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The peak of God Q the latest version of the V10.91 download a button to complete the task of software QQ

  • Software size: 1.62 MB
  • Update: 2018-05-05
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The peak of God Q the latest version of the V10.91 download a button to complete the task of software QQ
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Software description:
Membership growth: membership attendance (1-2 points), landing panel (2-4 points), mobile phone sign (1-2 points)
Blue Diamond: sign, baby growth value for (according to the blue diamond ultimate baby level 4-8 points), blue diamond draw (non blue diamond can be used)
Yellow: five yellow diamond draw
Red Diamond: red diamond growth value for
Integral members: integral (2-8 points), week points (4 points), lottery, mobile phone integral sign (2-8 points)
Space flower vine: watering, pruning, fertilization (yellow light, according to the rating of 2-18 points)
Pink: sign (2 points)
Super QQ sign: (2 points), the medal of attendance
Mobile phone acceleration: automatic landing love every day to eliminate, accelerate the 0.2 days, 0.2 days of accelerated QQ Wallet
Other members: micro-blog sign, micro-blog mall integral receive drill emperor draw Q pet big Ledou sign, Butler space sign, sign, lottery, mobile phone micro cloud sign, 3322 game attendance, QQ games hall sign

Automatic coding, automatic receive multiple accounts, all tasks seamless operation, will not leave traces in micro-blog space or annoying
Automatically receive permanent hang, can automatically receive every day
 The peak of God Q the latest version of the V10.32 download a button to complete the task of software QQ
Tencent network lottery:
1. shells 3rd Anniversary sweepstakes
2. Jubilee cool lottery 10 times: the chance to get super prize
3. Shapuaisi draw
The 4. annual membership free lottery every day
5. Minute Maid raffle
6.. Join the lottery
7. Dicos draw

8. Futsal sweepstakes


The peak of God Q V10.91 update log:
1. update repair group Q gift

2. update repair group Q sign
The peak of God Q V10.85 update log:

The 1. part number log parameter error correction

The 2. part number verification code infinite error correction
The peak of God Q V10.83 update log:

1. update protocol

2. repair a part on the server to run the problem

3: did not set the home page and advertising!
The peak of God Q V10.82 update log:

1, to join the membership attendance growth value

2, the latest novel modified bookshelf sign in to share books and add beans

3, revised lottery quiz tips is not correct

4, the latest amendment registration to the housekeeper

5, the removal of fast code into K code code
The peak of God Q V10.81 update log:

The 1. amendment to the new cloud sign

2. join the lottery quiz gold beans and QQ sign, QQ sign reading animation
The peak of God Q V10.78 update log:

1. update the latest agreement, to solve the problem of infinite verification code!
The peak of God Q V10.76 update log:

1. space flower Teng long-awaited join point praise brush nutrition

The 2. group can control whether the gift giving and automatically designated group
The peak of God Q V10.71 update log:

The 1. member attendance adding super monthly membership growth value for package

The 2. day week integral integral integral correction members receive, adding super monthly membership packs receive and share bonus points, send invitation integral

3. game hall sign correction

4. space sign correction

5. months into yellow diamond flower vine packs receive gifts received, continued to be active

6. space applications sign correction

7. remove the beans for flow, yellow public lottery
The peak of God Q V10.70 update log:

1. removal of overdue activities

2. new video Tencent sign (web, PC, mobile phone 3 platform)
The peak of God Q V10.69 update log:

1. browser update sign agreement

2. update wallet sign agreement

3. update membership sign agreement
The peak of God Q V10.68 update log:

1. update protocol, solve the problem can not be successful in the panel

The peak of God Q V10.66 update log:

1. add yellow diamond public sign

2. join hands Q game center sign

3. the number of modified thread switching may be locked

4. add light code


The peak of God Q V10.65 update log:

A modified API BUG 1. interface

2. couples joined the QQ sign

Adding 3. mobile phone near QQ sign

1: Use sand table Running can be achieved Don't be changed home  Http://

2: lock your own homepage using QQ computer housekeeper and other tools

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