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Yitong network QQ stranger mass assistant green edition 2016

  • Software size: 4.66 MB
  • Update: 2016-06-21
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Yitong network QQ stranger mass assistant green edition 2016
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Yitong automatic QQ stranger temporary speaker software, no need to add friends can also send information, using artificial mass, high efficiency of transmission, good safety, the sending process at a glance, full automatic without manual duty.
1. can send text ads, you can send pictures advertising, you can send text pictures mixed advertising
The 2. variable function of the word, so that every time the content is not the same, the maximum simulated chat, not easy to shield, make each in try to send to users
3. automatic acquisition QQ stranger account

Eycom stranger QQ temporary speaker assistant for use:
First, the use of software before you confirm your computer installed version of QQ is not QQ2012 Beta1 if not please install this version
Two, the software is called QQ client, artificial mass, may be mistaken for antivirus software risk behavior (Note: not that trojan virus, but that software is allowed to execute), this is actually very safe, don't worry, it is best to add software antivirus software trust list or temporarily turn off anti-virus software so, the antivirus software pop-up message caused by failure
Three, turn off the computer on extra procedures, especially will automatically pop-up procedures, the best is what procedures are not running, so as not to interfere with the mass. You do not have to open their own QQ software, the software will automatically call QQ2012 software
Fourth, to confirm whether your computer support automatically for IP
If you're on the web before the point of broadband connections to the Internet this icon, then your computer will support for the IP, if not perhaps sending to a certain number of forced downline and shield content

Yitong network QQ stranger mass assistant v20130630 update:
Modify the login failed, adding encryption function
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High speed download download download address: the need for priority
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