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  • Update: 2018-11-06
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10 professional edition and disk partition data recovery software win10
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, expert level data recovery software, data recovery, partition management, backup and other functions in one of the super tool software. is a professional data recovery software, the algorithm is exquisite, powerful! You can use it to quickly recover the missing file or partition. is a full-featured, hard disk partition tool is safe and reliable, in addition to providing basic partition management functions, but also provides more practical partition backup reduction, and convenient features.

Cracked version features

Integrated registration code and crack module, running for the professional version, the interface without advertising, free use of professional function!

(principle is in line with the PartitionGuru 4.62 Hdrw.dll module based on the crack by a black registration code)

- 64 can use large files to restore function, restore the 4G file above the limited size, can modify the VHD file

- Full Version: delete the winscard.dll module (user feedback can not reply to delete the module under XP operation official)

Single file: delete avcodec-54.dll avformat-54.dll avutil-52.dll swresample-0.dll swscale-2.dll VPreview.dll OfflineReg.exe (*.dll for the file preview) reduce the compression volume, convenient use in portable PE system!

Because of copyright issues, deleted cracked version, please download the free version of the free version, actually has enough, business users still buy the professional version.
Before the break

Replace the patch after the break

Xiaobian bring is already replaced after the green version, cracked version is run directly!


1, increase the file data integrity of the EXT4 file system recovery function.
2, backup partition, partition, partition size reduction adjustment function, relates to the system partition can not lock the partition, restart the default to PE implementation.
3, the current system where the disk from the disk to the basic dynamic disk, prompts the user to restart Win PE to execute.
4, save the bad sectors records, backup partition table and virtual disk format conversion, save, save the file scan sector data recovery schedule function, save the file automatically set the default file name.
5, intelligent loading, display check boxes in front of partition, convenient to select.
6, will allow more than 4GB disk to the FDD format.
7, improve the recovery file copy speed.
8, a dynamic disk to disk, try not to affect the system startup.
9, optimized NTFS file recovery effect.
Preview 10, support Linux format text files.
11, the new GUID partitions, support more partition types.
12, in Singapore Chinese system default Chinese simplified language.
13, copy files, automatic skip read error. (except for bad)
14, cloning disk or conversion of virtual disk type, are damaged or does not support the partition by Sector copy execution.
15, read the bad sectors, filling the buffer data with "UNREADABLESECTOR".
16, from image by sector or by the structure of the backup partition, if the target partition is greater than the source partition, it will automatically reduce the target partition after reduction.
17, the correct disk write error problem in FDD format will be converted to other disk format.
18, to correct some cases abnormal problems when data recovery software.
19, correct the recovery file function, uncheck delete problem and recover save load progress.
20, correct some cases recovered files after positioning the NTFS file records the problem of inaccurate.
21, to correct the NTFS partition backup and restore function, caused by excessive hard wired file backup and restore the problem of failure.
22, to correct the resize function, the program abnormal restart the system before the problem.
23, correct detection of bad sectors after view the details, click on the "current error" when sequencing program crashes.
24, to correct the FAT partition free cluster number, cluster number has been used to show the problem of inaccurate.
25 correct, sometimes unable to delete the last partition image problems in time.
26, can not find the correct than 2TB lost EXT4 partition problem.
27, 2TB EXT4 FDD to correct the loading above the disk partition size error problem.
28, according to the structure of the larger NTFS correct backup partition, partition data reduction error problem.
The copyright problem, is no longer available for download
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