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Win10 enhanced version of the official version v64.0.2

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-10
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
   Win10 enhanced version of the official version v64.0.2
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Mozilla is the development of a new generation of browser, browser gives you a faster and safer and more efficient web browsing experience! is a free customized, general computer technology enthusiasts are in love. The plug-in is the most abundant in the world, it has been recognized as friends. Download is pure version, function less, should be customized according to their own preferences!
The new version of quantum 58 not only has a faster browsing speed, while adding a more powerful private browsing mode, can automatically remove user generated password, Cookie, Internet browsing records and other information in the browser is closed, leaving no trace. At the same time with the tracking protection function can automatically intercept hidden tracker, get rid of the burden, the Internet more light.

Also worth mentioning is: quantum 64 increased the equipment synchronization function, users only need a account, you can easily access your bookmarks, tabs and password. Whether it is intelligent mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer, can use to find your bookmarks and passwords. With everything you need, do not need to disconnect, welcome free download experience.


The identity of the pop-up window in the address bar next to add "clear the site data and the Cookie button, the local data to quickly and easily remove the visited site
Developer Tools three Inspector will be separated to their rule pane panel can adjust the new tab page part (such as popular websites, highlighting and Pocket) to contain 1 to 4 lines added in the preferences of Canadian English (en-CA) language environment now, users can erase personal data on the desktop from the device on (such as bookmarks, passwords, history, Cookie and site data)

Add a button in the burger menu, you can open and close the tracking protection
2018-03-12 Mozilla 59 Final

59 introduced new privacy and security function, camera, microphone, positioning is not allow malicious sites to access users at the same time, can also ban request notice to you. After all it is enabled the list of sites will not be able to request permission to transfer notice.
The 59 version adds a new option to allow users to block access to the camera, microphone, request advice and notice the position. Mozilla wrote in the update log 59: "new features in the about:preferences page, to ensure the normal access to the user trust website, access to the camera position and allows the user to request notification from a malicious web site shielding."

Quantum ( browser quantum) to the memory data using priority to optimize the memory occupancy rate is lower than the Google 30% browser. 57 uses the name Photon user interface, provide a more simple appearance, looks good in high DPI display.
In version 57, the user can keep the address bar and search box UI set, but by default will merge two bar. While the new version for users is the greatest impact on extension support, 57 stopped on the traditional extension support, thus extending the use of the old WebExtension API will not be able to use.
Project Quantum in the process of developing the code named "Electrolysis" to transfer more quickly and smoothly through the new thread processing technology. Quantum promises performance is twice as 52, covering the multi thread previously added ( 54) and hardware acceleration ( 55) on the basis of the new V9 hardware decoding of ARM video support, can reduce power consumption during video playback.
Quantum is what new changes?
- using a new engine of powerful strength, more performance advantages.
- the page loads better, faster and less memory.
Excellent design, smart function, let the Internet experience more intelligent.
Double - speed - super powerful browser engine, wait for shorter page loading time, the best ever .
- Chrome 30% - less than light memory means that the computer can give you more room to run smoothly. On the other computer program will feel more relaxed.
Smooth - View - equipped with the new engine, whether you open 10 or 1000 tabs, when switching faster.
- Private Browsing - on your Internet intercept tracker, can also browse after the end of the automatic clear browsing history.
- tracking protection - some advertisements will track your possession tracker network footprint. We know it very much. So we are powerful tools to intercept these trackers from thousands of miles away.
- page load faster - intercept the slow speed of the internet post script page loading speed 44%. No harm.
WASM and WebVR built-in support - Games and virtual reality, for the next generation of game development. No need to install other software!
- my footprints - time is money! All the contents of your love, like browsing history, bookmarks, Download items and so on, do not have to spend time looking for, find all in one place can.
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