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Qq9.0.9 the latest version 2018 QQ medal wall patch key permanent light tool + lighting failure solution

  • Software size: 0.31 MB
  • Update: 2019-01-28
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Qq9.0.9 the latest version 2018 QQ medal wall patch key permanent light tool + lighting failure solution
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Do not install any QQ software can require medal wall light
The version of qq6.7 before the operation tool has expired please use the latest version of lighting tools
Light is lit by the non real masturbation every day up
Reply to the download tool attached: light failure solution

Please ignore false antivirus software
Please make sure your QQ is not the latest version if not go to the official website to download the latest version
If your QQ does not show the medal wall make sure if you are using the full version of the QQ computer housekeeper and non castrated version
If you use the tools not lit manually click on the gray badge badge to light

Download it to remind the lightning Some of the students feedback: a new version of the patch can use old version to play, in fact is actually possible, but because the Tencent released a new version of QQ after each exe DLL have changed the digital signature may also be related to the doing part of the code modified to fit the new version of QQ, if you use the old version of the patch to version, may affect the stability of QQ!!! Suggestions of perfect adaptation version patch again, so as not to affect the QQ experience!!

Compared with similar software highlights are as follows

1: we are always compared to similar software released a bit early.

2: we have the original patch, not stealing other software patch file (which is also one of the reasons of the early release)

3: we are 100% patch adaptation, never use experience to fool version download, because we have core technology.

4: our software interface without any advertising!

May 5, 2018

1:QQ9.0.3 beta patch, Digital signature and official original agreement, 100% fit ! (annex has been updated)

2: patch without closing QQ, patch directly see the effect, thank you Li Yi for the patch file

OPMiscDll.dll MD5: 40D8860305169F43A40A2C91FDACC13B

3:QQ download the latest version:

Every time we say digital signature and official original agreement, 100% fit! How to verify. ?

After patch opens the QQ path to find \Bin\OPMiscDll.dll look at the properties version with the current QQ version comparison.

The version number line that is 100 percent fit (screenshot for the old version)

Download address
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