in the installation directory.
And each time the attendance bonus points will be different according to the grade.
Update 3.1 Edition:
The memory allocation mode is optimized to avoid the lack of prompt memory due to too much activity of the group or group members.
Update 3 Edition:
The settings of priority recovery were adjusted and a bug that failed to modify the erection net name was repaired, and the newest group name nickname of group members was updated automatically every half hour.
Update 2.99 Edition:
Add a unified group of business card Prefix suffix settings, as well as robot administrators modify the function of group cards. For specific instructions, please view the "robot administrator command.Txt" in the installation directory.
And each time the attendance bonus points will be different according to the grade.
Update 3.1 Edition:
The memory allocation mode is optimized to avoid the lack of prompt memory due to too much activity of the group or group members.
Update 3 Edition:
The settings of priority recovery were adjusted and a bug that failed to modify the erection net name was repaired, and the newest group name nickname of group members was updated automatically every half hour.
Update 2.99 Edition:
Under the first main menu "file" of the robot, a sub menu of changing the nickname of QQ to prevent being reported is added. It can modify any QQ number to erect the net name, and this method can also avoid the malicious report of the robot, which is often wrongly sealed by Tencent.
Update 2.97 Edition:
Add "lucky random number (Reng Hongbao)" game, randomly out a number, and then hit a group of friends, the other side get 10 gold coins, and consume 10 gold coins (the specific amount can be adjusted, for example, group friends can be issued: throwing red packets 80, that is, the amount of each red envelope 80 gold coins). If you hit yourself, you can get N times reward.
Update 2.96 Edition:
Add "add goods:" and "add level:" two commands, and repair a previous version of bug that can not be raffled every day.
Update 2.95 Edition:
The way to support cloud code (if there is no manual input code in 10 seconds, will start the cloud code service), so as to facilitate the automatic restart of the robot or re login in unattended conditions, without fear of being booted off by the Tencent and manually logged in. As long as you enter your user name and password registered in, you can enter the user name and password file.Txt of "Youhao Yun code". (first line username, second line password)
Update 2.94 Edition:
To solve the problem that there are many groups of business cards in the group will lead to confusion bug, and increase the group members' choice of prompting when speaking.
Update 2.93 Edition:
According to the latest policy of Tencent server, the robot has been adjusted to avoid frequent kick off. Users can set "repeat message second times to switch to private chat reply" and "sign up to display ranking information" in "output replacement.Txt".
Update 2.92 Edition:
In order to cope with frequent check-in and other information being filtered by Tencent server, a custom output replacement file is added to avoid these situations. Users can change the built-in reply information in the output replacement.Txt to their own personalized statement.
At the same time, the input and replacement files are added to simplify the user's input, for example, you can set the input "JF" in the "input substitution.Txt", then automatically replace the "integral" user to query the user points.
Update 2.91 Edition:
Increase the lottery function, the robot owner can customize the lottery time, the price of each lottery ticket. The lottery can also be negative. Guess its magical effect. )
Update 2.90 Edition:

Allows you to customize each bet limit and bonus limit, and increase the option to prohibit administrators from modifying group rules (administrators can only help maintain group consultation). Update 2.89 Edition:
Increase kicking function, divided into "pull black Q", "kick out Q", "kick black Q" three kinds, and will increase the ranking of the reciprocal automatic kick group function.
Update 2.88 Edition:
It increases the entertainment function of character calculation, and increases the function of allowing the administrator to set up inquiries, gambling, robbery, initiating the idiom solitaire and other activities, which requires the consumption of gold coins.
Update 2.87 Edition:
All kinds of hints of robots are easy to cause the phenomenon of screen cleaning. The new version will intelligently change the information of repeated prompts to private chat messages.
2.86 update
The content of multiple broadcasting is divided by 23 equal numbers "= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =", which allows the robot to send several different broadcasts in turn. The group rule settings add "point here to see more group settings", you can modify more parameters in the background, including the idiom Solitaire reward coefficient, overtime time, answer the game reward coefficient, overtime time, the starting point of the screen deduction points, etc.
Update 2.85 Edition:
Added the option of "automatically apply to all groups of groups in the default group rules," saving users from modifying the settings one by one.
And the owner of the robot can set the priority reply content of each group by command. Command format:
Q: Hello, reply to you first (or "you can") will be added to the group's "priority reply content.Txt".
To increase encyclopedic knowledge or user defined games, administrators can start the "start of answer".
Update 2.84 Edition:
For the questions and replies added in the "priority reply content.Txt" file, the robot will automatically reply without triggering prefixes (such as bar).
It is convenient for robot owners to automatically reply to some information, and not disturb everyone's normal communication because of every Reply of the robot.
Update 2.83 Edition:
Increase the function of purchasing shop props, such as lucky stones for gambling, robbery dagger, pistol, armor, bulletproof vest, etc. And you can give your equipment to your friends.
Morning breeze QQ chat robot v2.82 update content:

Increase the idiom solitaire game, challenge the limits of knowledge. And adding "priority setting reply content.Txt" file, robot owners can give priority to some robot responses, and avoid confusion caused by the addition of friends.
Update 2.81 Edition:
It increases the entertainment function of Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams, but the dream that can be explained at present is limited, and is being collected and improved.
Now, when teaching robots to learn, they will automatically add to the public automatic reply files of all groups, and teach robot friends to get rewards. Update 2.80 Edition:
Users can manually add to a group through the pop-up window by selecting the "option settings" on the main software interface -- "friend news, plus friend settings" menu.
Update 2.79 Edition:
It can automatically deduct integral points for continuous group users and increase the function of zeroing group friends.
It also supports waiting time to automatically reset the line after being kicked off the line, so that you can use QQ client to login in other places, modify QQ settings, add friends, add group operations and so on.
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