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[super] y V4.9.5.0 hard disk data recovery software registration code version

  • Software size: 2.35 MB
  • Update: 2018-12-28
  • The official website: Http://
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 [super] y V4.9.5.0 hard disk data recovery software registration code version
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Super data recovery software version is an easy-to-use and powerful data recovery software can recover deleted, formatted, lost, or re partition partition partition that formatted data. The latest data scan engine, read the original data from the disk sector bottom as read-only, through advanced data analysis algorithm, after scanning the lost files and directories in memory to create the original partition and the original directory structure, data recovery effect is very good.

Function introduction

This data recovery software supports IDE/SCSI/SATA/USB HDD / SD card /U disk /RAID disk and other storage media, file system format commonly used to support FAT/FAT32/NTFS Windows operating system, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/AutoCad/CoreDraw/PhotoShop/JPG/AVI/MPG/MP4/3GP/RMVB/ PDF/WAV/ZIP/RAR and other recovery support files. The operation is simple, the wizard style interface to help you step by step to complete the restore operation, without the need to understand the data recovery in deep and complicated knowledge can easily recover valuable data.


The software also has the following characteristics of super file recovery:

(1) super anti deleted file recovery algorithm for FAT32 Shift+Del partition is deleted file recovery can be perfect, other software to restore damaged file out. For a new file to cover file name, the software on the remaining disk space in the data file by file header scan recovery, as far as possible to restore the deleted data.

(2) super anti formatted partition recovery algorithm is scanned for a formatted partition off, at the same time FAT/FAT32, NTFS scan and exFAT file system directory file automatically in memory partition the original directory structure of the recovery, without dividing the lattice back to the original type.

(3) super partition table scan recovery algorithm, for any one partition or partition table is damaged or re partition the hard disk, can in a few minutes on the overall lightning scanning information, list all the partition recovery. To scan the partition separately and the current normal partition and with the bold blue highlight that lightning subarea scanning algorithm can MBR partition table and GPT partition table scanning at the same time, other recovery tools to save a lot of time.

(4) super FAT directory algorithm for deleted or formatted off FAT/FAT32 partition, if there is a special directory file will form directory fragments, other software recovery after a large number of a directory is not intuitive, and our software has FAT directory entry fragment reorganization function, may have different reduction directory back to the original position, directory level recovery effect is particularly good.

(5) according to the type of super recovery algorithm for file corrupted data recovery (because the file name in the file system disk recording and the actual file storage location is separated, partial coverage will destroy the file name and content may not damage), the software can scan that part of the file by file head recovery features infested cover the scanning to the file name of the Word document such as intelligence, from which the author title and other information as the file name, the file scan to a more intuitive and clear.

(6) special files according to the type of recovery for Office2007, this new file format is compatible with the support, according to the XLSX/PPTX/DOCX file format for data recovery; for RAW digital camera pictures, support Nef file recovery and CR2 file recovery.

(7) CHKDSK after the formation of the *.chk file recovery, for this type of FILEnnnn.CHK file, can identify the extension of the original, for the loss of damage can also according to the directory directory structure recovered, has the complete file name.

(8) for the USBC virus damage NTFS partition will prompt the disk is not formatted or root directory is corrupted and unreadable in the open letter, we offer a special recovery, can be a complete list of the root directory, complete data recovery.


(9) super exFAT file system recovery capabilities, full support for exFAT partition recovery, including delete, formatting, partition and other conditions, to delete the exFAT file, the file will automatically check for damage and are described in the document state after scanning; for the formatted exFAT partition, even be formatted into other file systems automatic type, also can scan the exFAT directory structure of the original partition; can scan the partition table for the partition table lightning damage or re partition the exFAT way to search for the original data partition. Recombinant function integrated directory fragments, even if there is a large directory in the exFAT partition can also be analyzed through the directory fragment reorganization merged into the original directory, intelligent and will not be split into multiple small directories.


(10) intelligent file analysis function for deleted data file according to the head of the recovery, these files may be scanned and scanned into the directory file coincide, this software can intelligent identification of duplicate files, the file automatically repeated, avoid repeat file recovery disk space.

(11) custom file restore function, add user customized header to restore function, can be characterized by comparison of some special data file format to set file header data recovery (for professional data recovery professionals), when the file is damaged, the file recovery software can scan a file, can scan file volume data using a custom file header of the software function.

(12) the optimization of a RAW type partition recovery, the common partition suddenly turned into a RAW type partition, open the system prompts unformatted by special recovery algorithm, can quickly list the directory, do not need to spend long time to scan.

(13) the new fast recovery function (original format the partition function!) When the failure time, format the partition is not serious, can quickly list the directory and file, no need to spend a lot of time to scan. It is common at the T hard disk data recovery, is a very useful feature.


The December 19, 2017 launch of the version
Repair of a Bug problem.
The October 25, 2017 launch of the 4.9.2 version
Increase the recovery algorithm of exFAT file system directory is missing.
To increase the recovery of Ma animation modeling files by file content function
Improved PSD1/PSDSXS file view
Repair a run-time error
In MRT and PC3000 repair tool made out of disk image file compatibility
Fix a BUG, let out a clearer directory
Increase the verification data file MP4 function
Recovery function improvement of MKV video files
Improved exFAT partition deleted file recovery effect
The increase in space has been used in scanning lost file function
The increase in information source disk in time cannot save the scan results
Recovery improved DNG photo files
Add EMF picture file undelete recovery
The increase of DCM medical image files according to the type of functional recovery
An improved scan error BUG
Improvement of 4K hard disk alignment compatibility
Improved WMV media file recovery
The effect was improved undelete LIB library file
Improved CDR backup file undelete recovery
Improved compatibility
UI message update
To improve the compatibility of XP/Win7
Copy the picture preview to increase directly to the clipboard function
Improved WMF image file undelete recovery
BUG repair
Improvement of the hard disk support is greater than 2T
Improved WAB address book file undelete recovery
The improved interface UI
The effect of improved recovery of digital SLR Cameras
Improved partition scanning recovery effect
Improved DOT document template anti delete recovery effect
To modify a NTFS partition recovery file BUG
Add ICO icon file recovery and preview function in the file header
Improved 7Z compressed file recovery
Improved CAB file undelete recovery effect and the increase of CAB compressed file by file head recovery function
To improve the recovery effect of anti delete file (CHM file)
For the way the scanned file header files, the new batch set its size and extension function
Increase of Visio to VSD file header recovery function
BUG the occasional error modification of a fast scanning hard disk partition
Modify a FAT/FAT32 scan to the wrong file name BUG
Improvement of the fast recovery formatted partition algorithm
The rapid increase of scan is formatted partition algorithm, when the damage is not serious when formatting the partition, can quickly list the data, do not need to spend a lot of time to scan
Open the letter that improved unformatted partitions to RAW on, to format the recovery algorithm
Improved file preview effect
The increase of PNG image file by file head recovery function
Improved 2 BUG FAT32 Partition Recovery
Improved interface preview a BUG tips and information
Improvement of the AMR program file undelete recovery
Improved CAB file undelete recovery effect and the increase of CAB compressed file by file head recovery function
The enhancement of SWF animation file undelete and when the recovery file name after damage
An improved BUB NTFS Partition Recovery
The improvement effect on the recovery of MPG and MOD video files
Add the extension DB file recovery
To increase the recovery of FLV video files
Improvement of LXE video file undelete recovery
The increase of type RAF RAW image restoration
Increase support for recovery of type X3F photo files
To improve the effect on the recovery of encrypted hidden files
The increase of anti NTFS partition delete file head scanning time according to the residual space of the file, add custom header data recovery mode
To improve the recovery effect of AVI/MOV/3GP video file undelete
The use of improved friendly software interface, mobile hard disk to automatically dropped the prompt improvement of NTFS compressed file recovery partition;
To improve the stability of Win7 system data recovery, file directory structure;
Join the exFAT file system recovery, the full support of the exFAT partition deleted, formatted, anti anti partition loss recovery for large fragments are also restructuring directory directory directory restore function, the effect is very good;
Join the formation of CHKDSK disk after checking CHK file recovery function, can identify the file extension for chk directory can become a complete list of the original directory structure;
Double click the letter added for mobile hard disk USBC mobile storage equipment dedicated to destroying the virus causing the open disk not formatted or special recovery partition directory is corrupted and unreadable situation, can the root structure a complete list of NTFS partition data recovery, the effect is very good Have cracked. Random machine code - registration code, click on the EXE file system (win8 Management) will not display the machine code, directly enter the registration code interface, the input code can be registered after the break: WS85-6QVS-QWFE-QSZK, the registration code can be used in any computer!

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