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Tencent QQ 2014 official version of the new beta1 (9294) to streamline the VIP crack version download local advertising

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2013-12-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Tencent QQ 2014 official version of the new beta1 (9294) to streamline the VIP crack version download local advertising
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A few days ago, the Tencent officially released the QQ2013 SP6, this is the tail number in recent years for the first time at the QQ SP6, is the absolute version of the emperor. The function does not change, but more stable and perfect. SP6 the version number in the previous QQ is rare, only at the time of QQ2009 once, other versions of QQ are generally come to an end to the SP4. Perhaps in the eyes of the Tencent SP is supposed to mean "Refresh". The news that the Tencent later this month for , is likely to start in the new year's Day online, but there is no clear message.
QQ2013 official version of SP6what 's new:
1, group photo album upload HD original photos more complete;
2, support the local file and chat in the picture, a screenshot sent by QQ to mobile phone.
QQ2013 official version of SP5 what 's new:
1. new video group education mode, designed for remote teaching tailored;
2. new video demo PPT, remote conference easy fix;
3. new albums with the group session window file page card, can quickly browse the contents of the wonderful group of friends to share;
4. security upgrades, smart interception IE browser to open a malicious web page, QQ security account security.

QQ2013 official version of SP4 what 's new:
QQ2013 official version of SP4 what 's new:
1, file transfer function upgrade, forwarding process more convenient;
2, QQ find a new revision, introduction of the "business" search experience, service life more convenient;
3, QQ new couple mode application box function, honey collection of small applications such as easily experience;
4, group of data card group sharing, photo album and recent visitors, quickly browse rich content.

Optimization of QQ2013 amendment:

First, before the landing performance optimization modification
To overall safety check: BIN module, plug-in module, mobile terminal, QP security, new security check center window
To QProtect, QSLogic, EXE/Dll -, QQ plugin complete validation, streamlined check, increase local TXSSO notes
To rely on the QP program allows multiple terminal equipment (QP QQ mobile phone to check on the closure allows multi terminal landing, QQ will exit, will not be modified)
No QP drive automatic on-line inspection, injection to QQ security center to be kicked and strong destruction of Pop (offline play the first what is the state line on what state)
No background secretly download security scan data, no report of user privacy data; to security scanning module, security reporting interface, file security elements
Strong to add or remove plug-ins can be loaded on demand, will not create an empty folder in the plugin directory; shielding housekeeper, security check, automatic update check behavior
No Bin\ generation resource.pak empty folder
No XP system under the environment of Bin\ AddrSearch.dll generation module
No my documents \Tencent Files generated QPlus empty empty folder
No generation%AppData%\Tencent\QQ\AuTemp "automatic update statistics folder
No generation of%AppData%\Tencent\QQ\Misc\GTB_Icons, GMF residual files
No generation%AppData%\Tencent\Logs folder (.Tlg, TXT log file)
No generation of%AppData%\Tencent\QQ\AndroidAssist, QQPhoneManager folder
Because Common Files\TXSSO and software TXSSO directory function exactly the same, so just keep the current directory TXSSO, adjusted to read only the current directory TXSSO, installation of other Tencent software leads to the first read the Common Files\Tencent\TXSSO directory to the Logs folder again (.Tlg.Txt) and avoid conflict!
The old and new mobile devices - optional display icons, optional related pages temporary session Association, QQ, expression package of music; / / (full version enabled by default, Lite is optional)
A plugin: complete edition retains all plug-ins, only to adware and outdated plugins: bookmarks, Internet cafes, ask, the game of life; and assembly Lite is retained as follows: voice and video, file transfer, e-mail, games, music, SkyDrive, QQ show, membership, space, remote assistance, jitter, VAS, micro-blog and the weather, the wireless terminal)

Two, modify the interface performance optimization
A, landing panel:
Go to the login panel security breaches that left
Go to the left landing panel two-dimensional code button; / / (full version only)
< - optional display shielding landing interface solar term dynamic Bnaner Festival

B, the main panel interface:
Left to the lower right corner of login prompt box content promotion;
Change QQ pet ban members left the default automatic operation; / / (full version)
Go to the hot pop, big left into the mobile device and the lower right corner of the prompts to install mobile phone housekeeper popups
< - change the lower right corner of the window always display the login prompt after each landing (option to cancel (2013B1) version later joined the original judgment, if it is landing, the same day will prompt a)
Lift the minimum width and height < - the main panel can be adjusted to the minimum limit, does not affect the appearance of the premise, at the same time can lock the memory.
< - forced to change the appearance of WindowsXP/2003 system crack interface increase Aero transparent button
Change the appearance of the interface in VIP < - cracked skin privilege, to friends to show my skin Limited (non masturbation)
Go to the main panel level < - icon button, can zoom name no significant trial omitted; / / (full version only)
The main panel to edit < - signature "," search "," search for friends / enterprise "and other words; / / (full version only)
Go to the main panel App < - Application button, and the mobile application manager icon to the bottom
Go to the top of the main panel session interface < - "+ chat boxes; / / (full version only)
Go to the main left panel at the top of the micro-blog label page window advertising Banner
Go to the main panel left recent contacts panel session "friends group assistant, recommendation and application message"; / / (full version only)
Left to the main panel at the bottom circle, circle the right button to display the list of items in the list; / / (full version retained, official version of original official has to go!)
Left to friends the data card to him / her to recommend friends, attention button; / / (full version only)
< - change the default icons for old friends mobile device version, optional display of old and new
To find a window box, < - application window repair and feedback button

The main menu interface, D:
To all services, < - Security Center, software update, change the user; / / (complete version of the reservation "all services, security center")
Left to help sub menu QQ micro-blog, a version of window to view the user agreement / connection (full version reserved "QQ micro-blog")
Left lift lock and unlock the QQ minimum width and height can be adjusted to the minimum limit, under the premise of not affecting the appearance, at the same time can lock the memory.
Left to lock / unlock QQ panel interface above the help button

Set the interface, E system:
Left to the setup interface search box
To set the basic software update < - - item
< - Settings - security recommendations to safety; / / (full version only)
Go to the left permissions permissions, reminding information - circle; / / (full version only)
Go to the left boot items, do not display ads (membership settings), Android devices connected to remind a

Three friends, chat, group chat interface
< - crack VIP membership privileges (non masturbation) colorful fonts
< - crack graffiti editor advanced tools color dialog box, find the privilege of using animation (non masturbation)
< - graffiti removal edit user respect "at the top of the window, please open the members for graffiti advanced tools"

A, buddy chat window
The application of mobile phone free chat menu to the left QQ, QQ dress up, play games, friends, grade PK recommended to him; / / (full version only)
Go back and talk to friends left tips for information security to warm
Go to the left chat interface magic look and share music button; / / (full version only)
< - crack offline or to a friend send unlimited stealth jitter limit (non masturbation)
To chat with friends on the right left QQ show dynamic recommendation and pat advertisement
To left in the chat window links below QQ computer Butler promotion, QQ browser to open
To transfer files below < - QQ & QQ computer housekeeper promotion, warm tip
Go to friends and left temporary conversation interface button to send text messages, feedback button
Go to the original window button left face, removed all the original expression files; / / (full version only)

B, group chat window
The number of left to send more than one time limit crack group graph
To group the data card group < - dynamic; / / (full version only)
To left group chat windows application button; / / (full version only)
Look, song, < - MOFUN voting buttons; / / (full version only)
The group < - multiplayer video window beginners guide tips, feedback and report the menu button
< - go to the group Friends session temporary window interface button to send text messages, feedback button
Go to the left group of friends temporary conversation window advertising, to the right the right boss loading page form
Go to the top of the bottom of the page sharing group left to upgrade more space, feedback, and refresh the mobile location

C, a plug-in window
To all the ads: < - login prompt advertising, advertising, micro-blog ads at the top right QQ show, QT voice advertisement etc.

On the landing of flash back to friends, please remove the folder to QQ soft kill!

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