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Google earth satellite map V7.3.2.5481 Professional Edition (satellite map HD 2018)

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-06-21
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Google earth satellite map V7.3.2.5481 Professional Edition (satellite map HD 2018)
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Google can take you to the earth anywhere on the earth, you can view the satellite images, maps, terrain and 3D buildings in the above. Whether the outer space galaxies, or the ocean under the steep canyon, can glance. Embarking on a virtual tour of any corner of the world. Browse the 3D architecture, image and terrain. Find the city, location and local businesses. Google earth, the world's geographic information available!

Functional characteristics

1. combination of satellite images, maps, and Google powerful search technology; global geographic information is in sight.

2. from the space to the neighbor at a glance;

3. destination input, direct amplification;

4. search for schools, parks, restaurants, hotel;

5. get driving directions;

6. provide 3D terrain and buildings, the angle of tilt and rotate browse;

7. save and share search and favorites;

8. to add their own comments.

Please note that the new system requirements:
The minimum operating system Google Earth 7.3.0 began to support the Windows 7
Google Earth 7.1.8 Windows XP/7/8.1/10 continue to apply to the following version

V7.3.0 started the free version of the professional version has shared distribution package, namely Google Earth Pro"

The next few weeks Google earth free users will automatically upgrade to the professional edition.
We recommend not to use any professional edition features Google users use the web version of Earth.

Google Earth Pro configuration tutorial!
1. the download package, unzip, double-click the GoogleEarthProWin.exe open

In figure 2., complete the configuration, installation directory, create a desktop shortcut, and then click Install (actually green version, not the registry etc.)

3. installation is complete

4. open the software, you can use free


2018-02-07 Google Earth 7.3.1 release notes

Windows 64: 64 application
Windows: support for SSL client authentication using the security server
Windows: to enhance the stability of the DirectX mode
- Linux: increase of print, embedded video and audio support
- enhance the performance of using large KML files
- strengthens the security certificate connection and error handling support
- across the antimeridian polygon is no longer appears to have disappeared
- fixed CSV import tool interface, and provide better Unicode support
- improved repair tool
- improve the consistency of tool profile measurement
The quality of the whole interface better translation
- the recovery of GPS devices in real-time mode function
- fix the problem is not compatible with the high refresh rate of the display screen
Known issues
Windows: from the 32 upgrade to 64 bit applications will reset the cache

The "form" tool interface stability problems

Google earth Pro Google Earth Pro registered address (required III wall)


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