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The latest version of the free software query 3.4 QQ group relation visualization

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-09-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of the free software query 3.4 QQ group relation visualization
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QQ group is a visual query 2017 professional 2017 library workers free inquiry system, he is powerful and can help you to query and query it to the mobile phone number who leaked the password, you can query to your password is compromised, in order to modify the social database query system only provides query services. Never compromise your privacy!

The software features

Social Library query: query on the Internet is a huge impact Tuoku data leakage

QQ: Tencent relationship system design due to improper information disclosure of data query for QQ QQ data a few years ago

ID number: ID card and mobile phone address information and mobile phone number attribution to Gender age

Identity theft: random forgery information ID number

Art Dictionary: through social engineering techniques to collect target information generating related dictionary used in blasting target weak password account password

MD5 encryption and decryption: MD5 is a non reversible encryption algorithm, through the comparison with the database can be decrypted

Password generation: random password generated by the alphanumeric character of self mix blasting is greatly increased

Open the room before the famous hotel query: about 20 million of the data and information disclosure

Mail sender forgery: provide any Email mail function, sending fake sender send mail can fill in the recipient, sender, subject, message content! To send a letter from certain email address, the tool can be false

Make any mail to send fake e-mail sender to each other

Data search: which is the local social library search computer response character and multi thread search faster

Information collection: that is a human individual on the network can not avoid activities will make search record mark down

Post Bar: actually search tool is the advanced search page on the market is to use advanced search tool to view the hidden user posting information

With the IP/ domain name: IP domain name ownership provides the same service sub domain whois domain name DNS record position


1, run social database query tool, click to start the interface []

2, input to query the data, and then click [search]

3, the query results are displayed in the list below, each can only provide 20 query; such as query to yourself, your account password may have been compromised, it is recommended to change the password as soon as possible.

Update log

1. repair social database query

2. new QQ group query

3. new IP/ domain name query

4. new Post Bar search

5. UI optimization

6. other optimization

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