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100% QQ acquisition software 5.6 (latest version) full version

  • Software size: 3.53 MB
  • Update: 2018-10-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  100% QQ acquisition software 5.6 (latest version) full version
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New!!! We reflect win7 can not solve network connection problems
100 QQ acquisition software (the official website of the latest version of the perfect version)! The official website is explained as follows:

Introduces the functions and characteristics of the software:
100 QQ acquisition software, a comprehensive QQ information acquisition software, support the exact conditions for QQ, QQGame, QQ space acquisition client acquisition and QQ forum collection, collection, QQ QQ space visitors collection, collection, QQ group number by keywords acquisition space log QQ client, QQ, QQ and many other pat collection collection information collection, fast speed, high accuracy, wide resources, are you doing marketing, the customer's intention to find the necessary tools.
Function and characteristics:

  • Big data accurate conditions for QQ

    Software support large data accurate search QQ, users can search according to the exact conditions of Gender, age, height, education, occupation, emotion, area etc. required for QQ users to set search conditions, click to start the acquisition, the software will quickly collect the data within the server, uninterrupted, not cotton, make full use of the software performance, is you do the best assistant information collection!

  • QQ forum, QQ forum, QQ Official Game Collection

    Software support QQ and QQ acquisition Teng altar game official forum QQ number, the user can according to the plate to accurately capture the target QQ, especially the QQ Game Forum collection QQ, to provide the most timely, most excellent technical support for network promotion and the network marketing, you, are you doing precision marketing, marketing software.

  • QQ random sampling, enlarging your influence

    Software support for enterprise QQ number acquisition function, the user can collect large number of enterprise QQ based on keyword set and acquisition conditions, fast acquisition speed, high precision, stable operation, are you doing enterprise QQ marketing and promotion of the necessary software, greatly improve the efficiency of your enterprise QQ marketing.

  • Timely collection of micro-blog QQ address, a good opportunity not to be missed

    Software support micro-blog acquisition QQ address software according to the keywords you set (set a number of times) to collect related micro-blog real address, no trace of opportunities, grasp the latest and hottest promotion, marketing trends, network promotion and marketing network have benefited in every way you.

  • The QQGame client acquisition, grasp the latest developments at any time

    The software supports QQGame client acquisition, install the specified version of the QQ game hall after entering any room (not game table), click to start the acquisition, automatic prompt after the completion of the acquisition, and then proceed to the next room of the acquisition, acquisition speed, information integrity, greatly improve the collection efficiency.

  • QQ space, QQ space visitor collection, dynamic data at any time

    Software support to QQ space and QQ space visitor collection, according to the key words you enter, find the target in QQ space and its space in the visitors, ensure the quantity but also ensure the relevance of the information, to provide maximum convenience for your network promotion and network marketing, network marketing to improve the success rate of.

  • QQ friends, QQ group members, QQ number acquisition, not a leak

    The software supports QQ friends collection, QQ group members collection, group number acquisition, according to the key words you enter, the software will automatically collect relevant QQ friends, group members and the group number in the acquisition of group members, no need to join the group can be fast acquisition, higher efficiency, faster speed, QQ information acquisition the magic weapon of choice.

  • QQ client, QQ Client Agreement acquisition, acquisition more fine

    The software supports QQ client and QQ Client Agreement acquisition, according to the key words in your input, automatic acquisition of the QQ client and the QQ client protocol, target acquisition precision, can help you get a lot of customer information is accurate, you do network promotion and network marketing assistant strength.

  • QQ, accurate customer acquisition, hand grasp

    Software support pat Network customer acquisition, according to the key words you enter, collect specific customer information, the acquisition of accurate clear, not doing, so you can get the accurate customer, let your network promotion and marketing in one step.

The latest features, out of the ordinary:
Acquisition mode diversification: The software can directly enter the keyword can also import keyword search acquisition, different modules to adapt to different needs, the diversification of collecting more accurate!
Multi keyword search collection: You can enter or import multiple keywords, the search is more accurate, more accurate target acquisition, avoid doing!
No restrictions on the use of flow: As long as the use of the software you can search the collection period, without limit, no search traffic restrictions, the use of arbitrary!
Regularly update and maintain: We have professional staff to do software maintenance, ensure the stability of the software used! But the software update function, ensure that you use software is currently on the market the most comprehensive, the most powerful software!
Use the following steps:
The first open 100 software, can account login software or free trial software!
You need to select the acquisition module, click the run, enter or import keywords, search collection software!
We begin to collect the target data, you have to collect the information in the corresponding position is displayed so you can see!
After the acquisition of data, according to the need to export your data, if the data of the mind, can be re collected empty!
Is a module after the acquisition is completed, the next module to switch! We can have a free trial software, we are on the Internet The first commitment to satisfaction of the trial after the purchase The software business.
No satisfactory, contact customer service Buy the full version of the software And enjoy a free upgrade service, customer service service, answer the question.

The following screenshot:




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Be careful:
1. after the test, the first use of invalid on my machine
Two In order to prevent the occurrence of a phenomenon, the software has been packed, and limit each time for 5 minutes (enough to prevent it, Taobao sold), if there is to sell Taobao, please don't be fooled.
The @ permanent gag, downstairs score did not understand?
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