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The QQ chat robot V2018 4.036 version of the green free / crack tutorial

  • Software size: 1.01 MB
  • Update: 2018-08-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The QQ chat robot V2018 4.036 version of the green free / crack tutorial
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The QQ robot (Morrowind QQ chat robot) with QQ and QQ messages, chat with friends group QQ group (private chat session) automatic extraction, automatic response, strong character matching technology, let you avoid repeating keyboard troubles. And the software also supports automatic and semi automatic chat chat with. Let you be arranged, so that different users enjoy different treatment! You can continue to train and improve the response ability of the automatic robot qq. More powerful features are in development, welcomed the valuable advice!

Function introduction

The QQ robot and the realization of the QQ and QQ messages, chat with friends group QQ group private chat automatic extraction, automatic reply, in addition to the strong self-learning function, there are abundant group management function, can perfect association website data, timely notice issued within the broadcast group, more language Solitaire, quiz, lucky draw throw, red, and big and small dice, fishing, martial arts, marriage and other popular groups reveal StarCraft game.

Crack method

Crack introduction: use of this patch is equivalent to Morrowind licensed no.!
Update: fixed on a version of the restart login password error! And instead of injecting patch crack mode!
Methods: using the patch directly to the same directory patch into the official download genuine program, and then start the patch can be!

To update:

Version 4.035 adds view group message and send messages and instructions to function through the web page.
The QQ robot v3.99 update log (2017-2-11)

A 1. increase in the recognition of QQ level, which can effectively intercept the advertising trumpet into the group.
3.83 version update:
1. random text.Txt, 1.txt, random text random text like 100.txt inside can be used to determine the conditions, such as certain requirements,%%%% and a certain demand treasure. Can also use [like] repeated 10 times to enhance the probability of a sentence hit.
The 2. group of picture files supported by a relative path, such as [imgurl] more game files can be put here / picture .png[/imgurl].
3. add a
4. add a "kick in the blacklist" instructions for some black list, then if they were added to the group with other administrators, or before successfully kicked out of the group, can then send this command batch kicked out of the group.
5. "all QQ as long as the treasures have a dagger and a random QQ as long as the treasures have dagger like variables, have a kind of treasure for the analysis of the QQ number (weapons, defense, etc. The article also has medal count).
3.79 version update:
1. add a random text, random text 1, 2, 3 random random text text...... Random text 100. Used to read the robot directory corresponding to "random text.Txt", "1.txt random text" and "random text 2.txt", "random text 3.txt"...... "Random text 100.txt" in a random line.
2. if a replacement output text is "[mandatory] operation", then the software will carry out compulsory operations on the output to replace the contents of the multiple digital merged into a digital.
3.78 version update:
1. if in 134024293 minutes, remove the gag gag back 13402429, 134024295 hours, 13402429 gag gag release such instructions with a "no influence on confinement", such as the gag does not affect the 134024293 minutes, remove the gag confinement does not affect the 13402429, no words do not affect the confinement confinement 134024295 hours, remove the gag does not affect the confinement of 13402429. It will not affect before the group Friends of the lockdown.
You can directly enter the replacement for the replacement, for example
Remove the gag Remove the gag does not affect.
So the administrator or only need to enter the "lifting 13402429 gag" commands.
2. treasures, the destruction of the game were destroyed number number 1 such statements treasure, the treasure will replace such specific random number is destroyed and the content displayed.
3. to improve the voting system function.

3.77 version update: 1. increase the virtual number 1000 at the beginning of the whole public number for the robot. Convenient for different groups of cross group gift, joint etc.. 2. for the convenience of adding temporary administrator or temporary owner permissions and makes the game more simple sentences (not for ordinary group of friends and the robot master of both games were written, adding "sentences), the master administrator, founder of token token token" 3 treasure props (according to the need to manually grant group of friends, but also in the list of goods. The 3 treasure with a valid, of course, don't forget to add the "Ban Ban Ban Ban to buy sell film does not show" sign). In the custom game can use% treasures requires the owner token; conditional sentence token like Zuozhuang% franchise, said the treasure inside the "master token" or "Zuozhuang franchise token" can meet the conditions. Remember, once the group Friends of the treasure inside the founder of "token" (i.e., the default rule in the owner, the owner has authority in all groups), the "master token" and "administrator token" can send in the group only the owner or administrator to send instructions. The increase of 3. and big and small dice game. If you want the robot in power, timing task in automatic start, can add a timed task, for example: [games] Zuozhuang began timing task interval of 1 hours 3.76 updated version: 1. fixed timing task "throw 5 a red envelope in the interval of 3 hours" tasks such as infinite send bug. 2. adds a special text to replace the behavior of blank ". For example, you replace add a line in the output
3.74 version update:
1. add a "valid 13402429 fishing", "show the validity of BMW, used to show the validity of the valid items in the store at the time set.
1. for fishing, and dart games like, you can add a corresponding treasure inside the shop, set the validity period than play the game a little longer, such as the validity of [35 minutes] treasure Ban Ban Ban Ban on selling a shot buy several, [valid 1 days] treasure Ban Ban to shoot can buy banned fishing license
This kind of treasure can not write the price. Anyway, because ordinary group of friends can not be directly in the store to buy. But in the commodity list is not displayed.
The store items, as long as the name contains "forbidden to buy" words, will not show up in the list of commodities.
3.71 version update:
1. increase, two = = operator.
2. all in the group directly send instruction, such as reward, deduction, gag, gifts and so on, all support plus a @ (@ not because more than one lead to execution), such as "@13402429 200" reward ", giving @13402429 1 thousand"
3.70 version update:
1. repair challenge martial always fail bug.
2. number 2, number 2 spaces two variables in the group of friends in the sentence didn't actually enter any number, the default value is 0, which is no longer a group of friends qq.
3. in all kinds of condition variables behind, you can add some independent character, convenient in replacement for replacement output.
3.65 version update:
1. repair due to the Tencent to upgrade webqq interface lead to unchecked "Android protocol login" cannot login and obtain the correct group list of problems.
2. percent increase number 2 >5% and 2 <1000% digital% like conditional instructions, and support add, subtract, multiply and divide four operations.
3. optimization of an automated reply reply, and priority order, to improve the accuracy of reply sentence.
3.64 version update:
1. if your group, does not show up in the group list by default, you can first in the "options" - "global settings where tick" default shielding all groups, only in the group of robots used in manual opening, and then a "manually open the message list in the new.Txt group" the software directory, in which manually add those groups, one per line. The format can open the message list at.Txt software group itself automatically generated "".

2. increase to all VIP cards, destroyed all the robbers to all cards, lucky gem, destroy all VIP lucky gems, destroy all the treasures, the destruction of all weapons of people such as instruction.
3.60 version update:

The group of friends as long as the "martial challenge", the software will automatically replace the "challenge 13402429" sentence. (13402429 is the current martial arts champion, if no one won the "martial title", the default reward to the robot first owner) to enter the challenge martial game.
3.59 version update:
Increase the administrator requirements (%% is the robot's administrator, non Q group administrator) three game instructions, to facilitate the design of peer Jieyu save game.
3.56 version update:
Increase the song features, such as in the group.
How can you make me sad song [XXX], Michael Wong gave the song song of Jacky Cheung fairy tales, 1000 sad reason [to @13402429], the song song later tomorrow, do not want to write []
3.54 updated version:
The increase of 1. @ group Friends of the functions, such as at the same time to group messages to remind each other, you can add a @13402429 message in the group (XXX @151409321, @XXX will automatically recognize each other's nickname, does not require manual input) or sentence.
2. increased the function of sending pictures.
Due to many restrictions on Tencent to upload pictures, currently only the first uploaded photos to your personal album, and the disc is set to view the permissions map is open to all, and then copy each picture. (remember the URL is not the URL of the page), directly stuck on the news, software automatic recognition of images.
An increase of 3.
4. in the global setting adds a "robot was asked when the additive group agreed to automatically" option.
The 5. group of friends is added as a QQ group was relieved of the identity management or management will make the corresponding prompt.
3.53 version update:
The increase of detection group name card changes, with the
Support special symbols as the group name card, for example, came in,, etc..
Batch modify name card function recovery.

Timing task time format, support interval of 5 minutes, 3 hours apart "," 2 days interval "format for periodic tasks.
3.52 version update:

Increase Android protocol interface, more stable and more powerful and does not affect the computer while logged in the QQ.
3.51 version update:
There can also use various input to replace conditional statements, such as adding two.Txt input substitution
Sign Sign integral 50 thousand%%
gambling Gambling% interval 10%% integral% 70 thousand
Only 50 thousand points higher than people who can sign in, only 70 thousand higher than that of the integral to gambling, and each time interval greater than 10 seconds.
Repair a view like 13402429 one hundred billion vulnerabilities such as.
%% increase time on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, 19:35 such variables, such as time for Monday 13%%,%% (< time 15:40 on Sunday said to be on that day on Sunday before 15:40)
Conditional statements, such as the time interval for <5,30> seconds%%% level <4,8>%, can also use the random number.
3.49 version update:
Support in order to reply to the same keywords.
For example, add 10 to "hello" as the keyword automatic answer, the user first "hello" to answer the first added, answer 2 added answer content 2 "hello", and so on.
In the select "disable network intelligent Thesaurus" under the condition of single group (except for the current default public group Thesaurus) automatic reply content added, if you can not find the user query information, automatically prompts the user you are looking for is not......".
Support group expiration time settings, as long as the software on this group marked the expiration time for a certain period of a day, then this time, the robot will automatically stop the open robot group.
Only in the "Settings" - "global settings" tick "default block all group, only in the group of robots used in manual opening" can set the valid date information.
3.48 updated version:
If the group is removed in the gauge set "allow for the temporary conversation group (private chat) to check the attendance, chat, gambling, robbery and query, you can disable the group Friends of private chat group within the way of playing the game.
Increase the number of treasure% <6% and% the number of restrictions required treasures such as the >2% format.
Within the group of regular tasks, if you want to specify the date of execution of a task, you can set the following format
All 2002014082516 points 10 points reward
In the usual format of the class before 16:10, plus 20140825, said that the timing task gets executed only if at that point in time on August 25, 2014.
Adds a special folder "more game files can be placed here to store custom game, add or modify the files in that directory, as long as the point of the first robot menu under the" reload "to take effect.
3.47 version update:
Increase the "destruction of treasure 13402429" instructions, can destroy all 13402429 items on account of the treasures of the column), the reward and punishment can also be corresponding with the instruction

Play and sample custom game specific, please see the software directory "custom game.Txt". To modify and edit the game, only need to modify the "custom.Txt game", and then reload the robot first menu "......" To take effect.
3.46 updated version:
Some reward and punishment instructions increase the built-in, facilitate custom games, such as adding "bank robbery" of the game, and then in the first reply content or general automatic reply to add the following sentence content.
A bank robbery. It is not, the bank said, you can't call you a fake gun robbery, prison science practice a few years back! Rob failure, not only did not grab the money, a few dollars of their own pockets also lost.
A bank robbery. The bank was robbed, you stole five thousand gold coins!
3.45 version update:
"All vip200 Gold Award", "award of all VIP like 200" instruction.
Increase the "Cross Group donated 219161134025 praise" and "cross group transfer like 2191615" two orders, convenient cross group gift or transfer.
Repair network issue, Baidu shut down the default thesaurus, if you want to open, you can manually send a command: open Baidu thesaurus.
3.44 version update:
If each level need much praise is not set, the default is the use of the law.
Increase the reward for all the people praise 50 commands
Increase the "sign to display format box display correctly)
Increase more than 30 days, finally cleared to speak speak last more than 30 days to play like instruction.
3.43 version update:
Support self-help group friends to buy the VIP, such as hair to buy VIP 1 months, VIP 1 years to buy (buy at least one month)
The price is 1 months in the event of default
If you do not want to buy self-help group Friends VIP, can put the goods in the list of "VIP 10 thousand" can be deleted.
You can also add a commodity "VIP 20 thousand" list of goods in this format to change the price.
Or directly in the group.
Add: VIP 30 thousand
If you want to modify it in the group sent
Modify the product: VIP 40 thousand
3.42 version update:
The default rule of the master robot can talk with a robot to open or block a group. (the owner of QQ, the best robot QQ, and as a friend, then the robot with private chat, or may be unable to execute these instructions)
3.41 version update:
To solve the Tencent interface upgrade can not read the list of friends and groups.
Increase between the group Friends of praise or derogatory function,
Each sign once after a group of friends can praise or derogatory other people 1 times each, two group of friends can praise or demote all 2 times, and so on, if more regulations set checked "upgrade and praise the hook" is the group of friends to upgrade to the 2 to 10, 3. Grade 20 to grade 4 to praise, praise 30, 10 to 90 points, after level 10, each level requires more than 100 praise. Grade 11 100 12 200 and 19 grade of praise, praise 900. After level 20, each level needs more praise 1000, 30 after each level requires 10000 Zambia, and so on.
The master robot can be a maximum of 10 thousand times of praise or derogatory group of friends (not to sign), every time after the administrator praise other times is 10 times that of ordinary friends group, VIP member for ordinary group of friends 2 times, the total number of praise is lower than the group of friends of -20 will be banned for 10 minutes.
Whenever a group of friends finished using the current available to others praise (derogatory) times, oneself also can get a good.
Support used in [newline] output replacement
Adds three instructions: set the upgrade and praise hook, hook, cancel the upgrade with praise set each value of volume fraction of 100 (like get praise after deductible points to upgrade)
3.40 version update:
Repair Tencent web QQ interface upgrade lead to landing problem.
Addition of VIP increased the time, if you do not specify the default time for one month period. The instruction format is as follows:
Add vip134024 (30 days or 5 hours, 1 months and 2 years)
VIP equipment doubled on VIP index.
3.39 version update:
The robot master can specify a gag group in the group of friends through private chat with the robot, command format: gag 219161023134024291 minutes (219161023 is the group number, QQ number is 13402429) if you want to gag all groups, can be directly issued: 13402429 gag
No matter whether with robot QQ as the robot master friends, can add VIP, reward or gag with robot private chat, if not with the group number, will execute in all QQ group in the operation (as long as you in those groups with the identity of the owner of the robot)
If the equipment index is 2 than 5, the probability of victory is no longer 2 than 5, but 4 than 25 (i.e. index square ratio), which can improve the outcome of the equipment between the different price gap.
3.38 updated version:
With the latest version of QQ gag function. The group of friends was banned after would not be able to speak in the group.
Command format: 134024 gag 10 minutes
It is sent to lift lift gag 134024
3.37 updated version:
Within the group of human hair or forbidden word scraper will notice private chat robot master, if you do not want to receive the notice, in the rule set in the list of administrators last after adding a "0;"
Optimization of timing tasks, support timing tasks add the following format
Throw a 9 20 point red 20
The weather in Nanchang 8:30
13402429 50 19 Award
The robot can also master in our own robot chat window input
Rob 13402429
Throw red 30
The type of sentence, interact with the group of friends (equivalent to the number of robots can also participate in recreational activities in the group)
If you want to avoid the robot to be robbed, you can add a priority to shield others robbed back. As long as the group, similar to the following sentence:
Q: rob 151409321
Answer: the first reply to rob the robot, the consequences will be grievous.
3.36 version update:
Adding virtual slaves account, such as to modify the 1000 name card for Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, to modify the 2000 amendment 1001 name card name card for Bruce Lee. (from 1000 to 10000 are available)
When the auction of these slaves, only need to send "auction Guan Yu 20 thousand" format can be.
To strengthen the level of equipment and the virtual slaves, can be directly used as Zhang Fei 100 thousand, Zhang Fei 100 thousand, Zhang Fei grant nuclear extraction format.
Virtual slaves don't because of being robbed and defected to the other camp, he will not fall on the equipment, which is superimposed on the master index on the body than ordinary slaves twice, administrators can easily deduct or reward virtual slave points, his master gave him to modify a personalized name.
3.35 version update:
The increase of the slave trade, the group of friends can auction for ransom of gold, will by way of auction bid. The group of friends in the money when their slaves can auction.
 A slave does not rob their master and master slave owner with another group of friends PK (ROB) when the count index all slaves! 3.34 updated version: 
 support boot automatically minimized to the tray, support is provided with a plurality of robot masters, support sent directly in the robot's window. 
 robot masters can set up a number of | separated by a number of QQ, with the number in the first row. 
3.33 updated version: 
 increase Mora game, the group of friends of the stone, is a stone, the robot will tell you what it is just a group of friends, win and lose the score points, and the robot will prompt it next to a. 
 added a "reset the integration". 
 pattycake cap with the gambling bet limit.
The rules set increased "allow exchanges into the group list, and each group can be set individually and against the fee into the gift.
3.33 version update:
Increase the game, the group of friends of the stone is a stone, scissors, the robot will tell you what it is just a group of friends, win and lose the score points, and the robot will prompt it next to what will.
3.32 version update:
Add new members into the group or the back tip (even if the robot QQ not Q group manager), increase the robot master to add or delete specified in a Q Group VIP qualification command "add / remove vip219161023 134024".
An increase of $four variables.
3.31 version update:
The probability of successful robbery can have seized 2/1000 other equipment failure, rob has a 5/1000 probability of being randomly seized a piece of equipment, there are 2/1000 in the contact probability of stone and Dodge will fall, but the other party will not be picked up.

Can set the global settings to change out of equipment - probability coefficient in options, or directly set off the robot master equipment probability coefficient: 200 commands to change it.
3.30 version update:

Increase the destruction of a QQ number with one or all of the equipment repair command, 3.29 edition bug.

Increase Baidu encyclopedia queries, users in the group will be able to search out the hair cold on cold knowledge.
3.29 version update:
Check the function in the group increased in popularity.
The increase of gambling difficulty coefficient adjustment.
Beginning with the three letters of VIP goods VIP only buy VIP, but after the purchase can be a gift to another group of friends.
Increase the gem list, the lucky stone can increase the winning percentage of 20%, contact Shi Ke to avoid being robbed, the speed of stone can reduce the waiting time for half continuous robbery, and a doubling of agility index, energy Shi Ke won two times the physical limit (that is, every day the number of robbery and gambling).
Before the $renamed
3.28 version update:
At the time of the sale of real estate, according to the sale price, not like other equipment sold only by thirty percent off.
Change the robbery mode, real estate and defense reduced defense index, weapons and residual physical attack synthesis index and synthetic index of agile mounts (the other rob yourself fall a certain probability).
3.27 version update:
The increase of real estate, the horse two kinds of commodities, add goods, as long as the weapons, in the commodity add defense, decoration, property or mounts two words, the software will automatically remember its properties, such as in the group issued a "add goods: Weapons big kill 3000", the software will remember the big kill "it is time to buy weapons, the group of friends, only need to send" buy big kill ".
Increase the "Chinese characters display digital format and display in the digital format digital" two orders, when she was part of Tencent shielded, set to display digital format with Chinese characters "can prevent mistakenly shielded by Tencent.
3.26 version update:

In the robot second main menu "options" inside the "global settings" and increased attendance equipment information display format changes, allowing users to develop a variety of personalized format. except
Increase the version 3.25 update:
Increase the number guessing game, the group of friends can give a private chat robot "number 123" (within the 3 digit number), or "number 1231000" (each group of friends who are wrong number 1000 gold), let the other group friends guess, guess wrong number is given to gold right, get 15 times the reward.
3.24 version update:
Allow the closure of a variety of robot in the group that increase the draw function.
3.23 version update:
Increase the Group VIP, Group VIP added as a group of friends in the query information, initiate idioms Solitaire, grab answer wrong, can enjoy 5 discount discount, the number of gambling and robbery is 1.2 times that of ordinary group of friends, and the robot can avoid being mistakenly kicked out of the group. Command format: add vip:134024, delete vip:13402429
3.22 version update:
To fix the problem difficult to identify after QQ upgrade new verification code.
In the group name card with DDD prefix if representative rank names. For example, the male name card is set to DDD the prefix, then modify the name card will automatically put DDD into each other's rank names, then add in and his nickname.
3.21 version update
Welcome the new robot in the plus group, in addition to sending words of welcome in the group, but also private chat group Friends of some of the content, as long as the rule set in the new group of words of welcome with 23 sign "=======================" separated.
Increase the "batch change name card" command, the robot master of this command is issued in the group, the robot will automatically help all the unmodified format name card friends group to modify the name card.
(only the robot master can send this command, in general only just use a robot into the group, take 4, 5 minutes to change the end of one thousand or two thousand)
3.20 version update:
Throw throw 10 red envelopes to increase "," throw red 10010 "mode, group of friends can send" pick up the envelopes to pick up.
3.19 version update:
Repair group member in many, one begins to consume too much memory problems. Repair group name cannot be saved when Mars is in open state problem.
3.18 version update:
Idioms solitaire game adds new gameplay, the group of friends sent 1., 2., 3. 4 respectively, idioms Solitaire can open 4 Solitaire games.
3.17 version update:
Optimization of reading group members automatically modify the nickname, the group name card recognition Gender unknown for women.
3.16 version update:
Increase Name pairing function, specific usage, as long as the "# pairing in the group, this one and that one" to test their pairing index.
And in the "output replace.Txt" increase "rob others minimum integral requirements 30", you can according to their actual situation, put 30 into other digital.
3.15 version update:
In the main menu "options" under the "global" add "default block all group, only in the group of robots used in manual opening" option.
And increase the "play (play or black) 21916102313402429" management instructions, can be used with robot private chat way to play or play black people in the specified group. And in this way be playing black people, after all the group to join.
3.14 version update:
Modified to support men and women friends group group name card prefix is different, and you can customize the unified name card position. For example, male prefix "XXX_ guy", is the first three groups of friends X will automatically replace the nickname, the back of the unified group name.
3.13 version update:
Automatically to the group Friends of the new modified name card, obtain some repair group Friends nickname bug, efficiency optimization.
3.12 version update:
Group name card prefix and suffix unified settings, and modify the function of robot administrator group Friends of the name card. (please see specific instructions installation directory "robot administrator command Daquan.Txt")
And each attendance bonus points will be in accordance with the different levels and different.
3.1 version update:
To optimize the memory allocation mode, try to avoid that memory problems caused by group or group members too active.
3 version update:
Adjust the priority reply settings and fixes a cause of the failure of bug to modify the erected net, and every half hour will automatically update the members of the group's new group name card nickname.
2.99 version update:
Group name card prefix and suffix unified settings, and modify the function of robot administrator group Friends of the name card. (please see specific instructions installation directory "robot administrator command Daquan.Txt")
And each attendance bonus points will be in accordance with the different levels and different.
3.1 version update:
To optimize the memory allocation mode, try to avoid that memory problems caused by group or group members too active.
3 version update:
Adjust the priority reply settings and fixes a cause of the failure of bug to modify the erected net, and every half hour will automatically update the members of the group's new group name card nickname.
2.99 version update:
The robot is the first main menu "file" increased under a "change QQ nickname to prevent the report of the sub menu, can give an arbitrary QQ, modified to erect net function, and it can also avoid the robot being malicious, often lead to false letter Tencent.
2.97 version update:
Increase the "lucky random number (Reng Hongbao)" game, a random number, and then hit a group of friends, the other to get 10 gold coins, they consume 10 gold coins (the specific amount can be adjusted, such as a group of friends can throw 80 envelopes, each amount of red 80 gold). If you hit yourself, can be N times the reward.
2.96 version update:
Increase the "add goods" and "add level:" two commands, a bug version cannot repair before the lottery every day.
2.95 version update:
Support cloud code way (within 10 seconds if no manual input verification code, the code will start cloud service), easy to automatically restart the robot or log back in the unattended condition, then do not worry about being kicked off the assembly line to manually login Tencent. As long as the "cloud code youyou username and password file.Txt" enter your username and password in the register can be. (the first second username, password)
2.94 version update:
There are many people to solve the group name card also lead to the identification of chaotic phase bug, and increased if prompt option reward when the group of friends to speak.
2.93 version update:
According to the latest policy server Tencent ban seal, the robot made some adjustments, to avoid frequent kicked off the assembly line. The user can output.Txt to replace the "set" prompt message second times to repeat the private chat reply "and" in the ranking information display and other settings.
2.92 version update:
In response to the needs of information frequently by the Tencent server filter adds custom output files to avoid this replacement. The user can "output replace.Txt" the built-in return information into their own personal statement.
At the same time, also increased the input file to replace the simplified user input, for example, where you can enter the replacement.Txt "set to enter" JF "is automatically replaced with" integral "users to query the user points.
2.91 version update:
Increase the draw function, the robot master can customize the lottery time, each ticket price. (lottery amount can be negative, guess it's magic effect. )
2.90 version update:

Allows you to customize each bet limit and reward limit, increase the administrator to modify the regulations prohibit the option (the administrator can only help maintain the group counseling) 2.89 version update:
Increase the kick function, divided into "black Q", "Q play" and "playing black Q" in three, and will increase the function of automatic playing group ranked.
2.88 version update:
To increase the character calculation of the entertainment function, increase allows administrators to set query, gambling, robbery, and other activities to initiate. The function of the consumption of gold.
2.87 version update:
For the robot's various tips easy to cause the scraper phenomenon, the new version will repeat that intelligent information into private chat messages.
2.86 update
23 is equal to the number "=======================" segmentation a plurality of broadcast content, will allow the robot to rotate the transmission of a plurality of different broadcast. The rules set increased "click here to view more rule settings", you can modify the parameters more in the background, including the incentive coefficient, idiom overtime, game reward coefficient, overtime, Shuabing points starting point number.
2.85 version update:
Increase the "default rules in group modified automatically applied to all groups. In the" option, save a group of users to modify some settings.
And the robot host can set each group priority through the command return the contents of the. Command format:
Ask: Hello answer: priority to reply to you too ("you too" will be added to the group's "priority setting replies.Txt")
Increase the variety of game or encyclopedic knowledge defined by the user and administrator to send a "responder" to start.
2.84 version update:
To reply in the "add and set priority return the contents of.Txt files, without triggering prefix (such as #), the robot will automatically reply.
Convenient robot owner reply some information automatically, and not because the robot every word back to bother you normal communication.
2.83 version update:
Increase the stores to buy props, such as gambling with the lucky stone, rob with knives, pistols, armor, armor etc.. But also can give equipment to friends
The QQ chat robot v2.82 update:

Increase idioms solitaire game, challenge the limits of knowledge, to show its mettle! And increase the priority set return the contents of.Txt file, the owner can set some priority robot robot reply, and avoid being added to the group of friends back up.
2.81 version update:
Increase the Duke entertainment function, but it can explain the dream is limited, being collected in perfect.
Now teach the robot learning will be automatically added to the public all group automatic reply documents, group of friends and teach the robot can be rewarded. 2.80 version update:
The user can through software on the main interface of the "options" - "good news, plus friends set menu, in the pop-up window manually added to a group.
2.79 version update:
The group of friends of the continuous Shuabing automatic deduction of points, and increase the integral function of the zero group of friends.
And set the wait time automatically kicked back online offline, convenient you want to use the QQ client login modify QQ settings, add friends, add group like operation)
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